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  1. Even though I am a newbie on this forum, I went to send my heartfelt thoughts, feelings, & prayers to Suzie.
  2. Oh wow!!! YEAH!!!!! *happy dance* Thank you so so so much, Moira!!! What a wonderful thing to come home to at the end of a long day!!! YEAH!!! His legs are just killing me... *falling over*
  3. Bellaroja

    Pet Photos

    How beautiful!!! Friends of our have a Blue Heeler named Axl...hee hee...thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Does he look like a guy who knows how to have a good time, or what? What adorable pics of him...thanks so much for sharing!!!
  5. Hey there!!!! Thanks big whole bunches!!! HEE! HEE!! HUGS!!!
  6. I hear ya! HA! I love clothes, and I have a deep passion for shoes and handbags...always have, and I outright REFUSE to look like a "teacher" even though I am one!!! HA! I crushed my right leg/ankle/foot about 8 years ago, but I worked my taileyoo off to be able to run again (although I haven't been able to achieve the same speed...boo hoo), and I can only wears heels if I will be able to sit for the majority of the time! HA!!! Hubby is a good dresser...I've helped him along the way...hee hee...but we've progressed from the poor recently-graduated-from-college-kids we were when we met, to having to be successful professionals!!! I love being comfortable, but I've figured out how to do that while also looking presentable & professional...
  7. Yeah, it looks as if he might be pouting...oh poor baby...we can fix him up some good shoes/boots to go with those sexy jeans...
  8. I'm doing the best I can to catch up on things, and I ADORE this little video clip!!! He's just too much to handle...mmmmmmmmmmmm... His sense of humor is just amazing, and his rapport with Hilary is so appealing! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I adore the fact that he's sartorially challenged...hee hee...it makes him that much more approachable, and well...adorable!!! Frankly, what man on earth isn't a disaster with choosing outfits unless they have a stylist, wife, or girlfriend?! HA!!!
  10. Bellaroja

    Pet Photos

    How cute are they?! Its so fun "meetings" the furry friends...hee hee...
  11. This is totally GALtastic! I love it...how much fun!!! I actually had a fit of the "dancies" the other night, and litterally danced around the house while hubby was out & about! HA! I honestly felt like I burned off 10 lbs!!! HEE! HEE! These pics of Gerry are so stimulating...yummy...definitely need this at the end of a holiday weekend!!!!
  12. Bellaroja

    Zodiac Sign

    I'm a Pisces...sensitive & creative...hee hee...
  13. I chose Tahiti because as I figure it, what better place to get to know someone than when they are completely relaxed and chillin' from the real world than on vacation??? I would adore being able to have long heart-to-hearts while either walking along, or riding horses, the coral beaches, or kicking back over a fabulously and potentially romantic dinner with a crisp bottle of white wine while listening to the waves crash against the shore, and watching the moonlight shining off the ripples of the water... There's plenty of time to deal with the "reality" of it all, but when there's just you, him, and well...relaxation...then the discovery phase can be invigorating without any real-life interruptions to get in the way...
  14. I understand all of everything you are saying. I've had a particularly rough road to travel over the past 4 & 1/2 years, and let me tell you, true friends are really hard to find. Its always amazing to me how quickly people disappear when something goes wrong in life, but yet they are so willing to call on you when they need you...I've learned to internalize my stresses and sadness, which is why I've become to rely on my job and working out (particularly running with my dogs) when it gets to be too much b/c frankly, I don't want to dump everything on hubby because he is experiencing this "rough road" with me (infertility... )... In any case, the people I thought I really "knew" somewhat disappeared when I had to start facing the truth and going through some pretty heavy stuff for a healthy person. I've been disapointed time and again, but I try to hold onto the fact that I am a strong person, but after a while it does get tiring. My hubby's family hasn't been much help either because they are full of drama of their own, and we've had to cut ourselves off because we have enough our own own plates that we can't deal with the constant drama of their lives... Family is proving to be more of a burden than a help, and that's been even more disappointing than anything...I've made a name for myself for being the strong, outgoing person who can handle anything, but there are some things that some people need a break from... ...aahhh...life is tough, but what can one do when no one is around to just offer an ear and a shoulder???
  15. May I be added to the list??? How 'bout "Gerry's Domina Bella"??? Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Cheers to that!!! HA!!! Sometimes the physicality doesn't matter...of course, I'm sure all of us girls have been in the situation where you meet a great looking man, but the minute he opens his mouth...well...in one circumstance, I made a bee-line to get away from him! UGH! Anyway, its nice to know that someone as attractive as Gerry has quite a bit of depth to him and that he is not afraid to be who he is.. And yes...his feet...hee hee...
  17. OOOHHH...this one was a toughie...definitely the Phantom because of the mysterious and truly passionate effort he put into the role!!!!
  18. Well, I chose Gerry Kennedy b/c well, the character reminds me of my own husband!!!! It freaked me out b/c EVERYTHING was the same, except for the fact that my hubby is alive and doing well in terms of his health. Even the name is the same!!!!! The length of time they were married!!! And so on...just crazy!!! I just adored the passion, the humility that the character faced in all facets of what we know of the story, and especially his fear for his wife after his death. He saw beyond the fear he had for his own demise, to be so concerned as to how and what she would do after he was gone...I'm going to cry again...
  19. I turned 36 in March, and I'm still trying to figure how it all goes! HA!!!
  20. Yeah, I'm 5'8", and I'm a proud wearer of high heels! HA!!!
  21. Again, I apologize late for joining in on the conversation, but I have to say that this thread utterly fascinates me. Gerry seems like a true dichotomy of sorts, and I believe that is why he is so attractive to the "opposite sex". Good for him for being the true man he is and not feeling he has to shape his thoughts, feeling, and personality to the standard Hollywood stereotype, or even that of one of his characters, that everyone would expect. Frankly, he is no different than any of us EXCEPT he has a very high-profile career (of his choosing!) that puts him in situations where admiration and sometimes unreal expectations are put on him. I enjoy the idea that he is this crazy, fun, outgoing man on the outside, but yet someone who holds his passions and desires to himself (I would bet ANYTHING he is an amazing cuddler, and downright fantastic..well...um...lover...). Good for him for cussing like a sailor and coming off like a tough guy (ALL HAIL THE RUSSELL CROWE'S OF THE WORLD! HA!). He is also a highly-educated professional who is brilliant at his chosen career, which takes focus, dedication, and a huge amount of humility to pull off. I'm SO happy to have found a group of individuals who see beyond the Hollywood actor to understanding that there is more to this beautiful man than just what we see on film...
  22. I'm cracking up just thinking of him snooping around here! Heck, why not? Anyhoo, there is a "secret" place here...hhhmmm???
  23. Hey there, Shehrazade!!! I'm not Turkish, but both my husband and I have spent time there, and both adore it very much. We would love to get back there, but life gets a little hectic! Welcome aboard (I'm a new member, myself!), and I look forward to getting to know you!!!
  24. Thanks to Anna for all those deliciously tasty pics of Gerry...I so totally needed that this a.m. A totally random thing happened last night...as I was purusing through the internet, I had my iTunes going here on the 'puter, and I just felt compelled to dance! How funny is that??? Anyway, it felt good, and when I went to buy some wine, I was actually carded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I'm 36 years old, and the twenty-something girl actually asked for my license...I couldn't help but laughing at her (not insultingly, of course!), but she started to giggle, too. Yesterday was as great day, and today will be even better!!!
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