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  1. Dear Gerry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best things in life and all the happiness and success in the world!!! Thankyou for all that you do and all that you are. May the road rise up to meet you . May the wind be always at your back. Lots of love, Raz XOXO
  2. Awww Jo. You need a big bear hug!!!!!.........from this guy... Made you smile! Raz
  3. *singing* VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!! Raz
  4. Well said Moira!!!! You going? Raz
  5. *clicking ruby shoes heels together* There's no place like Vegas...in June ...for the GB convention...... Raz
  6. Beauty of a review eh?! I'll raise my Molson Canadian to that!!!!! Raz from The Great White North
  7. A great review, but I'm just curious about something. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the money was stolen from Uri and not Cole. Uri is the one who is paying Cole for getting the paper work for the land deal cleared with no red tape. Doesn't Uri also get a second $7 million stolen and that is what tips him off that there is a mole somewhere which leads him to tail Stella? Isn't that how it goes down? If I'm wrong could you set me straight? I have only seen it once up to now.
  8. I got lost this afternoon......and found myself running around with a bunch of London thugs looking for a missing painting! After 114 minutes of shear thrills, spills, and side-splitting laughter, I managed to find my way back to my car and make it home safely! What an adventure!!!!! It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that kept me so enthralled and transported me into that London underworld! The term "suspension of disbelief" doesn't go far enough. I REALLY LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!! The entire cast works so well together; each and every performance was great!!! I loved our Gerry in this one and cannot wait to see it again! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE RUN (DON'T WALK) TO YOUR NEAREST THEATER AND SEE IT!!! GREAT JOB GERRY!!!!!!! Raz
  9. Domo arigato gozaimasu!!!!! Raz
  10. Keiko, The pix are great!!!! You are so good at keeping us Gals up to date with everything Gerry in Japan! Domo arigato gozaimasu! Raz
  11. Wow!!! The inside of Shin looks amazing! I'm getting hungry...... I love Korean food, but this... Dessert anyone???!!!!!
  12. nan, nan, nan, nan, naaaan...... Be the ball Gerry!!!!!........
  13. Gerry, You're golden! We have your back!!!! Much love and peace always, Raz XXX
  14. YOU'RE SO BAD Frannie!! both hands!!!!!!!!!! Well, when your sword is that big you need both hands to wield it!!!! (I gotta go..... )
  15. I wish the powers that be would hurry up and just wide release RNR.....all this teasing is getting me hot under the collar... (in more ways than one!!!)
  16. Tho I enjoyed watching the video... These "autograph hunters" are seriously getting on my nerves! You know, that autograph hunter who Gerry keeps blowing off sounds like the guy in that horrible pap video of Gerry walking down Robertson and getting mobbed by paps. I think he is the one who talks about "lollipops" and "I told him not to come this way first!". No wonder Gerry blows him off!!!! What an annoying little flea!!!!!!
  17. It's morning here and I still haven't picked myself up off the floor!!!! I still don't have the words!!!!...... You all know what I mean..... Let me just say.....
  18. Testing something out and it didn't work......
  19. Have you released the room code yet in order to book the convention room rate? Just double checking! Thanks, Raz
  20. razberry

    Our Gerry

    Joanna, He is so fabulous isn't he?! Have you seen The Jury? If you thought MM was great, wait until you see him in The Jury!!! His performance is mesmerizing!!!! Raz
  21. *snort* you said "spot" and "pee" in the same post!!! LOL
  22. OMG!!! I just peed my pants!!!! (because I was laughing sooooo hard!!!!!) DK, you are a riot!!!! I should know better than to sit down and read your posts without having extra pairs of clean underwear with me!
  23. OMG!!!! is right!!! I think I better get to the gutter...and fast!!! THAT WAS HOT!!!
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