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    Anything having to do with Gerry. Photography(wish I was better) Reading...Love romantic movies...My husband is not the romantic type..So I watch Gerry and dream.

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  1. Now THAT is a nice picture of Mr Pinky. Fantastic choices!!!! That really does get the libido going....my heart is still racing. Karen
  2. Bella...I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your courage for being able to do this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to leave those girls of yours... what a mama to be proud of!!!! Lots of Hugs, Karen
  3. As wonderful a person as Gerry seems to be...he can't help but know what a beautiful group of fans he has. Maybe not drop dead gorgeous on the outside but sooo...beautiful on the inside. All he has to do is read some of these letters to know what amazing people you all are. I am proud of you....all of you...for being such wonderful ... loving souls. Karen
  4. Hi Zany...I was thinking maybe I could have.... Dreaming of Gerry's MR PINKY Gal .... Thank you. Karen
  5. Congratulations!!! She is just gorgeous....You know what??? I just had a little grandson on July 5th too. He is so precious...I'm not sure how to post pictures yet so I don't have a picture of him to put up...but he sure is a cutie. Your baby girl is beautiful (all of them...and with a mom and grandmom like you...you can see why.) Anyway...Congrats...that is just wonderful. Karen
  6. Hi Alice, I'm sorry .... I just seen this message and I did get a card from you and I am excited about getting a dvd. I've been off the site pretty much because I just had a new grandson but I would love to know where to get one. Thanks so much!!! Karen
  7. I was sooo hoping that you were going to put one togather...I want one for sure!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us. It will be an awesome memento to have. Karen
  8. He just makes my heart melt with that smile of his. Thanks for sharing that...it makes me feel so good inside to see him happy and laughing. Karen
  9. Ok....I agree with this being a hard one to answer ...because to tell the truth I am in love with sooo many of his charcters. I wound up picking Terry because that kiss was HAWT !!!! But to tell the truth....I would be happy with any of his characters kisses. That man can flat out kiss....never seen anyone better than him. Karen
  10. Dear Gerry, I am so happy for you that you finally got to return home for a little while. I've never been to Scotland but it is one of the places that I long to visit. It is so beautiful and gorgeous and I hope you get your well deserved rest. You have been working way too hard and it's time for some peace and quiet (no better place than Scotland). You have been doing more than your part for us and believe you me , we will be there for you, to support and love you when it's time for you to come back to us. I was in Vegas this year and there is an abundance of love for you...it was amazin
  11. You are absolutly right about spending a fortune for his shirts. I was on the auction that Premiere Props had this last weekend and I am now the proud owner of Gerry's Striptease Boxers and Suspenders. I did pay a fortune for them but it is so worth it to me and I was so very excited to get them because I loved that little striptease scene that he did. I am anxiously awaiting for them to arrive because I only just won the auction on Sunday. Karen
  12. OMG!!! You ladies have me LMAO....but I so agree with him being SEXY in anything he wears. And I am so in the gutter thinking of him all hot and sweaty... Karen
  13. Hi Kittypro!! This is Karen (I sat next to you in POTO) I did get a couple of pictures but I'm new to this and I'm not sure how to post them yet. If no one else has any , I can send you some copies (if I knew where to send them to) When my son comes home , he might be able to show me how I can post them to you. Anyway...I have 2 that I know of. Congratulations!!! I loved the video.
  14. You are too funny Mike!!! You did have the GALS going didn't you?? And Sally you were wonderful for taking me under your wing and letting me hitch a ride to the Phantoms Costumes...I wouldn't want to have missed that. You girls were hilarious!!! And Tina...you are a sweetheart (thanks for my articles on Gerry). Miss you all and hope to see you next year!! Karen
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