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  1. I feel like doing something naughty so he can frisk me all the time he needs to..so he can collect forensic evidence..
  2. I ordered mine since October, I have it on my wall in my dorm in cal state long beach
  3. It was about time that access hollywood released the new years eve clip
  4. I just saw the video..He is probably heading to Scotland to be with family..That going to Mars comment reminded me of that episode on Family Guy when Bill Clinton tells Peter that they were going to Mars now (to smoke pot).
  6. Im glad he had a good time..I serioulsy doubt he drank alcohol because of that look in his eyes in the picture..It must be the smoke..When I was walking to the library this weekend..My eyes were ichy and my thoat was geting soar Anyway..GREAT PICS..
  7. There are some other pics at http://pacificcoastnewsonline.celebuzz.com
  8. I saw the dance scene yesterday..Its hilarious!!. Best scene with gerry and thandie
  9. Gerry's face is just priceless when the women is passing by..
  10. Great pics..I love that look he has..That serious look..Like a model..
  11. I just saw them..And yes there is some problem with the web..And so is Perez and X17 web sites..So I went to Firefoz instead Yummy pics
  12. I just saw it..I believe me I know what its like..Last year I was on a plane for 10 hours..But anyway he was gentleman..AND HOTTT!!
  13. I found this http://www.collider.com/entertainment/inte...aid/8326/tcid/1 Collider.com talked to producers Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari and Bernie Goldmann, who revealed that they are working on a new Blu-ray Disc edition of 300 and... that they're trying to make a sequel/prequel! The first film's director Zack Snyder confirmed it and they said Frank Miller is working on a new story for the film. You think gerry will make it to the prequel? If this topic is not supposed to be in this pics/vids forum..I apologize
  14. I just saw it..WOW!!...Im excited
  15. I would have stayed and waited and not assume he left..But if leaves for very long then maybe yes I would have left
  16. Nice pics ..But he looks kinda down in those..I dont blame him..Those paparazz. wont leave him alone
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