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  1. So lucky...look how he enjoys being with her. Yes, she is beautiful. (Hadn't thought of Sofia Loren but yes, that is a good observation!) Of course I want him to be happy but I'm also a tad envious. :goodevil: Sigh.

    I know what you mean, I´m a little envious too :fook: but they look so cute together. I do have to admit that I was hoping for someone in her thirties for him, but you can never tell who you will fall for. I hope he is happy. :wuv:

  2. I just read this ( don't know if it's already in here?) It's a small part of an interview with Michelle Monaghan.

    So what can you tell us about Machine Gun Preacher, that I believe you just made with Gerard Butler?

    Michelle: Oh, I’m so excited about this one.

    It sounds very interesting. Sounds like one of those roles that could put Butler in the Oscar race.

    Michelle: He is absolutely extraordinary. I just saw it two weeks ago, and this is a really, really powerful film. It’s a drama, it’s directed by Marc Forster, based on a true story about Sam and Lynn Childers, this couple. Michael Shannon also stars in it, and Gerry is — nobody has ever seen him like this, it’s his, I think personally, his best work ever. I thought I was witnessing greatness when I worked with him, and after having seen it. Marc Forster is just an incredible, incredible filmmaker. It’s really special, so I’m really excited about it.

    here the link: http://lostinreviews.com/2011/03/interview-with-michelle-monaghan-for-source-code/

  3. If he stayed true to the characters it should have been a breeze.

    Love him absolutely,


    This is why I didn't like it. He did NOT stay true to the characters at all.....sorry GALS but it is the worst show/musical I have ever seen in London.

    I don't understand why ALW had to put a son in the show...when did the relationship ever get to that point??? I don't remember that.

  4. Hi all

    Just came back from London where I went to see "Love never dies".

    I had high hopes for this musical ( because it's Lloyd Webbe), but was very disappointed :tissues:

    The show itself was beautiful but that was about it. In POTO we have songs and melodies that we remember, they get stuck in our head, but there was nothing like that in this show. No good or even beautiful melodies (I heard a lot of people say that) And the story.....I can only express it like this:

    "Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber you should have left THE PHANTOM IN THE OPERA" :flee:

    I know Gerry went to see it a while back. Did he ever say anything about what he thought of it? :hmm:

    Has anyone from GALS seen it? I'l like hear what others thought of it. :erik:


  5. Hi Gals

    I haven't posted in here in a long time, so it's good to be back :wave:

    I first heard about Amy Macdonald in here after the Glasgow LAC premier. I went online to listen to the song she wrote for Gerard and she caught my attention :music:

    So I dowloaded both her albums and I listen to them all the time (she is really good, love her voice). Then I'm wondering if she would be any good live, would she sound the same (a lot of artist don't sound very good live)and I found some live performances with her and she was amazing.

    Now to my surprise I also discoverd the she is coming to Denmark in august. She is preforming at one of our festivals and it is just a 30 min. drive from where I live, so I was jumping up and down with joy. SO yesterday I bought 2 tickets and gave my brother-in-law an invitation to come see her with me.

    It is going to be great, can't waite to hear her live :pointy:

    You can watch some of her videos here http://www.amymacdonald.co.uk/gb/home

  6. Dear Gerard

    I am so glad to see that you are involved in "Helping Haiti" and I want to let you know that we, here in Denmark; are trying to help as much as we can.

    72 hours after the earthquake we had collected 10 mill Dk.kr and the Danish State put in an additionial 40 mill. Dk.kr.

    Every other year we have a national fundrasing. This year is was going to take place 30 Jan 2010 and the money would go to "Woman of Africa", but then Haiti happend and everything changed. We decided to spilt the amound that would be donated between Africa's Woman and Haiti.

    In 2008 we collected 78 mill. Dk. kr and this year we wanted to do even better.

    And my good did we do better......I have never felt more proud to be Danish than I did Saturday night when LITTLE DENMARK, with only 5 mill people, donated 130.660.000 mill Dk. kr...to be devided between Africa and Haiti. ( + the 50 mill we donated earlier just for Haiti).

    This means that we can help Haiti long term and not just for now.

    So crisis or not.......it makes no difference for us here in Denmark.....when someone need help.....we will do our best to do just that.

    I am very proud to call myself a Gerard Butler fan, you truly have a heart of gold.



  7. I ordered a copy from Amazon.uk, I hope it DOES have the extra you all refer to,

    I got mine from Amazon.uk and it´s all there........our gerry is definitely NOT shy ...so funny

  8. Just got my copy in the mail today....can't waite to see it tonight :funnyup:

    LAC is going to be in a small local cinema (again) in a few weeks and I am taking my mom to see it... (she thinks Gerard is :heat: ) can't waite to hear what she thinks...

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