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  1. I read this after I made my post about age on another thread. It looks like we think alike-LOL. Spartandax
  2. UNDERACTED!!! UNDERACTED!!!!! My rear. And I am the POPE! I could not believe my eyes. UNDERACTED!!!! What does he want? DRACULATOR (My son's name for Dracula when he was young). If he had been totally scary, horrid and evil, he would not have resonated as he did. UNDERACTED.ROFLMAO
  3. I have done a lot of figuring on the age thing, and this is what I came up with- MOHO!!! Movie opens in 1919. Christines death on the grave is 1917. In 1870 she was sixteen, so born in 1854. In book, Raoul is 21. Which seems about right in the movie. His birth year would be approx. 1851. so Christine would have been 63-64 at her death. Which would make Raoul about 69-70 in the opening scene. If that was Meg in the opening, and I am sure it was Mme. Giry- to be Mme. Giry in 1919 Meg would have had to marry a man named Giry as her mother did. she is Mlle. or Mademoiselle Giry. If Mme Giry was about 38, when the Movie took place, which seems about right to have a 15 year old daughter, I guess she was about 15 at the carnival and the young Phantom was 12-13. which would make him about 82 in 1919 and Mme. Giry 85. Sounds plausible. Although longevity was not as common back then, people did live into their 80's and 90's occasionally. Pulling the mask off. The first time Christine did it because she was curious. she was a child, and had a child's curiosity. The second times, I truly believe she did it out of spite. It is pretty obvious that by the time they get to the lair, she has grown to hate him as she says. I think she did it the second time to break the mesmerising spell he cast over her too. Seeing the face which she had called so disfigured it was hardly a face, woke her up again to realize it was Raoul she wanted. Today, I had a huge urge to watch the movie again. It mesmerizes me too. It mad me wonder again, how many noticed that the young Phantom has a large brown mole on his back? Does Gerry too?-LOL!!! Spartandax
  4. As a mature woman, definitely the Phantom. However, I can see why Christine chose Raoul. He was safe, she knew him, and let's not forget he was a COUNT!!! What young, impressionable poor orphan girl would say no? However, when you look at it through more mature eyes, you see what the Phantom really is. Sure, he sinned. Don't we all? Many of the greatest saints led immoral lives before they changed. And I believe he truly wanted to be a decent person. I think he felt Christine would be his redemption, but she rejected him. I would much rather see Erik meet and marry a woman in her 20's or so, one who could look past the outward appearance, and as God does, look into the heart. For me, his heart was easy to see, so there was no question for me. But, like many of you, I am a romantic, even at my age, so choosing the Phantom-heck, I chose him the minute I first saw him as he led her to the Lair. Spartandax
  5. My absolute favorite is "Past the Point of No Return." I have never had a song affect me the way that one does. It actually makes my toes tingle when he starts across the walkway towards her I realized then as I was watching that song, that there was still passion in this ol' gal-LOL. It was extremely sensual, and how anyone could have resisted him is beyond me. I would have fainted in his arms when he got to me. I still get toe tingles and tingles everywhere else when I listen to it. The changing from major key to minor key in the first verse is so beautiful. I also like MOTN. who could not. I love the line when he state, "Only then, can you belong to me." I was his from the first time I saw that beautiful man with the torch. I was absolutely stunned. I too love "No One Would Listen." I don't like the same music at the end with Minnie Driver singing it. The words were poignant there too, but it just did nothing to me, not like the first time I played "No One would Listen.". I think ALW made a HUGE mistake by not using it in the movie. I am so glad I was able to get it on the double DVD set. When he sings "Masquerade" in front of the music box, is when I usually begin to cry. By the time it is over, I am usually bawling!!!!!! I also cry in the scene with the rose. I suffer with him when he is watching from behind the pillar. The songs were great, and yes, Gerry is handsome, but I doubt that I would have felt as sympathetic with another actor. I just do not think anyone could have shown the emotion he did. Spartandax
  6. As a classical trained musician(piano), and a lover of the operatic voice(Thomas Hampson is my favorite baritone) I was very surprised at the quality of Gerry's voice in POTO. This was my first ever time hearing about him, and I do remember vaguely hearing something about bad reviews. Since I don't go to movies any more(too expensive) I had to wait for it to come out on cable. I think the thing that impressed me the most was his acting. To say I was blown away is an understatement. I have not seen a performance that impressed me this much since F. Murray Abraham in "Amadeus" in the 80's. And you know what he won!!! Here I was having to look at the credits at the end to see who this actor was. I saw his name, and it meant nothing, since I did not know who he was. I watched the movie a couple more times, as you really need to see it several times to pick up on all the dialogue and story, as well as catch things you may have missed. I felt this movie was definitely worth watching again, and I am glad I did, for it was the second watching which really woke me up to the beauty and the pathos in this story. I felt the Phantom's anguish so much, that when it was over, I was not only crying, but had a stomach ache from tensing up constantly. Aside from that were all the moments of his beautiful seductive acting, which even at my old age, really got to me. It was nice to know I was not all dried up inside-LOL. Then I went on the net and discovered everything I could about this " new to me "actor. I found him to be a very interesting person, and decided to learn more about him. I especially liked surfing the Phantom sites. I am familiar with it, as I saw the 1943 movie version, and all these years, it has remained with me. This inspired me to read the book, then I bought the 2 Disc Soundtrack and the 2-disc DVD. As it stands now, I have watched it at least 7 times, and feel an urge to watch it again soon. I have had the same favorite movies list since the early sixties. But this has replaced one in my top five, earning the top 5 favorites of mine. Actually it is #3. pretty good for a movie that a lot of critics panned. Of course I rarely agree with them anyway. The more I listen to him, the better I like his voice. I donot care for rock and pop, so I don't know how I would feell if he sang those, but in this, I doubt if many could have bettered his performance, and I am sure NO ONE could have bettered his acting. I have always felt that if he had seduced Christine, the critics probably would have given it a better grade. It seems that so many movies today have nude scenes or graphic sex. One of the things that impressed me was that he did not, he loved and respected her and wanted to marry her. Had he seduced her, I doubt if i would have watched it more than once. I found it far more seductive the way they did it. Who could not react to them in the lair, and later in "Past the Point of no Return" which still gets to me. I love this movie, and I loved Gerry in it. In my book, the only better thing would have been for Christine to be able to look beyond his disfigurement and marry him!!!!
