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  1. Knight Phantom, my book, "The Phantom's Redemption" has no graphic sex, it is just a beautiful love story where Erik finds someone who will love him. It is on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Anne
  2. Hi Andrea, Your little boys are adorable. And so neat to have a next generation of Phantom devotees. Which shows the Music of the Night will never end. I love red hair. I made my heroine in my book "The Phantom's Redemption" a redhead as I always wanted to have hair that colour. Mine is just a mousy brown!!! But at almost age 69, most of it is still brown so I guess I should than the good Lord for that. Like most others who have written Phan Phic I am dreaming I am that heroine.Erik's love, of course!! Anne
  3. I just watched it again. it has been two years for me since I first saw it and I have already lost count of how many times I have watched it. That is to say nothing of when I don't have time for the whole movie, I load one into my computer and play my favorite parts. Anne
  4. Without a doubt, POTO is IT for me. I just watched it again last night for the ????th time since I found it in 2008, just about 2 years for me now. I have lost count, but I still get chills when I watch Erik. Now if you want to count the times i have played parts of the movie scenes on the computer, well, that would equal ????more times-LOL. I usually just watch the parts with HIM Has there ever been anything like it? not for me since I first saw a movie in black and white in the forties. I thank God every day for DVD's so I can watch it whenever I want.Forever Erik-always my love. Anne
  5. II have to say, YES, it was definitely POTO. I had seen "Attila" on TV several years before I saw POTO (in 2008) at home since I don't get out much. I don't remember Gerry- just that I liked the movie a lot. Sorry gals, I am afraid I committed a mortal sin here. . When I saw POTO though, my first reaction was "Who is that gorgeous man?" I do not follow celebs much at all. I don't know half of the names on many of the TV shows I watch. I am not impressed by fame, fortune or any of those things. But it was the performance which got to me I have never seen a movie before or since which affected me this way. I actually fell in love with Erik. He was something special to me, he crawled into my heart and has remained there ever since. My home is a POTO shrine, only POTO. I have at least 300 photo's dwnloaded from POTO. Nothing in all my 68 years ever hit me this way. I even wrote a book because my heart ached so for Erik that I wanted him to find someone who loved him after she left. No, I am not one who feels they eventually E&C got together. I don't like the plot for LND, and I will always think of Erik as I wrote him. I am sure many other authors fel the same way, because we potrayed him the way we love him. Anne
  6. I have to agree- Gerry's performance as the Phantom was the most terrific of all his performances that I have seen. it was a performance from the heart, and he really felt all the Phantom was suffering, which made his portrayal so beautiful. I never saw Erik as an evil person. I have read the book, and I found sympathy even for Leroux' Phantom. How many of us cold cope with looking like that and being treated like that. I know as a fat person how badly and cruelly I have been treated. I wrote my book feeling there was more to the Phantom than evil, meanness, anger, cruelty, etc. I gave him a chance at redemption. A few readers have not liked my version. That is their choice. I also don't like reading about a mean cruel Erik. I don't think that was Gerry's idea with his portrayal, and since the movie is the one I love so much, I find his Erik someone very special. Anne
  7. Today, I was written up in the local paper. The article is about writing my book, "The Phantom's Redemption", what drove me to write my first book at my age. Also how much I love POTO and how it has changed my life. There are some mistakes-Bawled is spelled another wrong way-Yikes!!!_ and a couple of things were changed a bit like my Arab horse's colour as well as Phantom's horse in my book, which is black, not "beige"(it was supposed to be bay)LOL. Anyway, if you would like to read the article, the link is: http://www.highspringsherald.com/articles/...news/news02.txt Anne
  8. They also won the US national gold medal which is an automatic ride to the Olympics. It starts Feb. 12th and I can't wait. I love the Winter Olympics best and can't wait to see them skate to Phantom again. Actually, although they used MC's voice in MOTN, they did use the theme from the movie and also some of the ending (orchestral) from the movie. Everytime POTO is used it also helps out wonderful Phantom Erik (Gerry) too. Anne
