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  1. Hi... i hope he still wears Jo Malone.... i was just in Vegas in May and I bought some just because he wears it....the stuff is awesome! It smells soooo goood!!!!
  2. :dancer: dude I cant wait for this one to come out. it looks like a really good movie!!!! TONi*
  3. just checking my siggy and avatar...but who dont love Gerry!!
  4. As for me.... I will admit, I have never "known" anyone quite like Gerry... and he has challenged many of my conceptions about what is acceptable, or even charming behavior. That said, I now know without reservation, that I can and do accept those rougher edges of his blustery, charming and irresistible personality. Plain and simple, I adore the man as he is, and would never want him to change or conform to mine or anyone else's standards. I totally agree here. He seems to be a unique individual...hes goofy, funny, but yet he can be an a$$; flipping the finger, which i think is directed toward the paparazzi, whom probably deserve it! Watching him during interviews...he makes me laugh because of how he conducts himself. It don't matter...everyone is different and had their pluses and minuses! Gerry IS the MAN! GERRY!!! TONi*
  5. VEGAS '09???? ooohhhh I can't wait!!!!! TONi*
  6. Gerry looks very different...that hair! THe suit looks very nice, but I'm nit too sure I like him dressed up...rather dressed down. TONi*
  7. I want Gerry's bracelets!!!!!!!!
  8. First of all I was heading to the theater to just "go watch any move" i chose P.S. I Love You because it was the only one there that I hadn't watched yet and was sorta skeptical about it. I hadn't discovered Gerry prior to this, mind you. I knew the first 10 minutes into the movie that it was going to be good. But my favorite scene with Gerry? That's tough....I'm gonna have to say when he was....ahhh I'm sorry I just can't decide...I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! I cried I bet 7 times throughout that movie. First time I cried at a theater movie!! Since it has come out on DVD I have watched it probably 10 or more times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello Gerry Juice Lovers! Sounds like we are concerned about what kind of woman Gerry is into....thats funny! Just look at pictures of who he has gone out with ans you will know what his type is...furthermore I wish his type was just "female"..if you know what I mean. Being Gerry fans we know lots about him; we could pass class with an A in Gerryology. right? he has green/grey eyes, but look blue sometimes is scottish, but is of irish descent has style is funny, i think extremely georgeous; i speak for all on that one! went to school for a lawyer lead singer of a band called Speed has a pug named Liloita ...just a few to add to your list TONi*
  10. Sorry, have not heard anything, but I have heard that he does yoga for relaxation. TONi*
  11. Hummm..so none of ya wonder what brand clothing he wears??? Am i the only goofball then?? I have a bunch of bracelets that i wear that i change out everyday. i even went out and bought a silver link bracelet like he wears , but its from Tiffany and Co. Quite expensive that was, but i bought it when i was in Vegas last month. I believe he gets some of his jewelry from Nagual Designs and one bracelet from Wright & Teague based in London. Thanks for the replys peeps!!! Keep them coming!!!! TONi*
  12. Hello are you Gerry fans!!! I was just wondering if any of you inquire about Gerry's bracelets.....do you wear bracelets like he does? Another thought do you wonder what brand names in clothing he wears??? Well I do. Just wondering if any of you are in the same boat as me....drop a line to see if the boat fills up! See ya later! A Gerry Juice Fan
  13. I have a question.....if we are to get the bookmark and key chains, and you are going to mail them to us....don't you need our addresses???? Or am I that goofy that you already have them when we signed up?
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