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  1. Try "Outskirts Press". They are publishing my book, "The Phantom's Redemption" and also published another Phantom book, "Into the Light." They have many different packages and all sorts of add ons, so you can go with your budget pretty close. This is from someone who is considered poor- by gov't standards. So you can decide what you want. I wish you luck. Debbie, who wrote "ITL" helped me. Anne
  2. Since I never saw a play, I did not feel right in answering at first. I heard some video's of MC and thought his voice was a bit tinny. I have always loved Gerry's voice, even though I am a classical trained musician and he is not. There is just something so special about how he gets his whole heart into the Phantom role and into the songs. Definitely a baritone is Gerry, and much better suited for Phantom. But this, well it renews my first impression, his voice is perfect for this role. Anne
  3. Dear Gals, My book, "The Phantom's Redemption" is in the printing process and should be out in several weeks. It is an Erik/other woman fiction, as I have never felt Christine loved him or was right for him. It is not graphic, just a beautiful love story between two very special people. I will tantalize with a short excerpt from the "Prologue." While I, Leana Marianne O'reilly was content, living with a loving family, on our farm a few hours from Paris, unknown to me, a man was in the deepest throes of suffering beneath the Opera House there. He had recently lost the only woman he had ever loved and because of a strange disfigurement on the side of his face, he was fast accepting the fact that he would be alone and lonely the rest of his life. One day, this man came into my life and I learned a sad tale of man's inhumanity to man, of many sinful deeds and the redemption of a lost soul. The first time I laid eyes on him as he lay near death on a bed in our guest room, I felt a strange unknown pull towards this man. He was sick, feverish, and shivering with cold and also one side of his face was horribly disfigured. I hope I have tantalized you a bit and you will be willing to read my book when it come out. Thank you, Spartandax (Anne. B. Caluwaert, author)
  4. It better have been there It's my # 1. I also love some old movies. Song of Scheherazade. Lili These two are gloriously romantic IMHO. But Phantom beats the all. Erik is my #1 Spartandax
  5. My quote was from MOTN Spartandax
  6. I have suffered most of my life with weight problems and know how much the snide remarks can hurt. Now i have lost a majority of it but I still have severe health problems from arthritis and can't walk and suffer pain daily. However, I learned a long time ago that you must look inside a person to really see the true person within. With plastic surgery and makeup, body sculpting, etc, almost anyone can make their outside beautiful. But if one is not beautiful in their soul, all of the extras are for naught. Poor Erik, he only needed someone to love him in spite of his face. I do not blame him for a lot of what he did. it's amazing that he could treat Christine with such tenderness, even after he realized she loved Raoul. He certainly had some good in his heart. IMHO Spartandax
  7. I can't believe no one put the words "Only then can you belong to me." It gives me shivers everytime I hear those words and I want to shout, "I already do, Erik, I do." Not from a sexy quote, but when he says "Her voice is good" in Red Death, it sounds like "gud" the Scottish very obvious. However, NOTHING can beat PONR. Anyone who doesn't respond to that scene is either dead or in another world. Spartandax
  8. Finally-some more Phantom threads This is the reason I came, the reason I come back, and about the only place I post. I first found Phantom in April of last year and quickly fell in love with Erik I doubt if I ever cried so much in a movie, and cried each time I've watched it. I just watched it last Wed. and again I read blogs on other sites where Gerry was torn apart but critics and watchers because of his Scottish accent coming through in places. SO WHAT!!!! Just more IMHO to love about the Phantom. After all, they all were supposed to be speaking French, so why the worry about one actor's particular accent? I was more interested in watching what has now become my favorite movie of all time than worrying when he said something if it had a bit of burr to it. Each time I watch it, I wonder when I will get tired of watching, and by the next day, I am ready to watch again. Who can help but appreciate the superb acting, especially in the roof scene and in PONR, when the Phantom realizes he has lost Christine forever? If anyone ever deserved an Oscar nomination, it was this performance To the critics I say To The Phantom, I say
