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  1. selam pınar hoşgeldin :)

  2. You're welcome FERAH Yeah I'm sure,we will see the whole interview in the near future in any Turkish Channel
  3. Gerry with Turkish artist Fadik Sevin Atasoy. Gamer will be released in 2 October in Turkey Video
  4. nice to be friend Stuart

  5. Happy Birthday Gerry ,I will always love you ,handsome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs from İstanbul/Turkey Kübra :bounce:
  6. I write from here your inbox is full.Ohh sweetie I'm verry happy because you liked my siggy,,I'm sooooo glad sweetie..

    your profile really gorgeous ,I know sweetie you love alex hence I wanted to give you it.

    I love you Linda

    hugs from me..

    take care

  7. He look gorgeous ,,Thanks for sharing
  8. Congratulations to SOÑADORA and Sara..!!! great job ladies Kübra
  9. Congratulations Sue, Fran, and Sara.. :clap: Kübra
  10. Lovely pics..Thanks for sharing Barb Kübra
  11. Şımarcam şimdi ya sağol sizlerde iyi ki varsınız gönül isterki bu sitede daha çok Türk olsa.
  12. Thank you RamsayGirl. Kübra
  13. Thanks for sharing gals.. These are very different pics.. Gerry look wonderful.. Kübra
  14. Thank you, Keiko wowwwwww He is very handsome Kübra
  15. Thank you Keiko Great pics... Kübra
  16. Thank you, RamsayGirl wonderful pics. Kübra
  17. Ohh gerry i love you ..... lovely pics... Thanks for sharing..
  18. Cheyenne, Randoushka, and Frannie,, Kübra
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