  9. You are SOOOO lucky. This has been the dream of my heart ever since I first saw Phantom on TV April 2008-to see him on the big screen. When I published my book, I went to the little theater in my small town nearby and tried to get them to show it and they said they would not do it. I was heartbroken. My beautiful Erik on a 30 ft. screen. I can't travel very far, so it would have to be in the city 30 miles close to me in order to see it. Anne
  10. Just a reminder that my new book, "The Phantom's Redemption" which humanized Erik and brings out his hidden gentler side is available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. He finds a special woman who does not care about his face or his past and can love him for himself. There is also a wonderful warm family which takes Erik into their bosom and treats him as their own. It is full of great horses and dogs and I hope you might consider it for a gift. Thanks, Anne
  11. Hi Natalia, I have been here quite a while but when the POTO threads got slim, I found other places too. POTO and Erik are my heart and I never get tired of talking about him. Anne
  12. Funny you should ask, Tracy. I used a grandson of M. Reyer in my book. A fictional one I suppose as I made up the first naem. However, I did read something in one of my many Phantom musings , I think on Wikipedia, where it listed M. reyer as a real person and conductor ther at the opera. Anne
  13. Deb, thank you so much for the beautiful posts. I know how you would feel. being that close to Erik- I will never go, at leat not in this life but I can dream. And your post made it come alive. Erik has been a part of my heart for the past year and 1/2 since I first saw POTO, and it only gets more so as time passes. Anne
  14. Natalie, it is so wonderful to still find latecomers to POTO. I was one. I did not see it until April of 2008. I was totally blown away. At my age, I never thought to see a movie that would hit me the way this one did. I was hooked from the time he was leading Christine to the lair, and I fell in love with Erik when she unmasked him. Cry???I cried not just watching it, but for days afterwards. I watched it 3 times in 4 days on Hallmark, then bought two copies, the wide screen for the extra disc, in which Gerry sings the hauntingly beautiful "No One Would Listen" on an extra disc. Why ALW did not include it we will never know, but it is recorded there for posterity, Thank the good Lord. What a song. And the words will make you cry too. I then bought a full screen one because I don't have a wide screen TV! This movie so moved me that I felt I had to find someone for Erik, so I wrote a book. At my old age I became a published author al because of Gerry's stunning performance as the Phantom. I hope you might comsider reading my book. The info is listed at the bottom of the page and on my personal page is my book web page. I wish you many many years of enjoying this one of a kind, spectaculay, hauntingly beautiful and "Should have won Oscars" film. Anne
  15. This is for the many of you who I know loved the movie. There is a catalogue i found today which has some replica items for sale from the "300" movie. In it are: 1. King Leonidas Miniature Sword and Helmet display piece-$95 2.Spartan Helmet Ring in Sterling Silver-$89 3."300" ring in Sterling Silver with "300" in red enamel-$89 4. King Leonidas pendant in bronze and comes in collector box with a Spartan shield cover. $49 Noble Collection-www.noblecollection.com POTO is my true love, but I know many of you are crazy for "300" so this is for you. Enjoy. Hugs Anne
  16. Thank you AOM for this very interesting Post. Although I saw Gerry's movie before reading Leroux' book, I did have an introduction to Phantom early in my life when I saw the 1943 version. Strangely, I never forgot it, and always felt sympathy for the Phantom portrayed therein. So it was not strange that Gerry's portrayal really took my breath away. He was able to bring the feelings of Erik so beautifully to the fore and I was mesmerized the first time I saw it and every time since. I never tire of it. I even found some sympathy for Leroux' Erik. what a horrible thing he was put through by the people in his life. Having my own issues with weight, I deeply can sympathize with someone who finds themselves rejected by someone they love. Too many people only look at the outside of a person, but Gerry enabled us to see inside the Phantom, and how much he suffered during his sad life. Of course this is why I felt compelled to write a book finding closure for him because I so deeply cared for this character that Gerry created myself, and therefore wanted terribly for him to find happiness. It is wonderful to see how this one book has created so many movies, plays books and friendships throughout the years. leroux should be proud. Anne