  9. What I see lately and feel is part of Gerry's problem is that he is not playing to over half the viewer community available. Many people, like myself, absolutely loved POTO, and also liked Dear Frankie and Nim's Island. But lately, his films have become the type which will not be suitable for children, young teens, people who find excessive bad language, nudity, and explicit sexuality offensive. Gerry is playing to only a small part of the audience. Note the success of Nim and POTO. I think Gerry has lost his way in catering to a smaller audience who don't mind what his movies are now becoming. I am not being holier than thou. We have free will,and hopefully still live in a country where people have free choice. But RNR did not even make the top 150 grossing films of 2008. Nim's did! But I would love to see this marvelous actor who had such a beautiful, stunning performance in POTO(no matter what, I will always love it), turn to more film like it, Frankie and Nim. Spartandax
  10. The first time I saw POTO was April of 2008. I had heard about it, and even seen the 1943 version years ago, which still resonated with me. But undortunately, I don't get out much, so I had to wait for it on TV. From the time when she took his hand to go to the lair, I was mesmerized. I took one look and "This guy is gorgeous, mask or no." The scene in the lair sealed my love for the Phantom. He was so gallant in his treatment, even though her very touch caused him to close his eyes in ecstasy. His emotion really got to me, and from that moment on, I was inside him, feeling everything the Phantom was feeling. On the rooftop, as he hid behind the column, my heart broke over and over as I watched his love give her love to another while he agonized in silence. When they left, and he picked up his discarded rose, where she had dropped it like so much trash, I could not help crying with him. But for my the most poignant, beautiful and sad part was from PONR on. You could tell when he walked out on the stage that he thought that just maybe he might have another chance with her. When they were on the top of the walkway singing, and he turned to her and asked her to be with him and to "Save me from my loneliness. " and she tore his mask off, the expression on his face was so tragic, so hurt. My stomach started to ache for him and my eyes filled. Then he took he back to the lair, and pleaded with her, but she would have none of him. Finally, she told him she felt only hatred for him, " the tears i might have shed for your sad fate, have turned to tears of HATE" she screamed the word, then called him a "Pitiful creature of darkness." That really broke my heart, and then when she kissed him, I felt like he was going to die from his joy, but then it made him realize that she did not love him. So he cried as he sadly and gallantly gave her up. Switch to the scene where he is singing "Masquerade" and the tears really started. Then she comes back, and he looks up and sees her, and just for a minute is the look of hope on his face, maybe she has changer her mind "Christine, I love you." he has the courage to say for the first time. But she comes and hands him a ring!!! The look on his face was something to see, the hurt replacing the hope. By that time I was so angry with that little twit (not Emmy, but Christine) that I wanted to throw her in the lake and take him away with me. I was still crying when my friend came into the room and saw me. She was amazed how much it affected me, as movies never had before this. Seeing it many times since, have made me realize that Christine thought he was an angel sent by her father so she attributed to him attributes of a father, not a lover. She was not mature enough IMHO to see what he was and what her love could do for him. But he was decent enough to let her go, which I admired. In fact, several times after watching it, I decided to find him a new love, so I am writing my own book in which he finds someone who loves him with all her heart, and he finds true happiness. it may never get published, I can't afford to self-publish, but it has done a lot to help me not bawl my head off every time I watch it. I just cry quietly. However, I still cannot see much of the Phantom in Gerry. I admire his acting, but to me he is separate from the Phantom. Erik will always be my love. Anne
  11. I have a wonderful rendition of MOTN by my favorite baritone, Thomas Hampson. It is beautiful. The album is called "Leading Man" and has all Broadway music. Highly recommended. Spartandax PS-How strange. As I write this, Thomas Hampson is singing Christmas Music on the radio!!!
