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  1. Nan, Where are you???

  2. Hi Aussiegirl, Today I think Jennifer Austin and Gerry finialized the cast for the new movie they will be working on. The movie GAME, the name has been changed to Citizen GAME. It's rumored that he is now home to rest up a bit, which is a good thing, he's looking a little pooped out. take care sunbeach
  3. It is good to know he's home, the poor guy is lookin a bit tired, I hope he gets some rest sunbeach
  4. Thanks for the post, he looks like he's have a great time sunbeach
  5. GUESS NO NEWS ON ANY MORE FILMING OF LAC..NOT SURE WHERE GERRY IS BUT HEADING TO NYC..WOULD BE NICE TO GET A SIGHTING AND NOT EXPECT IT............. I did hear somewhere, they are wrapping up, maybe he will head home to NYC, DTK will be going on end of the month, pray to the gods, he will wear a KILT again, great legs, if he shows up or is asked to be in the show... yea baby www.gerrylicious.com
  6. I'm sure he's at home in NY over the weekend, i hope he takes a couple of days for himself, looks like his schedule to going to be pretty heavy this year Thanks for the post sunbeach
  7. Thanks Barb for the post, can't wait to see pictures in the future and I hope interviews sunbeach
  8. I love him clean shaven, and long hair, but, I do have to say that he doesn't have that laugh in his eyes, maybe he was just tired, or nervous, who knows, I do have to agree with Lisa, I'm not diggin the make up his bod is still looking great sunbeach
  9. Welcome Angels, enjoy and have fun sunbeach
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