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  1. I just stumbled across this post and thought that I would resurrect it. I would LOVE Gerry to sing.... "You Can Keep Your Hat On" by Joe Cocker to me!....right before Gerry grabs me and we....well, you get the picture!
  2. I would have to say.... A raisin scone with clotted cream and strawberry preserves on top. The scone is the foundation of this tasty treat. Full of goodness, it is incredibly delicious and wonderfully satisfying. Next comes the clotted cream; firm and with substance yet airy and light and sinfully dreamy. Lastly is the strawberry preserves on top; delightfully fruity and ooh sooo sweet!!! It's heavenly!!!
  3. Dane, Way to go!!!! Thankyou so much for sharing your pix and story with us! I feel like I am living "the dream" vicariously through you! Next time, take me with you.....please!?!
  4. I have a feeling I may get some flack over this, but here goes..... We don't know how sick Gerry really was, but IMHO I think that she should have gone ahead and shot the scene. Gerry was there on set and ready to go. Not to mention the other actors in the scene and the crew. Now again, I was not there and don't know what transpired, but to make the director "improvise" is, IMHO, not on! He has enough to worry about! I really like Thandie Newton, but this sounds a bit "diva". Gerry is a professional and this unfortunate circumstance was, quite frankly, par for the course! Now, back to your regularly scheduled viewing of Gerry!
  5. Lisa, Love your siggy!!! Maybe you should give him a nice, HOT, bubblebath!!! I've heard the best way to get rid of something is to SWEAT IT OUT!!! lmao
  6. Hey...I'd still makeout with him!!!!.....and then go and make him some chicken soup and nurse him back to health! But, that's just me!!!
  7. First of all, thankyou so much Chelle for the pix. You are always so quick to post and share with us all! Moira, you must have a golden horseshoe somewhere....you lucky GAL you!!! Thankyou for sharing your experience and pix with us all. They are great! I'm so glad that happened for you!!! I think lightening is going to strike twice for you in TO! Way to go and pleasant dreams of Gerry!!! Keep us posted from TIFF!
  8. Those are some good pics, but I do agree that the poor guy needs some privacy. He can't even have a quiet meal and do some work without the paps snapping away! *Or even check out that stunning brunette that walked passed without getting snapped!!! *LOL (Cute pic though!!)
  9. O...M...G...!!!!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!!! Thankyou Elizabeth! You just made my day!!!!
  10. That is hysterical!!!! I would have paid money to see that!!
  11. Do tell GD!!!! I'm all ears. (No, I haven't been there.)
  12. Those are great!!! Thanks so much for sharing them!
  13. VEGAS IS GONNA ROCK BABY!!! (I just hope that I get a place in line!!!)
  14. What do you mean..."OH, NO!!" Hey Jeanette, did you hear that?! Pilar, expect it when you least expect it! LOL
  15. I don't know if I missed it in another thread, but can anyone come along and is there a cap on the number of people that can attend? I would absolutly love to go and meet all of you! I have never done anything like this before ...but hey...its Gerry and his GALS right?!
  16. Yes, I have seen his arse! No wonder he grabbed it!
  17. I love Gerry full- out of a suit!.....I mean in a full-out suit. (I think I will go home to the gutter now....)
  18. Moira, You lucky GAL!!!! Have a great time! Say "HI" to Gerry from us all if he is there!!!
  19. You got that right!!! We just watched this on movie chat on Saturday night and all of us were in awe of the spectacle that is 300! This is one of my all time favorite movies. And yes the scene at the end is brilliant! Especially, the line where Leo is dying and looks to the heavens and says"my queen, my wife, my love". That gets me every time! (I'm getting veclempt just thinking about it!)
  20. I would love to go, but I'm right in the thick of it at that time. I hope you meet him. Take lots of pics! Are any of us Canadian GALS thinking of going to Vegas? I'm seriously thinking about it!!!
  21. How's it goin' eh? (Don't you just love Bob and Doug McKenzie!?!) I just stumbled across this thread! WOW! Talk about representing Canada!!! Hello to my fellow Canucks! I'm a born and bred prairie gal from Calgary! It's so great to meet others from across this great land of ours and be all connected by our love for one thing...GERRY!!! What a big, beautiful boy he is! I look forward to chatting with all of you.
  22. That does it! I'm a goner! Anyone have any smelling salts? That's a bad girl's sweetest dream right there! Sweet Jesus! The apartment is absolutely gorgeous, I can so see him there! Right now I can SO see him in that shower, all steamy and wet, water running down his perfect chest onto his perfect stomach...downward, downward... Whoops...I just fell off my chair again and into the gutter! You know, I might as well just stay in the gutter.......OMG, that shower though..... Yes you and meet me in the SHOWER!!!!!
  23. Thanks so much Keisann! What is the article about? The title has me intrigued.
  24. Ladies, is this open to everyone? I've only been on the boards for a few months and would love to go. Do you book rooms on your own or can we share with others? I've never done anything like this before so I'm a little curious how this works. Is anyone going from Calgary, Canada?
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