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    Yes and No

    I think we all know the answer to that one, don't we Ladies...... YES!!!!!! If you were in Jamie Foxx's position in LAC, would you make a deal or would you take your chances in court?
  2. There is an extra seat beside Gerry.... Hmmmm...I wonder who that is saved for?..... ME!!!!!!! Raz
  3. I went to see Gamer last night and really liked it! I have read other peoples reviews and, while I agree that it could have used a little more humanity, found it very fun and entertaining. I think this is the kind of movie where you check your brain at the door and just take it at face value...just a fun, kick arse movie with lots of action under incredible circumstances. This is true of Neveldine and Taylor's other "masterpieces" (I use that term very loosely!!!) Crank and Crank 2. I think the brilliance of the two directors is not in the story that they wrote or the characters they developed, but in the concept that they came up with and the technical side of the film....the camera shots, the CGI, the explosions/movie magic and the virtual world they create. Yes, it is fantastical. Yes, it is action packed. Yes, it is gory, but if you have seen some of the video games that are out on the market today, it is no different. It is like a video game put on the big screen. IMHO, that is the true intention of the film...life imitating art and vise versa. I think that one thing we all do agree on is that Gerry TOTALLY rocked those jeans! He looked great in this movie! Well, I enjoyed it! Call it a guilty pleasure! It was a fun ride! Now starts the count down to LAC!!! Raz
  4. Oooooohhhh, yes please!!!!!! Raz
  5. Lugerry, Were you there too???? Raz
  6. HOLY MOLY!!!!!! I am sooooooo glad that it went well for our GALS! I love hearing the stories and seeing the pix. Merle....are you ok? You were overcome by just the thought of him weren't you???!!!! Yeah...I knew it!! Glad to hear you are ok. Moira, Deb and Brenda, I am over the moon for you guys! That is soooooo AWESOME!!! but Lisa......gosh, I don't even know where to start...!!!WOW!!!! You're a lucky, lucky gal!!! Congrats to all of you who met, talked (and kissed) him! Way to go Ladies!! : PS.... one tiny request.....I'm living vicariously through you all so please keep the stories and pix coming! Cheers, Raz
  7. Yeah, that's putting it mildly Lisa.How does he expect anyone to get on with their day - my brain is total mush right now . TOTALLY GOBSMACKED!!!!!!
  8. Hello to all the FAB -U- LOUS GALS out there!!! Vegas was "gorgeous"!!!! Firstly, To Dayna, Jen, Susan, Katie, Holly, KB, Landa and all the other wonderful Gals who gave of their time and talents to make this years convention such a "fierce" time! This being my first time (yes, I WAS a Vegas virgin!), I had a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to attending next year! You made me feel very welcome and part of the FANMILY and I thank all of you lovely GALS out there for that! Secondly, To Susan for matching GALS with such a wonderful charity. I don't know how much money in total was raised at the con, but judging by the bids for all the items in the raffles and auction it must have really tipped the scales! Thirdly, To all the GALS that I had the pleasure of meeting. You are all godesses!!! Paisleyscot, Binks, Snap, Deetz, Poppy, and Lugerry... FYI...I am punishing my evil liver as I am writing this!!! And finally, To Gerry.....just because you are you!!! Much love and snogs to all, Raz
  9. Okay, a question here...and I'll probably figure it out on my own right after I post this and then feel silly, but just in case... I just went to the website to buy my ticket, and when they show available times for the exhibit, it only goes up until Saturday, the 27th...how did you guys that already bought your tickets go about getting one for Sunday, the 28th? It doesn't even list Sunday as an option, plus the only available time they show for each day is 10 a.m...I know--I'm probably missing something obvious... Alison I was wondering the same thing. I phoned Vegas.com this morning. The exhibit wasn't open yet for me to ask about Sunday. However, I did find out that there is a special on at the moment.... the $27 general admission includes the audio tour. When has everyone else bought tix for? If you dont mind,I would love to join the group going if possible? Raz
  10. razberry

    Vegas Weather

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! A couple of weeks ago it was snowing here!!! Talk about going to extremes!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone in the pastey white legs department! Raz
  11. What time on Sunday are you planning on going? I would love to come as long as it's not in the evening (I have tix to "O"). Thanks ladies, Raz
  12. Me Three!!!! This is gonna be great!!! Raz
  13. Are you doing brunch on Thursday, Friday or both? If on Friday, would you mind if I join you? Raz
  14. I would love to join you and meet everyone, but I'm not in until Thursday evening. Would you consider doing breakfast/brunch on Friday as well??? Raz
  15. No SHITE! I beg to differ with you Spot.... No SHITE! Raz
  16. razberry

    Room Rates Drop

    Hey there GALS, I have some good news!!! FYI..... I just phoned the LV Hilton to check on my reservation and was happy to find out that the room rates have dropped from $99/night to $79/night for a classic room! I don't know if this is across the board for all other room types, but I just felt like sharing. You can confirm this by phoning the Hilton. WOO-HOO It just keeps getting better and better!!!! Raz
  17. I too am arriving on Thursday. However, my flight gets in late in the evening. Any chance of meeting for breakfast? Looking forward to meeting all of you! Raz
  18. HOLY CRAP!!!!!! That looks amazing!!!!! Stick a fork in me ...I'm done!!!! Raz
  19. Man... I've been away from the boards for far too long!!!! And what do I see when I come back...??? Holy Shnikies!!!! Man, he can rock a white shirt like nobody's business!!!! Raz
  20. Wow, That sounds really interesting! I'm in!!!! Is anyone looking into doing a group booking? Raz
  21. razberry

    "O" anyone???

    Hey Gals, I am planning on taking in the Cirque Du Soleil show "O" at the Bellagio. I would be going on Sunday. There are two shows....7:30 and 10:30 pm. Tickets are as follows... Cat 1 $150.00 Cat 2 $125.00 Cat 3 $99.00 Cat 4 $93.50 (limited view) I am purchasing my seat in the Cat 1 section. (They look like the best seats in the house.) If you would like to check out any info reguarding the show, the Cirque website is www.cirquedusoleil.com. Any takers? Raz
  22. Blonde and Snap, You captured in words my feelings exactly! This is my first Vegas Con and I am soooo looking forward to it! You are right; it is a little frightening...but hey, I say LETS HAVE A GREAT ADVENTURE!!!! And I know GALS won't let me down!!! I look forward to meeting all of you deliciously fabulous GALS when I get there! So, I raise my Gerr-ita to you all and shout..... !!! Cheers Ladies!!!! Raz
  23. Hi GALS, Can someone tell me what the dress code is for Friday night? Saturday night is formal, right? Many thanks from a Vegas Virgin. Raz
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