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  1. Luvi

    Beautiful Siggie..

  2. Luvi

    Hi Irish~

    How are you? Are you enjoying the summer? It is so good to hear form you.. :)..

  3. irish

    Hey sweetie, I was thinking about you and wondered how you were doing. I miss you!



  4. Thank you so much to all of the CUT organizers. It was a great time - even though econs kept people away a bit. Fantastic group of presenters and films. Yes, I am partial to Milo V. - what a doll and he also talked to my daughter, Berit, on the phone - she is still floating -She has the posters up in her room- I have to tether her to the ground each morning~ Much Thanks! and already put my deposit down for two VIP tics 2010. (That way it Spreads out the payments~) See you next year to benefit Habitat! ~XO
  5. Happy third Barbara! You are loads of fun and a bit wickedly funny. I'll be looking out for you next year at CUT (buy you tic now Luv!) Your siggie is absolutely beautiful - not too hard with two gorgeous subjects~ Touching poem and all put together so well. Much Love and Good Thoughts to you~ -J
  6. Congratulations Caireen~ Wonderful news on your publishing!
  7. Just a shout out to say, "Hey!"

  8. Hi~ Scotty did have a great time - Thanks in large part to Susan's outstanding graciousness and popular recognition- He was nearly decapitated by Ariel Vromen's voracious jaws (in love, for charity of course), sat on many a shoulder and hobnobbed with the Crank and Game crew (including Taylor, Neveldine, Efrain Ramirez, Milo Ventimiglia.....) Zoe Bell had to show Butler his place, breaking down his manly defenses, but kindly put him back together and sent him on his way when she was done with him... just so we know, she is amazing. What an amazing group and GALS are irreplaceably wonderful~ ~
  9. Thank you so much Swannie~ So true- We all need to hear it ~ especially from a heart that has nothing else to gain but to love and be loved. Cute!
  10. Yes, I think we need to do a scientific investigation... I will go with you! That or we could quiz him in person! Oy, yeah, you already did that at convention... Nevermind...
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