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  1. These are excellent pictures of him! Is it me or does he look like he's lost even more weight recently? I was thinking perhaps his role in Coriolanus might have something to do with it. Regardless, he does looks fantastic and seems to get better with age. He also looks....I dunno...happier? More rested? Something. He's got a bit of glow about him. I like it!
  2. Gerry's really been getting some good press for his work lately. This makes me very happy for him! Congrats to Gerry and I hope the New Year brings more positive awards and mentions for his work.
  3. Aww, that's great, Moira! Good for you. It's nice to have fun and combine your favorite things. I think the article is a nice representation of you and reflects well on others who enjoy going to premiers,etc.,as well. Fun loving, light hearted, and giving
  4. Aww, so glad those of you who went had a good time! Thanks so much for sharing!
  5. I think with Gerry, he doesn't automatically count anyone out! So, you ALL have a chance...lol! Until he's ready to settle down, why not enjoy what's available
  6. Thanks. I tend to shy away from critiquing these things because I'm no actor...lol! What do I know? Exactly. Viola Davis is a great actress. So, when I saw that scene I figured someone dropped the ball. All the actors were superb in this movie. When I saw what I felt were flaws, it wasn't in their performance it was with what they were given to say or do. Not many but that scene really bugged me. What was with the critics, anyway? I mean, I really am passionate about Gerry's career but I don't consider myself an uber fan. Not really (and there's nothing wrong with anyone who is ). However, I really felt they were filled with vitriol when reviewing this movie. It was a solid movie. Not going to win any Oscars but it wasn't bad in any way. Based on reviews, I was fearing the worst. They really roasted him over a spit on this one. Yeah, it would have been better if we saw Clyde in the audience (I think someone already mentioned that). Ces't la vie, I suppose!
  7. SPOILERS It was a little of both but mostly storyline. One example of dialogue was the scene with the mayor, which I already listed. Her words didn't match the level of emotion she was portraying, resulting in a scene where Viola Harris over acts. It's not really the her fault unless she wrote the script. The bit where Clyde sends the movie to the house was ill- fitting. It just sort of sat there like a badly baked biscuit. I felt, it was out of character for Clyde. They used it to motivate the character of Nick Rice but there had to be a better way of doing that more congruent to Clyde's genius personality. It had the potential to be this pivotal scene where Clyde tries to show Nick his pain as a father and husband but it fell flat. The last 10 minutes were a little anticlimactic, as others have put it. I'd have like to see a little more action there. I thought an extra scene of Clyde Genius would have added to the overall X- factor of the movie. Having the briefcase under the bed was totally awesome, though. Mad props for that little gem. I never saw it coming. Same for the phone bomb and the steak bone. There were others but now my memory is getting fuzzy so I'll have to watch it again. To be fair, I could dissect any movie in the same way. None are perfect, KWIM? LAC great and if this movie is any indication of what Evil Twins can do, I'm totally excited to see what's next!
  8. Meh. I thought it was funny. I also thought he was having fun. If he has had a 3some recently, he wouldn't be the first...lol! However, I'd really like to have been fly on the wall if his mum or family decided to ask/tease him about it. Can you imagine the sheer amount of funny gifts ideas that could result from that? I do agree with Swannie on this one. Gerry is a 3 dimensional person and has many facets. You just never know what you're going to get and that's all part of the fun.
  9. Overall, I thought it was a very solid movie. I don't regret the $8.50 I spent on the ticket and I'd recommend it to a friend. Overall, I give it an 8 out of 10. Ironically, saw the Rotten Tomatoes review on t.v. last night and was pretty shocked by their scathing review. Sure, it's not Oscar worthy, but certainly not a bad way to spend an evening if you're going out for a movie. ***********Pros. * It kept me in suspense and traveled in a few directions I wasn't expecting. I never would have thought to do that with a steak... * The acting was great. * I didn't regret the $8.50 I spent on the ticket. * Good visuals and special effects. *Great Plot, despite a few writing pitfalls. * One of the better Thriller movies of the year. *This was an adult movie. I wasn't subjected to gratuitous amounts of gore. It stayed in the thriller genre and was well balanced. *I'd recommend it to my father and to my best girl friend. *I liked the fact they killed of Clyde in the end. It was a fitting death, despite the fact that I liked him. The whole death scene was really pretty visually awesome. *cough* naked Gerry *cough* ********Cons. *I thought the writing could have been a little better in some areas. Better writing would have pushed this movie to a higher level. *I thought the scenes with the mayor were a little lame and too far removed from reality. I don't know of any mayor that would've been content to just let that situation lay in the hands of a D.A. That really bugged me. * It should have been 10 minutes longer. We needed more visible internal conflict and the fleshing out of the main characters. We needed to get more attached to them as viewers. Maybe another pivotal scene with the Rice family and a few flashbacks for Clyde. Periodically, remind us why we we're rooting for these characters without being redundant. Make the characters a little more 3 dimensional.
  10. Well, he's sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place with that...lol. Either they flay him for not speaking American enough in the movies or not keeping his brogue. I sort of agree with that bit about him being charming no matter where he's from
  11. I thought it looked terrific! Can't wait to see it!
  12. I saw Gamer and thought it looked great! I was sort of wondering why it hasn't gotten more press,though...
  13. Almost everyone I know is super excited to see it. Not because of Zach but because *sputter* it's 'The Watchmen'! We've been waiting on this movie for eons! *squee* I hope it's good. I hope the cinematography is just as beautiful as 300,too. Even if you hated that movie, you had to give serious props to the stunning visual work done on it. Awesome.
  14. I wish I knew what brand of jeans he wears. I've been wondering that for ages. I have a few friends who *really* want to duplicate the look on their significant others. LOL, whatever brand they are- Gerry is great advertising for them!
  15. I think it's awesome. Who the heck cares why it happened? Either it's Gerry showing the haters that Hollywood hasn't robbed him of his ball,er, manhood parts or it's just a couple having a good time. If it's the latter, he's got excellent taste. Go,Gerry!
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