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  1. My question is when he says tall, does it mean in heels or out of heels. 'Cause i can easily be 5' 8" in in 6" heels. Gerry, don't be sooooo superficial cause you're really just limiting yourself, dontcha know?
  2. GB, i am disillusioned but i still cant look away! Yes he has a really powerful effect on me and yeah i do feel jealous because i do not fit into the category that he deems desirable. There i said it! but i suspect u gals already suspected that! I don't think i can ever dislike Gerry, well at least until he gets hitched!
  3. Based on this article my disillusionment with Gerry has increased tenfold. She has got to be tall, dark ? why? By the way i think tall, dark = model So, am i to conclude that if someone comes along who cares for him and looks out for his best interests but is not tall and dark (dark hair, skin?) gets kicked to the curb? Yeah i guess so! Very shallow indeed! I just dont see what tall and dark have to do with anything if a very caring and loving young woman, who may be short and not dark comes along. This statement, if true, amplifies what i have been saying about Gerry all along. He is a very superficial man! even though many of us GALS would like to ignore this fact.
  4. Last night I saw a side to Gerry that i am not particularly comfortable with. It now appears that Gerry is a follower of the pack. That he would feel embarrassed now to be seen out and about with little Lolly because of this newfound stature or the perception that people have of him after 300, does not sit well with me. 300 really changed a lot of things (some not for the better), didn't it? Seems his penchant for models came to the fore last night as well. Gerry's reply to Conan's joke that he likes to rub up against mannequins was, "I like models too!". I mean where the hell did that come from? (except maybe from the pit of his balls). Who the heck asked him what he liked? I was indeed right, Gerry seems to be a really shallow man. Quite sad, he held such promise in my eyes.
  5. I guess we no longer have to wonder what's Gerry's type, do we gals? Tall, skinny, model types! It's now as plain as day! Stevie Wonder can see it! There is no longer a shadow of a doubt! We need no further evidence! This is a very, very, very sad day for me. C'mon Gerry! what about the plump petites, dammit ! what about the plump petites? So very shallow indeed! Nuff said!
  6. One day i will straddle those thighs........as God is my witness!!!!
  7. I wonder if Gerry has hyperhidrosis! If he does, then i am convinced we were meant to be together!
  8. Y'know let me rephrase. I think Gerry may very well be "superficial" when he chooses his "friends". That is shallow! and yes i would deem the young woman to be very shallow if she only hangs out with gorgeous movie star hunks! Gerry has had opportunities to meet "plain janes" who are confident, intelligent, have great generosity of spirit , have a great sense of humour and are snuggly! But guess what he showed up on the red carpet with a model. I am definitely seeing a pattern here. I'm just saying that Gerry may very well be one of thse superficial men who places physical attributes that are glorified by the media, on the top of his list of prerequisites when choosing a partner (short-term or otherwise) For me, pretty boys pretty much leave me pretty cold! For me ONE of the prerequisites for having a relationship with any man is that he be funny and witty. I don't care who u are, where you're from or what you look like, i am just attracted to anyone man or woman who can make me laugh. This may sound cheesy but the content of the character should far outweigh the physical aspect of the individual and this can never be overstated. All i can say is kudos to clive owen (for now). So there's really a Danny Devito fansite? (i might just have to sign up for that one)
  9. I sure hope that Gerry is not shallow enough to think that "the one" is only to be found in the form of someone with model looks. My heart sinks when i see him with those model types. I mean why does a large segment of the society deem anyone who does not fit into this category as undesirable. What! are the rest of us pig tripe? I am a cute 5' 2" female, and screw any man who thinks that i am not desirable. i will not be pressured by a man or the media to hate myself.
  10. Bah humbug!!!! That pic and the TR2 video depresses me soooooooooooooooo much ( I really, really haaaaaaaate her and any other woman that he kisses hugs so closely). Nah, i'm just crazy jealous right now. Some girls have all the luck while others get only f***ked. Just sayin, wish it were me (If wishes were horses). Really, really depressed, bah humbug! Hate this feelin', man! Hate this feelin!
  11. yeaahhh! i do get the idea,THIS IS truly one of my fanatsies with Gerry!
  12. O.Kaaaay, so i'm wonderin' why was Gerry in a ladies' clothing store? uuummm Wonder if he has a new GF (i dare not say the word) and was pickin something up for her? .Pleaseee Dear God let it not be the case (Want him to say single til he hooks up with me) . Heck, a gal can dream can't she?
  13. any one of the above would do fine for me ('cept for China right now, i ain't really big on after shocks, y'know, but then again, prolly Gerry and i could turn that visit into an adventure, who knows? :
  14. King Leo would be my first choice to bring home to meet my parents and Marek would be a close second. King Leo was such a devoted man (to family, to country, countrymen). He was a passionate man who stood up for what he believed even to the point of death (true hero), he was also compassionate, loyal and loving (though not covertly). However, the clincher is that he looked like he was an an awesome lover!
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