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    GERRY! *LOL*
    Art, cooking, real estate investing, meditation, reading, surfing Internet, travel, and my two miniature schnauzers... Puck and Murdock. *G*

    email me at: nanlynn.artist@gmail.com

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  1. Nan, Where are you???

  2. hi there,how are you?

  3. Loved the song!!! How wonderful it must be to put your feelings to music.
  4. Sue... *sniff* That is just beautiful! I love your pics of your memorial... And the scriptures that you chose... Perfect. *sob-sniff-sob*
  5. Can I have my "Gerrita" with whipped cream on top?! I like to lick it off... slowly.
  6. NanLynn

    Gamer DVD

    I'm soooooo going to watch that on "on demand" tonight!!! Just got home a couple of days ago... Can't wait to catch up on all of the Gerry loot!!! God, I missed being here!
  7. That is just beautiful!!! I love it!!! Speaking of loving things... Gerry Duty I love your siggy!!! The best of both worlds!!!! Yowza!!!!
  8. I would love to see him appear... in front of me... *Nan waves her magic wand in the air* "Abra-Gerr-Pokus"!!!! I will be in Philly this week... Maybe it will work better there! Or maybe I just need to get this wand fixed??? *wink*
  9. I am loving all of these fun little tid bits you are giving us on this movie!!!
  10. Can't wait to see this movie... Should be awesome!!
  11. Nice! Thanks for the article... nice to know what is going on when I am out on the road!! Have to look it up, since I will be in Philly this week. *G*
  12. Thanks everyone! I sure miss being home... Especially tonight... I'm freezing my arse off!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Could be at home in front of a warm fire, relaxing with my thoughts... *sigh*
  13. I miss you too, Sue!!! I would love to be here more... I will be home again at the end of March... *sigh* So... Gerry... The condo is open for your use!!! *wink* Thanks, Ren, I love my home... Especially the inside... It is all comfortable and warm with deep rich earth tones. So beautiful... I miss being there! Here... Let me show off my design techniques.... Enjoy!!!
  14. Private homes... No jesting here... I would love it if Gerry would use my home, since I am gone for about 8-12 weeks at at time! Of course I would love it if I was there when he was... But I would love for him to use it! So, Gerry, if you are reading this, the offer is good! Have a great condo in Ohio... Even comes with an SUV! Seriously ... no one would know you where there! For the rest of you... Get your minds out of the gutter! *looking stern*
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