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  1. Lisa, I agree with you 100%. Sometimes I have wondered if Gerry feels he is not given the recognition or respect he deserves as well, but if he does, he doesn't show it. I can't understand why it happens to him, but it's just one of those things about him. I just keep hoping with each movie that it will make the world see what we see. That's all I can do so I try not to let it bother me too much. Jen
  2. Out of the 10 or so pictures in the Whit and Wisdom piece, there was only ONE man!!!!
  3. Andrea, I saw a few pics of the stunt guy's face in those pics from the post #4. He didn't look much like Gerry.
  4. He is sooooo generous with his fans. It was almost like he was begging THEM to get a picture with him. I loved hearing him mumbling stuff about the red makeup around his eyes that might have washed off.
  5. From one Jen to another, I say...YOU GO GIRL!!! What a great experience for you and now you can relive it anytime you want! I'm still dreaming for my chance. I wish you luck with your own marriage.
  6. I agree Moira! I like where he keeps his sunglasses when he's not wearing them!
  7. I just had a thought today...I wonder if one of the reasons he did Nim's Island was so his neices could see him in a movie and so he could bring them to the premier? I'm pretty sure Jodie Foster mentioned that her kids hadn't been able to see any of her movies and this one they finally could see. Gerry never said, but I wonder if it was one of his reasons too. I could imagine him doing something like that.
  8. For some odd reason, when I read that this movie is like 7 meets Silence of the Lambs, I had this vision of watching the movie with Gerry and being like REALLY scared (because I get really scared in really scary movies) and then looking at him for comfort and then seeing the same scary man as in the movie and being totally freaked out! I'm gonna have trouble seeing this one, but I'll do it for Gerry.
  9. Yes, wouldn't we be watching it right now if they hadn't changed it? It's hard to wait, but we'll be happy this summer. Did I miss something? How do you guys know he's alive at the end?
  10. Barb, OMG...all I can say to you right now is THANK YOU for that! Your description was so awesome that I felt like I was there with you. I was on the edge of my seat reading every word and it all sounded so wonderful that it's hard to believe it really happened! Well, thank you again and I would absolutely love to see your pictures if you decided to share them with us. You represent Gerry fans so well. JenniferK
  11. Now THAT made me laugh this morning Lisa! I bet there will be a movie actually named that sometime in the future.
  12. Barbara, Thank you for sharing your encounters with us! They sound a lot like the ones that happen in my head. I sure wish you had been giving ME a tour of the city. I agree with Egyptian Girl. Could you please post a transcript of your conversation(s) with Gerry? Just kidding, but it does make us curious! Did he say anything to you about how many times he has seen you? Anyway, I am proud of you. Not only do you have these memories to keep forever, but you have given Gerry a memory of Philadelphia and his fans from this area and I'm sure he'll think of it fondly. Thanks for that! JenniferK
  13. Thanks Susan! "Gait" was just the word I was looking for! Guess I'll have to watch the Jury soon. I'm running low on Gerry Juice. AND I can't wait to see his run in Game. Looks like we'll see a lot of it. Yes, didn't he say he got into a car accident one time while on his way to an appointment and of course he was running late. It sounds cute when Gerry runs late, now for my own DH it's another story! Oh, and another thing on the actual topic of Shattered...someone commented that they liked the way he slammed her up against the car in one scene. I had to go back and watch that over again, and YES! It was HOT! It's great to hear other people's ideas because I would have missed that whole thing if it weren't for GALS!
  14. I saw it and my favorite part is watching Gerry running. He has a great run. Some guys look kinda geeky when they run, like one foot will go out to the side or something like that, but not our Gerry! Perfect form!
  15. I just got home from a shopping trip to Lahaska and we took the scenic route up past the Delaware River and through New Hope and Buckingham. The whole time I'm wondering if Gerry saw how beautiful the area is...and I guess he did if they were filming on Pineville Road! I keep missing him by about a day. Darn. He's gonna be out of here soon, and I will not have had the chance to meet him, but if it's meant to be it will be.
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