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  1. I don't know if these are my favourite pictures of myself....but this is me. About 3 years ago http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr273/Polonodo/7.jpg Present day http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr273/P...do/21808002.jpg DANE
  2. You like Duran Duran? I use to LOVE them when I was about 12. I was a big FAN for 5-6 years. Spend all my money on them. This takes me down memory-lane. Thank you for that.

    Love Dane

  3. I have had the pleasure of living in Scotland about 8 years ago....and it is so beauitful, country and people. I loved every second of it. I lived on the west coast in a town called Largs (About 45 min. drive from Glasgow) and I worked in Greenock And now 8 years later I have discovert Gerard and Scotland is back in my life ...so much that I have quit my job ( from Jan 09) just so I can move back to Scotland. So come feb 09 I hope to be back on scottish soil... DANE
  4. What a greate place. I reminds me of a Scottish Castle. I think he tried to add a little bit of Scotland into his home. I like the result, he has good taste. Dane
  5. A few weeks ago my DVD machine broke and Dear frankie was stuck in there. The machine was KAPUT and so was frankie ....OMG Next day... I got a new DVD machine and MOVIE. Can't live without that movie...don't want to Hugs Dane
  6. You have to watch this film. I think this film has a special meaning for Gerard because is was shot in Greenock. Greenock is close to where he grew up and he has said that he use to go running there as a kid. At first I thougt is was shot in Glasgow, but it did not look right to me. Later I discovert that is was Greenock and then it all made sence. I started to recognize places in the film ( I have worked in Greenock). I was different watching the movie after that. But it has been some time since you postet this message so I hope that you have seen it by now. Hugs Dane
  7. Hej Katja Hvor er du en kloge åge, som du selv kalder det. Skal du ikke med til london og møde ham den 1. sep? Dane
  8. You have just made my day....now I can go to work. Dane
  9. I wish. But this time I will just be happy looking at him. Just to make sure that he is real. I don't know if I am going to do it. DANE any chance you could kidnap him and bring him back to Daneland? I'll pay good money for him
  10. Hej Katja Skønt at se andre danskere herinde. Midgård...hvor er det? Jeg er fra Århus. DANE
  11. Is there anyone that knows if Gerard is going to be at the London RockRolla permiere next monday 1/9? I am going to London next week and would stay a little longer if he was attending the premiere. Dane
  12. Dane

    Is this Gerry?

    No, that's not Gerard Dane
  13. Battery-draining that's funny.....TRUE....but funny. But FLIRT is perfect. DANE
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