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  1. [ I just love seeing him in relaxed mode! Enjoy Gerry!
  2. He looks amazing! I think his hair looks great, he must have a new stylist.
  3. Steph, that was amazing. I felt like i was there. You are quite talanted. Please continue?
  5. OH MY!!!!! Where do they sell this Magazine? They are breathtaking shots of Gerry.
  6. Thanks Theresa, there were a few that I did not see. The coat does wear him well. Joanne
  7. Happy Birthday Handsome!! May all you wishes come true. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to us your fans. You have brought me years of joy. Watching you perfect your craft over the years has been a pleasure. You have certainly become a beautiful man. your Mom has raised a gentleman and she must be so proud. We all are proud . XOXO Joanne
  8. That was soooo funny. I just love the way those two interact. Imagine if they did a comedy together OMG!!!
  9. WOW! Beautifully told Steph. That is the dream encounter. You actually had my heart racing at the thought of it all.
  10. Gee Steph, I am having a similar day. In a FUNK! I always retreat into POTO, It will always make me cry and get it all out, and then I feel better. So sorry you had a bad day. Gerry always makes me feel better. Joanne
  11. I just followed the instructions on the site. I submitted my question as a comment, and got the confirmation e-mail at the address I specified, then clicked the confirmation link within, and after 20 minutes or so, my question showed up on the site. Are you sure that you typed your e-mail address correctly? Also, do you have a spam blocker on that account that might have intercepted the confirmation e-mail? I'd give it another try. Steph Thanks Steph, I will give it another try. I STILL CAN"T GET IT TO WORK!!!!
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