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  1. I didn't see this until recently too. And I am going to say that YES! I can handle Gerry the way he is because he is real and doesn't apologize for it! I can imagine getting in a fight with him though because I have a temper too. That latest video I saw frosted my hide and I would probably have gotten in trouble if I had been there. I could take great pleasure in getting in the way of the cameras.
  2. That is just so ridiculous...I would love to know the percentage of rumors like this that have any truth to them at all. On this one the only truth I can imagine would be that he might have been at that location. And anyway, if he did say something like that I would laugh and gaze adoringly into his eyes. Cheesy lines or not.
  3. I've seen this now 3 or 4 times I think. What really shocked me is that I cried more during this movie then any other in my life. I'm not an easy crier during movies so I was thinking that maybe the reason was because it was Gerry. That has to be it, it broke my heart.
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