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  1. I wanted to take a quick moment and introduce you all to my beautiful little niece Alexis (Lexi). She is going on 7 months old. I love her so much. She is truly the only thing that has been able to put a smile on my face. I wish my mom had the chance to meet her. She would have loved her more than anything. All the pictures were taken by me. I'm the official photographer for everyone I know. lol
  2. Great to see Gerry take part in a good cause. If I had known he was manning the phones.....I would have given all my money! lol
  3. Thanks Moira. I miss you too Charlotte, I'm sitting here in tears as I write this. This holiday season has been so incredibly hard on me. It's a wonder that I am still standing. My father just told me that they saw something abnormal on his EKG today, The intern doing the EKG said it could be not enough oxygen getting to the heart. He had an EKG in june and it was fine. All my fears came rushing back because it was at this exact time last year (give or take a day) that my moms issues started. I don't have the strength to deal with this. I really don't. I can barely hold myself together as it is. He will find out on thursday what the issue is, if there is any. Please say a prayer (not that prayer has done much good for my family). I'm not sending out cards this year...so I want to wish all of you a happy holiday.
  4. I could reallly use a little to read. Would you PM me something????
  5. Funny you should mention gallbladder. I just got a letter from my dr. that says my ultrasound is significant of gallstones. I'll probably need mine out soon as well. You know......we live and then we die. That is how life works. as they say.....no one gets out of here alive. It doesn't make the loss any easier to deal with.
  6. P.S. KB.....you have anything new I can read????? I need some distractions.
  7. Thanks Ladies. I know I can always come here and find love and support. Dayna...thank you for taking the time to share your feelings. I know you understand my pain. I too have tried to keep myself extremely busy so I don't have time to think about things. I can be going along with my day....and out of nowhere it hits me. My mom is dead. And I loose it. One of the things that we talked about in my group was the fact that the vision I have of my mom is of her laying in my dads bed dead. She had dried vomit streaming out of her mouth. That image haunts me daily. They say as I heal that image with change to a happier one. I can't let that image and her illness define who she was. She was a wonderful lady who was loved by everyone who knew her. She was generous and caring and put the needs of everyone else before her own. Even with the bad news she was dealt...she told the doctor she was worried about my dad and his health issues. He was amazed to hear her concerns for him when she had much more serious issues going on. She was sick for a very short time and yet all I remember is the badness and her suffering. I need to concentrate on the good things. Not that awful cancer that killed her. Easier said than done right now. Moira....I hope your dad is hanging in there. I haven't heard an update on him in awhile. KB, Frannie, Hobbes, Susan, Landa, Katie, Diane, & May....thank you. I love my GALS. You really are a source of great strength and support for me.
  8. I just wanted to say hello and happy holidays to everyone. I know I've been MIA recently. It's no surprise that the holidays are turning out to be a major struggle for me this year. I just completed an eight week grief support group. I still haven't figured out "how" it helped me. I know it hasn't hurt me. The first few weeks were....very difficult. I met alot of wonderful ladies though and hope to stay in touch with them. My little niece Alexis got baptized on Nov.22nd. My Goddaughter Natalie also got baptized on the 22nd. In different cities and different churches. It was a hectic day for me trying to be in two places at once, but I got everywhere I needed to be. My little Alexis is so beautiful. I think of my mom every time I look at her. My mom would have spoiled her rotten. So.....I am going to do my best in taking over for my mom. Since my moms death I have been in touch with my cousins (my moms brothers kids) that I haven't talked to in...........years. There have been family issues and so none of us spoke. The issues were between the adults...but the kids suffered by loosing contact with their relatives. I know my mom would be happy that I am rebuilding my relationship with my cousins. I know it hurt her that our families didn't speak. What made it worse.....they lived on the next street. Went to the midnight showing of New Moon and have seen it a few times since. I loved it. Other than that......I am just trying to live day by day. Thanksgiving was tough enough. Christmas is going to be really, really hard. My mom "made" Christmas. It won't feel like Christmas without her. I hope everyone here is doing well. I know I've missed a lot of birthdays and other events. I apologize for my absence but I see that the board has been plugging along without me. We've had plenty of Gerry news, videos and pictures to keep everyone busy. I still love that man as much as I ever did. I'm anxious for LAC to come out on video. Anyway.....I'm gonna try to participate more here. I've missed it. I'm addicted to that damn facebook and spend all my time there. Love you guys.
  9. Who's Alexender the Great??? LOL You have to buy pinnacle...I think. I bought from Best Buy. It was about $100 but its great. Has some cool hollywood style effects you can use.
  10. ummm..................................6? maybe. i haven't used it lately.
  11. I use Pinnacle. I have a Gerry video have made. I need to finish it now that there are so many new movie clips I can use.
  12. isaboo

    We Want YOU!

    While I won't be there to witness it...I think everyone should try talking with a Scottish accent!! I think that would be hilarious. You to Moira! lol
  13. THAT WAS SWEET!!!! He totally rocked it!
  14. I met Gerry as well. I was with some of my GALS at TIFF last september for the RocknRolla premier. It was a fleeting moment...but it was one I will never forget! My story is here.
  15. I was talking about his tight jeans and everyone ignored me! lol I thought for sure that would have got everyone cluckin'!
  16. THAT'S IT!!!! Thanks! I knew someone had to know it.
  17. HOLY CRAP! Who's lookin at the shoes....have you seen how tight those jeans are??????????????? Sorry. I was having a moment.
  18. Anyone know the song that Megan Fox walked out to?
  19. This is the movie that made me fall in love with Gerry and I've been nuts for him ever since. I love it. I was a blubbering fool throughout the entire movie.
  20. isaboo

    Box Office

    Its out of my theater already!!! I haven't had the chance to see it.
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