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  1. Voted! These are all really good, GALS! Good luck, Connie
  2. Wow, these were yummy! Voted!!!
  3. This is not really something that I think honors this project as it should because I do it anyway ... I do a lot of volunteer work, but my absolute favorite thing is the mentoring relationship I started with a young German woman who is a graduate student at Virginia Tech. We meet once a week or as her schedule permits -- I buy the breakfast, and we cover any and all issues that are pressing on her at the time. Sometimes it's about her career aspirations or the pressures of the PhD program, sometimes it's work-life balance, sometimes it's health, or maybe even her fiance back in Germany. I'm always invigorated by our time together (this morning was one of our get togethers), so I feel like I get as much or more out of it as she does .... another reason it shouldn't count for this project! Anyway, in a couple of weeks, Gretchen and I will be part of a project that she conceived and that I've enlisted some other women to participate in that will be open to a larger audience of women in the university's graduate programs. We're calling them "fireside chats" although there may or may not be a fireplace involved, but several of us who've been in business or professions will sit with the students and just let them direct the discussion into the topics that concern them, hopefully giving them some insights or feedback from our lessons learned. Should be fun.
  4. GREAT pics, Moira!! Thanks for sharing these so quickly. Wonderful to see all of you having so much fun together and with His Hotness!
  5. KB -- this a great idea and these are wonderful suggestions -- your generous heart shows in this whole project! Connie
  6. What a lovely article! What a lovely man Thanks, Theresa!
  7. .... really .... AND, I note with interest, that despite Alastair's commentary about POTO, he still ranked it higher on the manliness scale than RnR ... Thanks for the grins and chuckles, Sheri!!
  8. Grrrreat article! How fantastic to see so many writers calling GB an emerging A-Lister ... no surprise to any of us, of course, but gratifying recognition a long time coming.
  9. Fabulous photos! Fun interview -- I have to believe that GB gets really tired of getting the same questions over and over and over and giving the same answers over and over and over. I, however, never get tired of reading or listening to his interviews and getting the visuals of his wonderful mouth forming those words ..... .... and nearly blew iced tea through my nose at "I'm very much a man"
  10. Man, oh, man! Thanks, Landa and SIN, from the bottom of my palpitating ... heart, yes, that's it, my heart.
  11. Constance (Connie) = mikescandy1
  12. A very cute article ... the chemistry between KH and Gerry was off the charts in that movie. Cannot wait for the DVD ... Thanks for this link!
  13. This trailer is more than awesome ... I cannot seem to stop watching it! The performances in this film look amazing based on this 2 min, 23 seconds, and Gerry Butler will knock everyone's socks right off with this one. ...... not happening, kiddo!
  14. When I walked out of the theater the other day from seeing TUT, the big GAMER poster was in front of the door -- it's another Regal (LOL, Christiansburg, VA!). Gotta say it was Gerry overload day for me. Can't wait ...
  15. No way will I miss another convention! I'll be there next year!!
  16. Congratulations, Bella! For the winning video and for your upcoming retirement!! Great job, everyone!! Connie
  17. Swannie, your timing is amazing -- I was just thinking how much the GALS who planned, organized and carried off this convention deserved a huge and how inclusive this entire gathering has been, both actual and virtual, thanks to all the hard work of many ... I'm just imagining the love and joy felt around the world as these events have unfolded in real time. Your words say it all. to everyone, Connie
  18. Each day this weekend I have regretted not being in LV this year, but each day all the wonderful women who have worked so hard to put it together and keep it running have amazed and thrilled with all the treats coming our way. Thank you, Katie, for working so hard to get this transcript finished so quickly and thanks, AGAIN, to Barb for posting this and everything else so quickly all weekend (well, every day, Barb!). Sleep is overrated, right? Reading Gerry's words, I could hear his voice, and it just made me fall in love all over again. What a sweetie!! and Connie
  19. Oh, my, thank you Dawn for sharing your perceptions about the Shade Tree visit! It does, indeed, sound like the perfect match for GALS. Connie
  20. The posts in this thread are a beautiful reflection of the true meaning of GALS, I believe -- the admiration and respect for the ultimate reason for the site, Gerry Butler, as well as for each other, and the generosity and inclusiveness of GALS who are making the convention accessible to those of us who could not attend and taking the time to share their real time experiences with us. That Gerry would call and express his appreciation for the ongoing support of this special group of women and for the good work they do in his name is further proof of the nature of the man that brings us all to GALS and keeps us here as members of his FANmily. I am so proud to be one of you. So, thank you, Gerry for making all this possible and for continuing to show such warm generosity to your fans ... and thank you for working so hard to give us more ways to enjoy your work and your artistry. And huge thanks to Dayna, Susan, Holly, Mel, Barb, Katie, KB, Stu, and on and on and on for proving that we ARE all connected. Connie
  21. ETS: Everywhere I post tonight, my "shadow" is posting right behind me!!!
  22. Amazing artistry, ladies!! VOTED!
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