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    Reading, music, cooking : - ) and obviously Gerry!!
  1. Thanks to all of you for the beautiful pictures, he is GORGEOUS as usual
  2. Thanks a lot for the information ImproperBostonian! He looks good!!
  3. Lisa, i agree, he made me laugh so much at that remark!! One question: when did he do the first remark??
  4. Hi, i think that we have already seen that hat!!! he was wearing it in Savannah, have a look at the pic in the college dorm (the one with the Xerxes' face on the girl next to him), I believe it is the same hat.
  5. thanks Chrissy Is Ariel Vromen with Gerry and the 2 girls??
  6. Lisa, you DO make sense, and not only to me I think And you are right, I am not sure he wants that either... we will see!
  7. My 2 cents...he is ready..now it is only a matter of when (if he has not found her yet) he will find the right woman for him. Every doubt he has, every 'in-between situation' will go away as soon as he finds his lady. Good luck Gerry, you deserve it
  8. Catwoman you read my mind, I was thinking the same about the cargo trousers and Lolita..... as they say..ask and it will be given to you..
  9. Ramsay Girl, your words hit the centre.... I have to say that to me unfortunately this interview is just adding to what I have felt and seen in the past months. I was at the RnR premiere and I have been lucky to see him very close and what shocked me most were his eyes. He was smiling, he was enjoying the crowd loving him, he looked drop-dead gorgeous in that suit but when I looked in his eyes I felt so sad.... it was a sensation that took me by surprise, I was expecting to swoon over him, instead what I saw in his eyes was just sadness. I do not know if anyone else who was there on Monday saw that, I might imagine it all but it struck me so hard, it was like having a door slammed on your face... sorry for that, I had to say it, it has been churning in me since Monday..and I know that most of you will disagree with me..you cannot imagine how much I hope to be wrong.
  10. I know Moira, it is such a treat to live in London at the moment With Nim's island many buses had the poster with hia face on but this time with RnR it is another thing...and I am NOT complaining I really hope that the UK will realise how gorgeous actor he is... I hope I will be able to come to the premiere, it all depends on the workload...if not, I will patiently wait for your stories on Tuesday!! Ciao
  11. Thanks Moira!! I thought they would go to BBC Breakfast!! What a nice way to start the day..with Gerry on TV
  12. Chelle thanks a million!! those pics are great and thanks for the work you did to get them from that video! I really hope you find the source take care
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