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    Spending time with friends and family which usually involves the local wine bar, sampling a new red and eating tapas. Enjoy having "girls nights" out...we all drink large amounts of wine, complain about our work days or clients, laugh about this, that and everything. I absolutely enjoy my work! 24/7, live and breath it. Love anything related to interior design and architecture. Other interests include: music, reading, writing, art, movies, local theatre, shopping, spa treatments, travel, great food, great restaurants and learning lessons from what life may throw my way. Lately I have a renewed interest in health...particularly my health. I am learning to balance my professional and personal life, take time out for me and surprisingly that involves getting up at 5:30am every morning to work out before I head to the office. I love my life and I am grateful for everyone and everything that surrounds me. I appreciate the fact my husband rents Gerry's movies for me and encourages my admiration. I feel blessed to be included in this community...surrounded by so many amazing and supportive women.

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  1. Gerard Butler, Architectural Digest and interior design. OMG. All my favourites in one package. This designer is in heaven.
  2. Hi Gerry! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating your birthday with family and loved ones. I personally believe birthdays should be celebrated throughout the year. It is a celebration of life! My neice celebrates her birthday on November 13th as well. Scorpios rock! My father, sister, brother and niece all celebrate their birthdays in November. I will soon be joining you as a member of the "40 Club" on January 9th. While most I know fear this number, I embrace it. The best is yet to come! May you have, Walls for the wind And a roof for the rain, And drinks bedside the
  3. The trailer looks amazing. Can't wait to see this!
  4. I personally feel a handsome, tall, dark Scottsman, well dressed exudes enough sex appeal for me. It reminds me of Christmas. Christmas morning you receive a beautifully wrapped gift and as you look at it and appreciate it, you wonder what lies beneath all those wrappings. Your imagination runs wild, your heart races and you feel the excitement of the unknown. Now that being said I will admit, at times, my curiosity has made me do shameful things. I confess now to all of you. I have watched all of Gerry's movies and I am guilty of pausing the DVD player when certain scenes really catch m
  5. Great article! "Approaching his 40th birthday (he reaches the landmark in November) he reveals something of a penchant for interior design." Hello! I never knew we shared so much in common, especially a penchant for interior design. Hey Gerry, I need a partner in my firm! LOL! Now that would be a dream come true. Designing a room with Mr. Butler. I also totally understand the "about to turn 40, no kids and love my career". Sounds very familiar.
  6. Sweet smelling man. Nothing is more enticing than a tall, good looking man who smells "sweet". Absolutely delicious. I am so happy you had your Gerry moment. I hope that one day I will have mine. Thank you for sharing your story.
  7. Great story! Thank you for sharing. What a sweetheart he is! I am glad you met him and that had some time to speak with him. Wow!
  8. Northern Ontario is cold, damp and rainy. Not ready for this! Can it be possible to be born and raised here in Canada and absolutely hate winter? Yes. I much prefer summer and fall. I am still scratching my head wondering where this year has gone.
  9. Love that interview! Thanks! Love when he screams "Spartans!"
  10. Hi,GALSMy first post was missing but this appeared after I posted the previous one. Anyway I post here again. I apologize for some parts the same. I recorded and sent it to GB net I am a Tart who sent to GBnet for the first time. This wake up call and GRRRR videos were circulated so quickly in the world by someone . I was surprised and pleased to contribute to all fans. My son recorded my cell phone . Those`s fingers are my sons . In GRRRR video I called me by my dauther`s cell phone so in the video my daughter `s name ,caller`s name ,popped up in Japanese. This service was provided
  11. Does anyone know where I might find this file? OMG! Yes! I WANT COFFEE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDfLWl7PbDA
  12. Does anyone know where I can download this file. I want Gerry on my cellphone. OMG! Yes...I do WANT coffee. LOL!
  13. OMG! He is smoking hot in those pictures. Reminds me of that ZZ top song..."Every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W5v8qvyPmg
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