  12. Susan, I am sorry I offended you about the flashing scene, but nudity on screen is offensive to me. I am unashamed to admit I am a Christian and I do not watch movies with nudity. A flashing scene is rather tame, I admit, but IMHO, there was no reason for it in POTO, it did nothing to enhance the movie, and it would have been better without it. As you can guess there are some Gerry movies I will not see. That said, I love this movie. I often wonder why so many are offended that the Phantom was a murderer. Imagine the life he had. Hated by his mother and forced into a life of despair in the carnival, kept prisoner to make money for them. Is it any wonder when he had a way to get free by murdering an evil man who exploited, whipped and kept him prisoner that he did. I don't blame him at all, in fact I think anyone with "b*lls" would have reacted the same way. As for Buquet, he was worse. peeping Tom, stalker, trying to find the Phantom and destroy him, getting his kicks out of watching young girls change their clothes. Finally The Phantom had enough and he got rid of him. Is what he did any worse than duels, which were common in those days? And Piangi, he is never seen actually killing him. he jumps on him, Piangi screams, and the next time we see him with a rope around his neck with Carlotta crying over him. It could be he fainted when Phantom put the noose around his neck, had a heart attack, or anything. I prefer to give Phantom the benefit of a doubt. After all, he could have taken advantage of Christine. Instead he left her to awaken on her own, untouched. He wanted to marry her, he even had designed a wedding dress ed for her which he either had made, or lovingly may have made himself. And in the final scene in the lair, he again let her go, even though it tore out his heart. I think too many listen to the one line of Christine's where she says "he has to killa thousand men." Where did she come up with that idea? At the time it was only, two, and possible one she knew nothing about. Several of her sayings were exaggerated. I felt inside he was a decent person. I think too many of you because you all love Gerry tend to think that "There is no way Gerry could be a murderer." Probably not. But remember, he was portraying this man. It was NOT Gerry. I think there was some good in the Phantom that only needed to be brought out by someone who cared for him. God is the judge, not us, and I give this version of the Phantom a benefit of the doubt, as I am sure that is the way ALW intended him. The book- well that is an entirely different Phantom. Spartandax
  13. I saw it for the first time ever in April this year on Hallmark. Watched it 3 more times there, and bought the 2-disc special even tho I don't have a widescreen because I wanted the song(NOWL) on the extra disc. This week I ordeder the full screen one so I can watch it commercial free. Hallmark and Oxygen deleted the flashing scene which I wish they has left out. It has no meaning and caused it to get a non-family rating from DOVE, even though they admitted they liked the rest of it. I never get tired of it. Bernie
  14. Wishing you a most blessed day. May God, in His goodness see fit to grant you many, many more. Sincerely, Anne C. Without a doubt, your greatest role. Love the Phantom
  15. I started smoking at age 20 because all the "cool" people in college smoked. I became a 3-4 pack a day person and tried several times to quit. I smoked for 22 years.Finally in 1983 I was able to do so. I have been smoke free since. But to this day I still have dreams where I start smoking. Weird-LOL. I wish Gerry would consult God about appearing nude in movies. This bothers me, and I cannot watch those movies. BTW, I used to cuss up a storm, but coming back to God after many years absence, has helped me get rid of that bad bad habit. Spartandax
  16. Just for interest-Emmy Rossum turned 22 a weekor so ago. Which means she was 18 when they were finishing up on the film Dec. 2004. Spartandax
  17. This says it all. Funny, but the more times I watch the movie, the angrier I become with Christine. How in heaven's name she could resist that heartfelt plea is beyond me. But in my Phantasy world, I always dream the Phantom found someone better who could look into his heart instead of only caring about the outside wrapping. I still think when he went past that curtain, he got himself together, and went somewhere where the special woman was just waiting to take him into her arms. This is my secret work. Spartandax
  18. I agree that he should search for a regular woman. All these Hollywood pinup types usually have brains and IQ's in the single digits-with maybe one or two exceptions. He would be wise to look for someone at home that is down to earth and not living in a make-believe world. Some of the people he is supposed to be associated with have very shaky reputations IMHO. For instance: Madonna. Anyway, no one should be concerned about someone's decision to marry late. My father was almost 38 when he first married, and was one of the most moral, considerate and honest people I have ever known. I was honoured that he adopted me....and very fortunate. Spartandax
  19. I read the Leroux book shortly after being mesmerized by the film and Gerard Butler's amazing performance. I too feel that there is more to the story than fiction, and have read some very interesting information on other Phantom websites about that possibility. Certainly, people with such deformities have lived before, and in many cultures, look at the ancient Spartans, the deformed children, and sometimes girls too were placed on a hill outside Sparta to starve to death. Nice people!!! Unfortunately not enough people know how to look into the heart of a person. I have seen stories of people with awful deformities who are married, so it is not always the norm. However, i know from personal experience that if you don't fit the perceived idea of beauty, thin, blonde etc. you often are overlooked. Christine was not able to see into Eric's heart. I say it is her loss. I think he had a lot to give and a tremendous amount of love bottled up in his sorrowing heart. However, many of us, myself included, often think of Erik in terms of the 2004 movie than as Leroux portrayed him. Yellow parchment skin, skinny almost bony, no nose, etc. That would take a very special type of person to accept.
