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  1. Hi Gals I wake up to see this fantastic surprise: our trip to Bonnie Scotland goes on!!! ... and we have new friends on board, welcome !!! I can take care of the fire Girls... but no stilettos, no dress, not one???... are you sure? we need to be ready for any occasion... ... we might need to attend a party in a luxury castle
  2. My Gals... it is a pity this trip has to end ... and damn it but I cannot attend the chat because I will be scuba diving grrrrr!!!!.... maybe we could extend the trip and start a second thread I was laughing out loud wit the golf stories GreenEyes/RandomLanda... I would chose to take pics too because I really suck at golf ... what a cutie golf car Nay, you always find the cutiest things
  3. 30 minutes? I didn't notice... I guess we checked into Gals at about the same time even living in the antipodes Gosh Nay I should read the small letter next time ... I am not sure about that "little something" I wish you enjoy MY chocolate and MY stiff drink ... if I have a say, make it dark chocolate please 70% would do Katie, hope everything is OK in your life. My best wishes for you, a big bear hug and a *guest* welcome to this beautiful trip! Thanks girls for the congrats pamelajane, I forgot to answer your question about Brittany (Armorica, yes! wo
  4. Hey Nay! I love challenges and well chocolate is a great reward to start me ... I sent you that pm, hope it is correct
  5. Yups... that Whisky Trail sounds fantastic. We should get some handsome and beautiful drivers to do the route though ... because I want to taste a little bit in each distillery (hey! I must decide which whisky I should take back home as a souvenir... and one must take these things very very seriously). Greeneyes... is this misterious hitch-hiker available to drive the car?? (by the way, I had a fantastic vacation in Brittaly, thanks for asking)
  6. I wouldn't go to theaters to watch all of Gerry's films, only the ones I think I would probably like (I did it with PSILY and I will do it with R&R). But I would rent the other movies to have the chance to check Gerry's work. And if I do not like the film very much I have no problem in using the remote control to forward it... I did it with Dracula and I would do it again . Only if I really loved the film I would buy it. I am not a person that usually watches a film time after time. I have only done this very few times... and Dear Frankie is one of those films I own and have seen more
  7. If I would have to chose just one word I would say "passionate"
  8. Hey Gals! Thank you so much for your concern... you are so sweet . I am fine and so are my friends and family. Terrible news in fact, about 150 people died in the air crush. What amazes me after seeing the images of the accident is how 26 people could still survive. It is true that more people die on the roads every year but a plane crush is far more impressive and scary. I come back from my vacation to see you have been having a fantastic time. I missed you girls. You have been to amazing places . It is a pity I missed that diving experience because I read that on one dive it is possi
  9. I totally relate to that I love how he analyzes himself and is able to see he is getting lost and how he manages to get back on track. Thanks for the article GreenEyes
  10. That woman is lucky for being between those two... and she is very very tall!!!
  11. Hi Gals I am on vacation in Brittany - France (Nay, Pamela not Scotland this year, finally, couldn't get affordable plane tickets ). Another celtic region truely beautiful, I highly recommend it for lovers of celtic stuff . I cannot have internet access very easily (today the first day out of four I found an internet cafe). So girls, unfortunately I cannot follow closely this Bonnie Scotland journey... what a pity! , S'bird, Nay, Greeneyes; pamela... I miss you girls. I will have to keep up with the thread when I get bqck home... and probably you will need another car chick for this week.
  12. That night out at Hootananny is gonna be fantastic! I will drink one pint (maybe half pint) of each type of beer ... and after this I might join 'Bird in those live sessions... ... I'd better not think in next day likely hangover Glad you love the new cars ladies, we are going to become spoiled testing so many deli sport cars
  13. Hey Gals! On vacation but been terribly busy... I am exhausted!. Trying to keep up now with all the novelties. And thinking about the new cars. Let me come back later with my suggestions ETA: I saw the vintage Vespas... classy great choice!. It reminds me of the film Roman Holiday with the adorable Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck Hi there! Just for future consideration, gals, I think is about time to try a rampant horse. I would suggest a Ferrari California 2009 convertible http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb305/a...arigt128002.jpg http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb305/a...
  14. Thanks Luv for the vid of Beautiful Girls, that film is awesome About Gerry's women being gorgeous, modelesque... it makes sense to me. He is gorgeous, smart and funny. Sure he has not problems meeting women. If we had the same options than Gerry we would also want it all: gorgeous looking, funny, full of personality, smart... We are assuming that those ladies he has been associated with or been photographed with are not smart because they are models. This assumption is as negative as assuming that all Gerry's fans are old or heavy weighted. We women should deffend each other not pull us d
  15. Great pics, thanks for sharing I love to see back his beautiful eyes smiling and his gorgeous smile. He radiates. When I see him happy my heart just warms a little more ... ... This man should be considered an alternative energy source, you know, biomass, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal... and GERRY ... he warms souls and ahemmm... bodies :D
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