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  1. The leather pants; the black finger nail polish and the military jacket.....sounds like Adam Ant to me!
  2. Stay thirsty my friends!!!!! Cheers!!!!

  3. Well, I have finally recuperated! What a FAB-U-LOUS time!!!! It was sooooo great to see old friends and to meet new ones! (ReNo....you're a keeper!!!XXX) And Gerry, as always,comes through BIG TIME!!! (What a guy!!!!XXX) I hope everyone at the virtual con had a great time...and by the sounds of it you all did! Everything was "quality"! I'm a little sad that it is all over, but here's looking forward to next year! Dayna, thanks for a "fan-dabby-dosey" time! And to all that made this such a "massive" event...CHEERS!!!! BTW....see Snap, I was paying attention in your class!!!! The biggest of all hugs and snogs, Raz XXXX
  4. I'm on my way Gals!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!! Raz
  5. Count me in Binks!!!!! Can't wait to see everyone again!!!! Raz
  6. Hi Holly, I didn't book a room, but I'm in one with Cheryl and Bianca. Does that count? Raz
  7. Oh Baby!!!!! I'm clickin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raz BTW...Chris...your'e the bomb!!!!
  9. razberry

    anyone near me?

    *snort!* You kill me.....pass me a Gerrita and a Butlerfinger!!!! Raz
  10. I would love to see Ka, but I'm not coming in until Wed evening late so I don't think there will be time to see a show! However, I'm soooooooo looking forward to hangin' with my peeps!!! Raz
  11. Yes we did Linda! Can't wait until June!! We need to talk soon. Hugs, Cheryl I can't wait to see you guys again!!!! We are gonna have a blast!!!! Hus and snogs, Raz
  12. Copy then add your name to the list. Deb- Knight Phantom Sally-Cybrsal Paisleyscot- Cheryl Suzie- Texas Gramma RedDragoness- Char RezzRN- Naoma MzSamBewitched- Samantha No Screen Name- Suzanne Alamdenannie- Annemarie Ready2fly- Bex Poppy- Linda Deetz- Donna Lady Elissa- Elissa Good Sport- Bill No Screen Name- Erin Binkie1490- Bianca Bermos- Sherrell Songbird- Katie Razberry- Raz
  13. To Beacon and all the other GALS who are still "on the fence" about coming or have never done anything like this before..... Cheryl and I were newbies last year. We both came by ourselves (...BY OURSELVES!!!! WHAT WERE WE THINKING???) and had never met anyone except online at GALS. I was nervous about what to expect...will anyone talk to me? Everybody probably already knows one another. I have never done anything like this before! I'm going to spend the entire time in my room because I won't fit in!......this is what I was thinking! BUT.......... ...you never know what is going to happen unless you try it, so....I just took a deep breath and registered! I got my plane tickets and got on the plane (good thing I brought extra underwear because I was so nervous that I was cr@pping myself!!! HA! HA! ). When I got to Vegas I slowly walked down the hall toward the ballroom to pick up my registration package and you know what???.....I was greeted with the biggest smiles and the warmest welcomes at the registration table. I was directed to go into the ballroom and look around. I sat myself down at a table and was trying to take it all in and catch my breath when Cheryl walked over to me and we started chatting. She was new as well and we just hit it off! Within 5 minutes we knew the entire room and were all chatting and making plans to hangout together! Holy cr@p!!! That was easy!?!?! What was I afraid of in the first place? That was so simple and everyone was sooooo fabulous!!! And that is how it happened! So...just jump right off that edge! NO FEAR!!! The GALS will catch you! And you will have a blast!!!! See you all in !!! Raz
  14. WOO HOO!!!!!! I just booked my flight!!!!! (Seat sale!!!) Raz
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