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Hello everyone..My name is Ariana...My friends in Costa Rica call me Chery...I was born in California but at age 8 and a half my family and I moved to Costa Rica so I could get a better education and better life..I had fun during my 11 year stay there..There were some ups and downs..I met great people there and made good friends...I returned to California in january 2005...Ive been studying Psychology as a major since I myself am a little crazy..I am looking for a special someone to be with...I have felt so lonely and not have experienced love..I am a Taurus..so the personality says it all...I am very relaxed but when angered be careful..I am jealous (in a relatioship) and possesive (with material things).I first notice in people their taste in music and films and if they are braindead in both of them there you are no good for me...And I have a thing for falling for older men..in their 30's..I am very reserved.. Loyalty is important to me...I like to watch TV a lot and I am obssesed with my Ipod...I like researching the daily lives of celebrities like reading blogs or going to wiki..And yes...Gerry Butler is one hot son of a bitch

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