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  1. Thank you so much! Isn't it just gorgeous! I love yours too...so proud of him for all the work he's doing in Haiti.

  2. Yeah BABY! Out with the old, in with the new! The rest of the world is finally catching up on what we've known for a very long time
  3. Aww thanks Beachie! I never got as good as alot of yall at making them but it is one of my favorites =) Someone else must've liked it too, I noticed one of the newer members using it =)

  4. is loving this man we call Gerry <3

  5. Steph, all I can say is WOW! That is so beautiful.
  6. Your siggie is beautiful Amy! Just perfect!
  7. Awesome article! I love how he loves his little Lolita!
  8. He can have as many cupcakes as he likes as far as I'm concerned...sixpack or no, I love love love that body...mmm come to mama!
  9. GREAT interview!! WOW! Gawd I LOVE to hear that man speak!!!
  10. Congrats to all the winners!!! And that story...*sniff sniff* Great job yall!! April
  11. He definitely knew what he was doing, swapping roles like that. Now that the movie's out, I can't see him in any other role...no one could play Clyde Shelton like our man!!
  12. What a great thread!! Is there anything that hasn't been said? Looks like we all love Gerry for alot of the same reasons... Dear Gerry, I love you because you're you...the good, the bad, and everything in between. You make me smile even when I don't want to, you have the most contagious laugh, you're not afraid to laugh at yourself and that's when you're the funniest to me, you're kind, caring, real, loving, you put your entire self into everything you do, you have the most beautiful eyes God has ever bestowed upon a man, you're not perfect and you don't try to hide it... I was knocked off my feet almost five years ago when I saw you as Eric, even when all I knew was that you were the most stunningly beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on...now, almost five years later, you are more than I could have ever imagined, inside and out, and for that you will forever have my love and support. Happy 40th Birthday Gerry! You deserve all the best, always.
  13. I do not think that he was a psychopath at all. Ahh well, Gerry did say himself that this was his Hannibal Lecter role...whatever he was meant to portray himself as, he did it brilliantly!!
  14. This is gonna be fantastic! I can't wait!
  15. OMG! You can have a throw made with a picture of Gerry?!?!?! WHAT! I think I may faint
  16. I know I'm not the only one who thinks he is brilliant in this movie! His first production! I really hope he is proud of his creation...I know I am proud for him!! He goes from innocent victim to psychopath and it's unbelieveable!! He's so evil but you feel sorry for him and still rooting for him all at the same time! Well, at least I was. I LOVE this movie! I've seen it twice so far and cannot wait for a third!!
  17. Oh yes, I am with you on this one! I have that pic on my fridge...there are many, many, many pics of Gerry that I love but that one just does it for me everytime
  18. Hello ladies =) I, too, haven't been here in a while. Although, I have to say, it's not because my passion for Mr. Butler has wavered, it is stronger than ever. In fact, I find a new reason everyday to love this man...his soul, spirit, sense of humor...I rarely find something I DON'T love about him. Even those closest to me know that 'angry Gerry' drives me wild! What's so nice is even when you've been gone for a bit, you are welcomed back just the same as if you never left...it's hard to find a group of women that understand just how you feel, however you feel...good, bad, sad, even when you just wanna gush (which is me most of the time, hehe) April
  19. Seriously, how delicious does he look?!?! My favorite pic is the one he's holding the camera phone or whatever up like he's taking a pic of the people taking a pic of him...the look on his face... That pic is my wallpaper on my computer now So delicious!
  20. I love nekkid Gerry...that's such a dirty, wonderful, beautiful thing... Can I just say one thing? The last comment about PSILY being horrible??? WTF?
  21. Snog. Chace Crawford?
  22. SNOG again!!! Ryan Seacrest?
  23. SNOG! He's yummy! Jake Gyllenhaal?
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