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  1. I have to agree with Frannie that Gerry is a BIG flirt so his flirting with Diane Sawyer shouldn't be taken too seriously. Who knows what type of woman, Gerry is looking for? He could find his ideal perfect woman in an actress, model or ordinary woman. I think whoever she is, Gerry will look more at her personality rather than her job. Though I agree with others who say that he is enjoying his success at the moment and so he should. He has worked hard for it Personally I can't see him settling down for a few more years if ever but I have been known to be wrong on the odd occasion
  2. I'm proud to say that I wouldn't. I've just dumped my ex of three years about 3 weeks ago because he was useless as a partner. He is a lot older then me (closer in age to my parents) and extremely wealthy. We never discuss money but he easily has at a couple of million minimum. However I went with with my heart and ended things. Another thing I am also proud of is that I never asked him for money and whenever I could, I would always try to go halves on meals or pay what I could towards holidays (he had expensive taste!). Dating a rich man is an eye opener because lots of 'friends' made a play for him or they would insist on going to expensive restaurants and expect him to pay for everyone. Some people think that if you are rich then you are fair game. After initially boasting about dating a rich guy, I learnt to keep my mouth shut. One thing I am happy about is that we are still friends as deep down he is a nice guy. Oh and I still have the use of one of his apartments in London Though I am worried that he has spoilt me a bit and that its going to take me a while to get used to dating 'normal' guys again. I am going to miss him making me meals (he decided to start to learn how to use a kitchen) and handing me a glass of vintage champagne while I hung around reading magazines.
  3. Ooooh Gerry in the black shirt with the black tie, the side parting and looking MEAN. Action Gerry in the white shirt, black tie and black coat
  4. I'm not sure when it will hit the UK but I am looking out for it. I tried to take a look a couple of days ago in my local supermarket but the Men's Health mag is with all the other men's magazines and there was some guy hunched over looking at a boobie mag which made me feel uncomfortable.
  5. Moira, I am so happy for you That is a dream come true
  6. Thanks for the link ShoeGal! I wander if that quote about him wanting women to make the first move, inspired the recent fans to cross the line. Did you see how cautious he was about responding in the affirmative?
  7. I think that it would make sense for him to go the London premiere as that will probbaly be the world premiere. Also if there is an actor's strike, it could push the start of filming of LAC back.
  8. Thanks Chelle! Though I have to agree with Dallas, I'm not a fan of the shiny suit either. Shiny suits are bad. I wonder if there is some sort of Hollywood outing to Millan for the fashion shows because there are a few stars there at the moment. Also is that heavy metal looking guy in the background wearing a black tee shirt with a glittery horse's head on it?
  9. Thanks Chelle! I'm impressed that he got front row seats - those are pretty hard to come by! It looks as though he is in Italy in time for Ischia.
  10. Thanks Alice and Dr Em! It was almost like being there myself I am thinking that I have to go to the next convention because I have never been to Vegas and it looks as though its a lot of fun!
  11. Gerry never fails to amaze me! Also thanks to GALS and DR Em for letting us know and sharing this with us. You all ROCK!
  12. I'm from the arts / theatre world in the UK. It's been a well-known secret for a while that Andrew Lloyd Webber has been working on the sequel for a while though its has mainly been thought of as being a theatre musical. One of the people who has been approached for it a few months back, is the Welsh X Factor runner up, Rhydian.
  13. Who is Miranda? Even in a blurred photo he looks yummy
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