  7. Hi Joanna, Glad to see you here again. I am getting a kick of all these posts. I never think of him much as a separate being, as I am so enamoured of the Phantom persona. I have seen some things that say he is living in L.A. I am sorry that he did not stay in the UK. L.A. is such a cesspot, I hate to see him dragged into that sick culture out there. I don't care if his language is bad sometimes, so is mine, and i have been working for years to clean up my potty mouth. I am doing pretty good. I remember years ago a friend told me that I had better clean up my language, or the first thing out of my son's mouth(then age 1 and a half) would be "@$%&**^@@$". Guess what were the first things out of his mouth????-LOL. Unfortunately, our children pick up our bad habits more often than our good ones. I truly don't feel that Gerry, if he is such a great guy, would want the first thing out of his first child's mouth to be" &$%#@*&^". It's too late for my son-he is in his 30's too. Now he has to make the change. If I had to do it over again, would I still cuss?? Hopefully not, although by our age it becomes a real chore to erase years of foul language. Spartandax
  8. Hi Joan, Welcome. I am in a wheelchair too. I am a Phantom-manic, just loved the movie. Getting ready to watch it again soon again. Spartandax
  9. Thank you Joanna. Today is much better. I always look forward to the better days. Thank you for the Prayers especially. Glad to know another believer.
  10. Hi New Friends, I enjoyed reading all of your replies. I have looked up some of the books on Amazon, and am not sure they are my type of books. One of the things that impressed me most about Phantom was because he treated her like someone very special. And perhaps this is one of the reasons the critics panned it. They seem to like "R" rated movies and graphic sex so much, I guess they were disappointed that the Phantom did not force himself on her. I, of course, far prefer this type of movies to the more "realistic' ones that make a laughing stock of love. I know I will usually like a movie if the critics don't!!!! I will be 67 in August, and like the one poster in my age group stated, it woke up feelings I have not had for a while. I will have to rent some other of Gerry's movies to see what you all mean, I guess. I far prefer him clean shaven, like he was in Phantom, I have never liked the dirty face look. Oh, well, I did tell you I was an O.F.L.O.L. ( Oldf Fashioned little Old Lady)!!!! You all sound like a fun group. I will try and keep in touch as long as health permits. The last two days were bad ones for me, and I was not on line at all. Thanks, Spartandax
  11. Hello Phantom fans, I signed on here for one reason, I saw this post about a possible sequel. First, I must let you know, I am much older than the rest of you and I am homebound due to health reasons. I first saw th movie several months ago on one of the cable channels (I don't get the Premium Movie Channels-Cost!!!!). I absolutely fell in love with this movie, and must admit, I have not seen a movie that impressed me this way since the 50's, which will tell you my age approximately. I have since purchased bothe the movie and the soundtrack. I was especially impressed with Gerard Butler's performance. I was not familiar with this particular actor before I saw this movie, and really loved his performance here.I have never felt someone's pain as I did the pain the Phantom felt. He expressed it wonderfully, and I have not cried in any movie since a dog died in one I saw a few years back. As far as a sequel, I am divided. I have read all of the posts, and there are compelling reasons for both. First, I would like to see him find his own new love, not Christine. She was not mature enough to accept him as he was, and as deep as his love was for her, he still refused to defile her in his lair, but showed he wanted to marry her. I feel she betrayed him, that she felt a count with a title was more appealing, and had more to offer. And coming back after she kissed him(which I think was cruel torture) she then hands him a piece of jewelry and leaves again. No, I would not want to have him find Christine again. Surely there is another woman out there that would accept him unmasked. BTW, just c urious-all of you who are so impressed with Gerry, would you accept him if something happened to him and made his face like the Phantom's? Just curious. Spartandax
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