  17. I always thought that the ring in Leroux' book was a gold wedding band. And I often wondered how Christine was to know the Phantom had died down in the lair? Who would rell her? Mme. Giry. Anyway the whole ring thing is rather convoluted and a bit strange in my opinion. I changed it a bit in my book and had Erik return it to her when she had a daughter. Anne
  18. I found this picture in the local paper recently, and was stunned at the resemblance between him and Gerry's Phantom. http://i668.photobucket.com/albums/vv46/An...ntom/Scan12.jpg I would love to see how some of the rest of ylu feel. I was amazed at the hair and the nose. It could almost be our Phantom's double IMHO. But it is actually Bela Lugosi as Dracula. Anne
  19. Here is another reply from Pilar who just finished it. It brought me to tears.: I wanted to post my thoughts here, so guests can see this, too. I first heard of this gem in my hangout down below with other fellow Erik lovers. It was just a quick blurb before we went on to our fantasizing of all things Phantom. LOL! It was then I decided to purchase "The Phantom's Redemption," and I'm so glad I did..... I have read a few other Phantom stories....versions of what happens to Erik after he walks through that shattered mirror. However, none of those versions have captured my heart...until Anne's .... Without giving too much away....I was enthralled from the first page until the last. I laughed, cried, gasped out loud, yelled at her characters and shook with real pain after it ended. Not because it was an unhappy ending....but for this story ending at all. I wanted it to go on forever. Anne's love for Erik is evident in every page. However, it's her stunning descriptions and her style of writing that hooked me. Her use of real historic events as backdrop to Erik's story, in addition to characters of real depth and real emotion was such a pleasure to read. Her love of Erik, animals, faith and romance were all interwoven flawlessly into a rich tapestry of storytelling. There is a character named Michael who I absolutely fell in love with! I actually heard his booming voice and knew what he smelled like. That is the magic of a gifted writer. Her story is gorgeous and filled with rich, heart stopping imagery. She created a true family dynasty and wonderful characters surounding the core characters. But it's the little moments that I loved the most. Anne, there is a small passage where Erik is getting the bridal suite ready and you described how he always loved to be surrounded by light....despite him living in darkness. How he loved the candles all around him.....and how it brought him comfort when he was all alone. I wept at that scene because I knew that about him, too. Or how he loved to brush his lady's hair every night....or their gallops into the open land together where they found their "secret place" to be alone. I heard the horses hooves and I heard their laughter. She also brought out his kindness and gentleness...all traits I saw in him from the beginning. I told Anne how mine and the heroine's name in the book are very similar, so it was very easy for me to love her. Kids, this woman will brand herself into your heart and stay there a long time. All of us who fell under Erik's spell want to see him warm and safe....and above all....loved. Well, Anne does that....in spades. She made Erik come alive for me in a very real way. She also tied up every loose end (at least for me) in a very believable fashion. I loved this book and I will read it many more times. Her version of Erik is just beautiful. You want a believable and highly enjoyable story of what happens to our Erik after that night? Then walk, don't run into Amazon and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. Anne, it was a true pleasure to read this story. Thank you for giving Erik the happy and full life he so richly deserved. I love him. Pil Thank you so much, dear Pilar. You made my day and I am so happy you loved my version of Erik's future. Anne
