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    I love Movies and Music not always in that order and my tastes in both fields have a tendency to be very broad. I love to travel and will go anywhere any time with only the slightest push, so I guess it's a good thing I work for an Airline.

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  1. Hey everyone know its been a long time but will be at convention hope to see some of you then! I arrive at the hotel later Wed nite going to see POTO Thursday nite and after all the fun will be leaving Sunday!

  2. Hey there hope I'm doing this right lol first time I have posted hopefully not the last! Just wanted to say had such a blast at the last convention I was already commited to attending the next one even before I left Vegas this year!! I dont care when I WILL BE THERE even if I have to quit my job to get the time off lol Kiwigirl (Linda-Kay)
  3. Hiya Linda-Kay!

    Welcome to GBGALS! Hope to see you posting on the forum soon!



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