  20. Have many of you seen the 1943 version of POTO? I saw it in the early 50's and it stuck with me, which is why I feel the 2004 version go to me so much. I decided to rent the 1943 version the other day. A lot of my memories of it were good, and some were not. Raoul in that one was really a doofus as was the man played by Nelson Eddy, who had a gorgeous baritone voice. And I like the 2004 Christine better too. But all singers were operatic. One thing in it that really surprised me was that the quality of the CD was great after all those years. And the music is absolutely beautiful. Most of it is operatic drawn from Chopin and Tschaikovsky. The songs are well worth having. Wish they has made a recording of them. Also the stairway in one of the Operas was almost exactly like the one in Masquerade. Spartandax
  21. : That was my wake up scene too. When he took her hand and looked back at her, I was a goner I wake up several times a night, and I always seem to hear something from POTO in my mind. The music is mesmerizing as is the Phantom. Those gorgeous eyes were so seductive, I would have followed him anywhere. Spartandax
  22. I think everyone of us, especially those of us in the later part of our lives like I am, wonder what if...??? However, the movie is finished, over and done with. We can't change it. But we can have our own Phantasies about what may have happened to Eric afterwards. I can't help but think if it had ended with Christine going with the Phantom, it would have lost a lot of credibility. For some reason, sad as it is, it fits. Each time I watch, I see something different, and I am beginning to find more sympathy for Raoul. He only loved her, and he had no idea how the Phantom felt until the ending in the lair-IMHO. By then, I think whatever Christine may have felt. she felt it no longer. In fact, as she stated, "Her tears had become tears of hate." She also called him a pitiful creature of darkness. This I definitely disagree with. His lair was well lit, had many candles, and he did not live there 24/7. He did go out into the opera house, and also outside. He felt he was condemned to that life, but saw Christine as a possible saviour. I think she was an immature kid who felt guilty when she could not return his love. Where she got the idea that he "Had to kill a thousand men" I can't guess. Up until then, the count was two, and in my book, both were justified in many ways. When I do my ideas about the future, I feel that Piangi was not really dead, but had fainted when he put the rope around his neck. I like to give him some leeway, since we all love him so much Also, he did not kill the coachman, only hit him over the head. another thing to ponder. Spartandax
  23. I have watched POTO probably 10 times now. I watched my copy (2 disc special) on Wed. and again on Oxygen last night. I don't have a wide screen TV, so I am willing to brave the commercials once in a while. I have noticed through my many watchings so far, that it always seems Buquet was spying on the Phantom (as well as the young girls.) When Christine and Meg came out of the chapel, Buquet was there, and so was Phantom, although we don't see him, we only hear him. He is always watching Phantom from the walkway, and tries to follow him several times. Finally, he follows him during "Il Muto." and they go back and forth over the walkway. I think this was the last straw for Phantom. He knew this guy was a creep, womanizer and drunk, and I think he wanted to expose Phantom and was always trying to find out where he stayed. So when the Phantom killed him, I can't help but think in some ways it was justified. After all, today people are killing you if you cut in front of them in your car!! I get the feeling that Phantom knew that Buquet was dangerous to him, and would eventually cause him big trouble. So this was the last option for him. Good riddance. I am not trying to justify killing, but if you had a stalker, and he wouldn't leave you alone, the chances are fear would eventually cause you to react. I would shoot the B*****D and bury him out in the country where I live or throw him in the stream two miles away where the crocodiles are rumored to wait for them!!!!
  24. I bought the two disc Soundtrack and the 2 disc. DVD this June. I guess Amazon has replied to demand and ordered a new supply-THNK GOD Spartandax
  25. I read this after I made my post about age on another thread. It looks like we think alike-LOL. Spartandax
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