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  1. Gerard Butler, Architectural Digest and interior design. OMG. All my favourites in one package. This designer is in heaven.
  2. Hi Gerry! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating your birthday with family and loved ones. I personally believe birthdays should be celebrated throughout the year. It is a celebration of life! My neice celebrates her birthday on November 13th as well. Scorpios rock! My father, sister, brother and niece all celebrate their birthdays in November. I will soon be joining you as a member of the "40 Club" on January 9th. While most I know fear this number, I embrace it. The best is yet to come! May you have, Walls for the wind And a roof for the rain, And drinks bedside the
  3. The trailer looks amazing. Can't wait to see this!
  4. I personally feel a handsome, tall, dark Scottsman, well dressed exudes enough sex appeal for me. It reminds me of Christmas. Christmas morning you receive a beautifully wrapped gift and as you look at it and appreciate it, you wonder what lies beneath all those wrappings. Your imagination runs wild, your heart races and you feel the excitement of the unknown. Now that being said I will admit, at times, my curiosity has made me do shameful things. I confess now to all of you. I have watched all of Gerry's movies and I am guilty of pausing the DVD player when certain scenes really catch m
  5. Great article! "Approaching his 40th birthday (he reaches the landmark in November) he reveals something of a penchant for interior design." Hello! I never knew we shared so much in common, especially a penchant for interior design. Hey Gerry, I need a partner in my firm! LOL! Now that would be a dream come true. Designing a room with Mr. Butler. I also totally understand the "about to turn 40, no kids and love my career". Sounds very familiar.
  6. Sweet smelling man. Nothing is more enticing than a tall, good looking man who smells "sweet". Absolutely delicious. I am so happy you had your Gerry moment. I hope that one day I will have mine. Thank you for sharing your story.
  7. Great story! Thank you for sharing. What a sweetheart he is! I am glad you met him and that had some time to speak with him. Wow!
  8. Northern Ontario is cold, damp and rainy. Not ready for this! Can it be possible to be born and raised here in Canada and absolutely hate winter? Yes. I much prefer summer and fall. I am still scratching my head wondering where this year has gone.
  9. Love that interview! Thanks! Love when he screams "Spartans!"
  10. Hi,GALSMy first post was missing but this appeared after I posted the previous one. Anyway I post here again. I apologize for some parts the same. I recorded and sent it to GB net I am a Tart who sent to GBnet for the first time. This wake up call and GRRRR videos were circulated so quickly in the world by someone . I was surprised and pleased to contribute to all fans. My son recorded my cell phone . Those`s fingers are my sons . In GRRRR video I called me by my dauther`s cell phone so in the video my daughter `s name ,caller`s name ,popped up in Japanese. This service was provided
  11. Does anyone know where I might find this file? OMG! Yes! I WANT COFFEE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDfLWl7PbDA
  12. Does anyone know where I can download this file. I want Gerry on my cellphone. OMG! Yes...I do WANT coffee. LOL!
  13. OMG! He is smoking hot in those pictures. Reminds me of that ZZ top song..."Every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W5v8qvyPmg
  14. IslandGirl! Making a career change is never easy. Stay positive and think of this change as a new chapter in your life. Take some quiet time to think about what makes your soul sing and what you are passionate about. Listen to that little inner voice. It is never wrong. You will succeed in whatever you put your mind too. If you are passionate about your new path and positive you will attract the very best in life. I started my interior design/home design business three years ago. I will admit, some days I wonder "What am I doing", then I am reminded why by either an overjoyed client or an amaz
  15. Nothing like a great looking, healthy and tanned man in a classic white shirt and jeans. My, my. Tasty.
  16. Any classic romantic comedy. A few of my favourites.... The Philadelphia Story (1940) Philadelphia heiress Tracy Lord throws out her playboy husband C.K. Dexter Haven shortly after their marriage. Two years later, Tracy is about to marry respectable George Kittredge whilst Dexter has been working for "Spy" magazine. Dexter arrives at the Lord's mansion the day before the wedding with writer Mike Connor and photographer Liz Imbrie, determined to spoil things. After getting a divorce from C. K. Dexter Haven, Tracy Lord prepares to marry again...however, in the days before her wedding, Haven
  17. Great video Charlotte. I felt like I was there! Thanks for posting. Too bad I could not meet up with you and the other Gals and attend the premiere. I arrived two days late. Perhaps another film festival? After being there for three days I at film fest I want to plan a girls trip there specifically for film fest. No work...just fun. Toronto was on fire. I had so much fun while there.
  18. That is so cute how he suddenly jumps ahead and grasps the hands of one of his fans. I love his boyish charm. What a sweetheart!
  19. What a great thread! I am laughing so hard! Mmmmmmm. When I think of Gerry I think of a wicked dessert...something that is very bad for you...loaded with calories...but you can help yourself...because it is "that good". It simply speaks to you and you are weakened at the knees by just looking at it. The taste is sweet, rich and silky. It is the kind of dessert that makes a woman moan...several times. LOL! A dark chocolate lava cake...oozing with rich chocolate ganache and lightly bathed in raspberry coulis...perhaps a few fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint to garnish. It is a dessert you
  20. I need to find this magazine! The four steps on beating stress...loved reading that. Everyone who works should read that advice. Not only is he incredibly gorgeous...he is also very level headed and wise. Love that man!
  21. Sandra...you are a lucky girl! Gerry has the most amazing peepers. I am sure when he looked at you you were in heaven. I love a man with great eyes. That is the first thing I was attracted to when I met my husband...his great eyes...sometimes they look green...sometimes grey. Yum.
  22. No, I would never marry just for money. Before I met my husband I had several men of means want to date me...but there was absolutely no attraction. They thought they could impress me with their material wealth and their "things". That never did impress me. I found them to be without substance. I could never imagine marrying someone who did not attract me or who I did not connect with. I met my husband while in college and there was an instant spark. I could never marry a man I wasn't attracted too. A handsome face and sexual capability is important but there is so much more that must be add
  23. I am a Canadian and I remember. Yes, we are all connected. We are one global family and when our neighbours were attacked, we felt the loss, we cried for those lost and grieved with you all. Our world should not know such evil. This heinous attack on the United States will never be forgotten. I clearly remember this day...like many others here. The morning of September 11th I arose to go to work and had the television tuned into the Today Show. Before I went to work I watched in horror as the news reported a plan had hit one of the Trade Towers. When the second plane hit I was on the phone
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