  20. I am so glad that I keep seeing new people who are still finding this beautiful and so wonderful movie. I thought I was one of the last still living in a cave when I first saw it in April 2008. But they still keep coming. More and more, showing that this magnificent movie was not a momentary thrill but an actual classic even now. I was mesmerized when I first saw it and asked me how I could let this gem slip me by, even though I don't get out much to movies. However, seeing it three times in four days, i was hooked. I was stunned at Pahntom's left side handsomness when he took Christine to the lair, asking myself, "who is this man?" but I was like so many others who truly fell for Erik when he was unmasked during PONR. That was when the true Erik came out, not the hidden one behind the mask. And I agree. As a person who has a degree in music, Gerry definitely can sing. For some reason I found him perfect for this role, able to show the gentle lover, the hurt of rejection, and the anger of rejection. He nailed it all, so perfectly that I found myself with a stomach ache and in tears when it was over, so much did his feelings enter into my own heart. Obsessed?? I guess so. Erik has become a part of my life. If having pictures and posters of Erik all over my home is obsessed. If wanting to find someone to love him so much that I sat down at age 67 last year and began a book where he finds someone and is now published, then yes, I am obsessed. My only sorrow is that I did not ever see it until 2008. I missed so much with the sites where I could have communed with other Phans who have felt the same way. At first I thought I was a bit crazy!!! But I know now that it is not the case. This movie did something to me that no other movie ever has, it changed my life, gave me something to do rather than sit and brood in my wheelchair. I will forever be grateful to Joel for suggesting Gerry for the role as I don't feel that anyone else could have done it the same. Since the 1950's my favorite movies have been "The Ten Commandments" and "Ben-Hur." They have now been replaced with POTO, the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. Anne
  21. I thought you all might like to read this review of a reader of my book. Hi again Spartandax, Just thought I'd let you know that I finished the book this past weekend and that I loved it. It is such a very beautiful follow-up to the movie. For me, it was hard to put down and continue later, but had to when real life interfered. I love your version of what happened to the Phantom afterwards. It was heartwarming to read of how he found acceptance, found a woman who was not repulsed by his scarred face but saw his inner beauty, and the role faith played in his life, for he was truly redeemed by God's love. And Mouse and the other dogs - so cute in their devotion to Erik. I liked that it had Erik's point of view of some of the scenes we saw in the movie and what happened in his childhood. I want to read it again, so I put it into my to be read pile. I am so glad that I bought this book. My heart was so touched reading it. I went to the Barnes and Noble site, where I bought the book, and rated the book. With warm regards, gerryforever This kind reader also rated it 5***** on Barnes and Noble's book site. Thank you Gerryforever for the great review. Anne(author) Spartandax
  22. Liisa, I thought I was the last one to see POTO. I saw it for the first time in April of 2008 on TV. My dream is to see it on the big screen before I croak. However, I still think it is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. I never tire of watching it. I would suggest you buy it rather than rent it, as you will want to watch it over and over again. Anne
  23. My book, the Phantom's Redemption is out now. It is already available on Barnes & Noble!!Soon on amazon too. My webpage is http://www.outskirtspress.com/thephantomsredemption. I hope you will read it and especially that you will like it. Sincerely, Anne Love that Phantom
  24. I "met" Erik last April, 2008 and have not been the same since. I was depressed, in almost constant pain, and just living to be there when I saw it for the first time. By the end, I was hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Phantom that GB created. Especially my unmasked Erik He touches my heart like no other ever has. He is a separate person to me, so skillful was GB's protrayal. I have written a novel which is coming out very soon, my whole house is covered with pictures of POTO(my friends look at me weirdly) and I spend time every day keeping up with several Phantom sites so I can just talk Phantom. My anti-depressants have been halved, my anger issues are almost gone, and I credit this beautiful film which I have watched Heaven knows how many times in the changes in my life. Since the 1950's my all time favorite movies were "Ben-Hur" and "The Ten Commandments". Not any more. Our beautiful Phantom now holds that coveted spot forevermore as i doubt there will ever be another like him. Anne
  25. Let me add my to this program. I have blogged and listened to it both times and it is great. If you love the Phantom as much as I do you will really enjoy it. Remember to be sure to correct the time. I added wrong and got the wrong time the first time and had to listen to the re-run. Anne
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