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  1. I've seen it several times (I own a copy). It is the closest film version to Leroux's book (although the ending is different). It is beautifully executed, and Lon Chaney's makeup is amazing. It is not a horror film like we think of today, with blood and guts and so on. If you have read Leroux, you're more than adequately prepared for this movie.
  2. I read "Phantom of Manhattan" (the basic source material) and thought it was atrocious. I do admit that I like the music I've hard thusfar, and am likely to buy the cast album when it is released ... but I have no desire whatsoever to see the show.
  3. Fiona64

    Poop Eating

    Do *not* put garlic on or in something your dog is eating; it contains thiosulphate, which is toxic to dogs (Source). Accent has MSG (monosodium glutamate); two teaspoons of MSG is enough to kill a dog. This article by a toxicologist provides details.
  4. Fiona64

    Poop Eating

    I talked to my vet about my first dog's coprophagia; she seemed to think that the cat pan was a Kitty Roca dispenser. Puppies' digestive systems are not yet fully developed, so they still smell the "food" in their feces (cats' digestive systems are more primitive, so the same thing applies ... dogs smell the "food"). I am told by my vet that *all* dogs do this to some degree and that while it is not pleasant, it's perfectly normal. She has yet to find an additive that is an effective deterrent, unfortunately. I now have a baby gate up over the room where the cat pan lives, and I keep Yi
  5. No, gifts not only do not receive a higher priority but Gerry's team has asked that we not send him presents at all. Gerry has asked that donations to charity in the amount that the gift would have cost be made instead. I know you're new, so you might not be aware ... but please do respect that request.
  6. I got a signed photograph and a note "back in the day" in response to a letter I wrote (it's excerpted on my Gerry fan site, link below). However, because I asked for a photo, I also included an appropriately signed pre-addressed envelope and postal reply coupons (the previous address was in the UK). I think that it's only courteous to provide postage and an envelope if you ask for something. If you don't ask for anything and receive something in return, it's gravy (obviously). Just take into account that *someone* is being paid to go through the mail, and that it costs $$ to send things a
  7. We won't be able to make it (we will have just returned from a trip a couple of weeks before), but I can tell those of you who have never attended that it is an experience not to be missed. (Make sure to enter the fund-raising raffle; a signed copy of my book is one of the prizes. )
  8. http://web.me.com/shamansurf/nagualdesign/index2.html
  9. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to share that I was selected as Examiner.com's museum "examiner" (correspondent) for my area. I have put up three articles thusfar; my Examiner page is at this link. I hope you'll visit, look around and comment. This is a paying gig (not enough to quit my day job, but enough that the extra income will be welcome), and I was delighted to be chosen from among the pool of applicants. Thanks, as always, for your support.
  10. Oh man!!!! Thanks for the heads up. Why do people hack? What is the point? Stupid. Some people think that doing a DDoS attack (which is what happened to both sites) is funny for some reason. I think it speaks to their lack of emotional maturity.
  11. It's a cute tween-age book. I wanted a marine iguana after I read it. :-)
  12. Hi, everyone. I hope you can join us when Vicki Hopkins, author of "Lessons from the Phantom of the Opera," interviews me on her Blogtalk Radio program, "All Things Phantom." I'll be talking about my POTO novel, "In The Eye of The Beholder." The show airs live at 5 PM PST on July 25 (podcast will be available afterward). You can log in and listen (and phone in with questions) via this link: All Things Phantom Radio. Thanks for your consideration.
  13. Honestly, it's not about anything "special" that you put into your novel. It needs to be well-written, and well-edited. Then, you need to query publishers. If you get rejections with some good criticisms, *take them to heart.* Re-write, and re-write again. My third draft of the book was the one that was accepted by a publisher in the UK. The process should not be about "getting it published as soon as you're finished." It should be about refining your work so that it tells your story in the best way possible. You may want to consider joining some writers' sites, like Editor Unleashed (
  14. fiona64 = sharoncathcart My tweets are temporarily protected due to a cyberstalker, so please ask to be added to my list if you're interested.
  15. Hi, Tracy! Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed your story as well. If you go to the links in my siggy, you'll find information on my eBook (free samples available at either link to help you decide whether it's your cup of tea). I have a book deal with Turner Maxwell in the UK and my paperback will be forthcoming this year -- but the eBook will give folks a chance to get in on the "early buzz." I want to encourage you to continue with your writing. I firmly believe that each and every one of us has a story to tell.
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