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  1. wow....in the gym photo Gerry is with danish Stine Kronborg, she is a poledance instructor in Sydney. New type of training for Gerry??? like to see that
  2. That was the one I thought of too ....Stallone and Pele
  3. Another football film I don't think that is a good choice. Wartime football match, that has been done so many times...don´t do it gerry
  4. I know what you mean, I´m a little envious too but they look so cute together. I do have to admit that I was hoping for someone in her thirties for him, but you can never tell who you will fall for. I hope he is happy.
  5. I hope Gerry can get the EU premiere to Glasgow again, that would be great. London or Glasgow I'm going
  6. OMG....he is too thin....I don't like it. If he keeps doing this for a role he is going to put himself in an early grave. You need to stop Gerry
  7. I love the pictures where Gerard is standing up and yelling.... a true football fan. My dad once told me that when ever we went to a game I would yell quit a lot and hardly ever sit down .....I diden't even realize I was doing that. Glad to see that Gerard got to see a game , it's easy to see that he was enjoying himself.
  8. Just read that he left Scotland today. That was a short visit this time. I also came across this: @MeghanHamer on twitter. She posted this…. “My mum said he said he was ill”. * Hope that's not true....
  9. OOOOOH where did you find this Dane?? Lovely!! xxStephaniexx Found it on WO
  10. Hi Gals I don't see this picture in our gallery. I read about a little girl that came over to Gerry when he did Pilates. CUTE http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr273/Polonodo/Gerryandthelittlegirl.jpg
  11. I just read this ( don't know if it's already in here?) It's a small part of an interview with Michelle Monaghan. So what can you tell us about Machine Gun Preacher, that I believe you just made with Gerard Butler? Michelle: Oh, I’m so excited about this one. It sounds very interesting. Sounds like one of those roles that could put Butler in the Oscar race. Michelle: He is absolutely extraordinary. I just saw it two weeks ago, and this is a really, really powerful film. It’s a drama, it’s directed by Marc Forster, based on a true story about Sam and Lynn Childers, this couple. Michael Shannon also stars in it, and Gerry is — nobody has ever seen him like this, it’s his, I think personally, his best work ever. I thought I was witnessing greatness when I worked with him, and after having seen it. Marc Forster is just an incredible, incredible filmmaker. It’s really special, so I’m really excited about it. here the link: http://lostinreviews.com/2011/03/interview-with-michelle-monaghan-for-source-code/
  12. This is why I didn't like it. He did NOT stay true to the characters at all.....sorry GALS but it is the worst show/musical I have ever seen in London. I don't understand why ALW had to put a son in the show...when did the relationship ever get to that point??? I don't remember that.
  13. Hi all Just came back from London where I went to see "Love never dies". I had high hopes for this musical ( because it's Lloyd Webbe), but was very disappointed The show itself was beautiful but that was about it. In POTO we have songs and melodies that we remember, they get stuck in our head, but there was nothing like that in this show. No good or even beautiful melodies (I heard a lot of people say that) And the story.....I can only express it like this: "Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber you should have left THE PHANTOM IN THE OPERA" I know Gerry went to see it a while back. Did he ever say anything about what he thought of it? Has anyone from GALS seen it? I'l like hear what others thought of it. Dane
  14. I downloaded it and it's all there.
  15. The L'oreal ad was just on tv here in Denmark. I almost gave my mother a hear attack ....ups He looks realy good...like a 41 year old MAN . I was afraid that they would make him look younger, glad they dident. He looks better at 41 IMO. Dane
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