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  1. Host of Cougar Chat Radio, Mondays at 9pm EST. Cougarchatradio dot com!

  2. FABULOUS!! See you all very soon! xoxo
  3. Thanks!! I'll be there the 7th thru the 13th. Was going on the 11th anyway. Just decided to extend it.
  5. Unfortunately it appears he's being stereotyped into the alpha male, bada$$ role. I do hope this changes. He has so much more to give. But, maybe like Sean Connery (*sigh!*) he'll just get better with age!!
  6. Can I just say the words "Starbucks" and "Gerry B" in the same sentence makes me wanna....!!! Where's my hubby???!
  7. I liked LAC the most so far. Am looking forward to his flick with Aniston to see how he does with a superstar co-star. I was not a huge fan of Nim's Island or TUT. I liked Rock-N-Rolla but it was difficult to understand. JMO! Hugs!
  8. Alas, I cannot make it. My brother gets married one of the first two weekends of June and hubs is playing at the WSOP in Vegas on June 10-12. I guess I COULD stay the entire week but I don't have that much moolah!! But it is a blast! For those of you who haven't gone before, you should! Later!!
  9. I'm sry, All. I tend to do that. *spanks self*
  10. ^evil maniacal giggle^ I look forward to Landa's cookies just as much as Holly's Stand-up! You don't e v e n want to know the pleasure I got from eating Gerry! I know RIGHT?! I licked him for quite a while before *a-hem!* biting him!
  11. Yes, Landa has great "cookies"!!!
  12. Ohhh! Sorry. Must've been another Landa. NOT!!
  13. Hi! I'm Jenny!! (top left pic is me)
  14. You hiding it from dear ole' hubby??! You are SOOO funny! Get this chick a mike. Oh why thanks!! *Jenny takes a bow* I just remember Landa saying, "Greg's gonna kill her!!" Ha!!
  15. And the center that you have to scoop out with your tongue ... OK I have been avoiding this thread ... but really, Gerry IS delicious all on his own. I think Gerry is more down to earth and is just a good old Scottish meal ... like a delicious Shepherds Pie, c**k-A-Leekie Soup, and Scottish Tablet. I think he's more down-home Scottish than anything else. Lisa KB....? Move this to the gutter. Ha!!
  16. Ok seriously?? This needs to be a Gutter thread. It already sounds like it! Ha!
  17. You hiding it from dear ole' hubby??!
  18. Yep I'm in. Did I miss a post of what time on Friday? Thanks!!
  19. Hidey ho!! Hubs and I come in Thurs and stay thru Monday. Tickets were cheaper that way. PM me if you want my cell#. HUGS to all!!
  20. Hi there! I don't need a roommate but I know someone who does. Please post here if you are still needing a roommate. Thanks!!
  21. Jenny

    Traveling Companion

    I'm flying out of Raleigh, NC...probably on Wednesday, June 24. Anyone going that way? We can fly out together direct to Vegas.
  22. Ditto Libby! Esp. when I only spent a few hours IN IT!! I enjoyed dinner with you! Hugs!
  23. This was taken at the Star Trek restaurant. Can't believe I didn't get a pic of the drink with dry ice! That was cool. I'm pretty sure people at our table got some freaky drinks. Anyone have pics? I was boring - I got a beer! Certainly looking forward to '09!
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