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  1. Simply perfection...messy hair or not. Love the beach look. The photo of him looking sideways sitting on the surfboard, that look reminds me of a scene from Atilla when he was on a horse without a shirt on. I think it was in the movie or in the extras on the dvd. Think back ladies... I hope he has a great vacation.
  2. Thanks Stuart for sharing with us GALS. Gerry looks relaxed and hope he has a joyful holiday with his family. Have Mercy
  3. Barbara, your photos were great, thank you so much for sharing them. Will look forward to your next photo post. Have Mercy
  4. Barbara, Glad you are back home safely and Earl left us along here on the east coast. So wonderful you went to Scotland and had such a fantastic time. I too will be looking to see some of your photos. I bet it was so beautiful and amazing you probably didn't want to leave! Have Mercy
  5. Cooking in a galley kitchen. We'd have to keep bumping into each other because of tight quarters or reaching over each other to get to different items on the counter. Could be fun all that reaching and bumping. LOL!
  6. Barbara quite the collection, right down to the magazine rack. You have it done perfectly. Love it. I'd never leave that fantastic room! Now you are giving me ideas for my little home office! My plan was to do it up with of course the Gerry movie posters I have collected, my "300" mini autographed poster that I won from Warner Bros, and mixing in framed photos of other actors/movies posters/singers. I am an old movie buff, love Gary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, etc. But now seeing your office, I think I will keep it all Gerry!!!! I'm sure I have enough collected to cover a few walls. LOL!
  7. I remember talking about some books I read during my preteen years during the summer vacations with a character by the name Romona. And how I loved those books, while relaxing in the summer breezes. I had asked if anyone remembered any of these books. Watching Regis and Kelly this morning....John Corbin (from Sex and the City) was a guest and was talking about a new movie..."Ramona and Bemis" he is in and I guess it will be out soon in the theaters. Well my goodness...only took 40 years, but a movie has been made based on one of those books. I'll be!
  8. Haven't been by in a while. So I'm stopping in to say Hello to all. Judy Oregon must be beautiful. Hi Barbara, hope your summer is going well. Yes it is hot here too! My lawn has turned to some yellow crunchy stuff, even my dog doesn't like to walk on it. I've had a bad cold for almost 2 weeks so haven't felt like doing too much. Rented the Bounty Hunter over the weekend and watched it twice. My office relocated and now I am working from home. Going bonkers staying in the house so much. I look forward to the cool breezes of fall! Have Mercy
  9. Loved the article too. Thanks for sharing with us. Agree with all...top notch acting in Atilla and the Jury...loved him in Jury. He sures plays emotions super! Have Mercy
  10. Wow this is wonderful. Please enter me for the Bounty Hunter T-Shirt and the Architectural Digest. Thanks so much. Have Mercy
  11. Great job, loved your video...wanted more more more!
  12. Just stopping in to say hello to everyone. You all sound so excited about Vegas....I wish you all a fantastic time!
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