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  1. No problem Hol,I know you have had a lot on your plate recently that is why I knew they'd be eventually posted. :-))
  2. Does anyone know when the photos from 2013 Convention will be posted....
  3. ginnywhit

    Picture -

    Just wondering why more people have not put up pictures of 2013 convention.
  4. would love to see pictures of everyone's work. So many gals have so much talent it's great to see everyone's creation
  5. Oh no I'm wrong it's listed in the Boutique.....sorry about that.
  6. Does anyone have or have we ever had "the yellow towell? LOL
  7. On the Gals page where they list Dayna, Admins and Mods, there is a list of all Gal authors.....I feel a little bit slighted that I'm not included....but ...so it goes!!! They even have a man listed. LOL
  8. Just noticed, I'm an author and I'm not on the list and I am a GAL.....
  9. We have over 3000 members, surely is each sent $1.00 we'd have it!!!!
  10. Sent some will try and send some more...
  11. Oh, I can't wait!!!!! I already have a hugs picture sent to me from Gerry Hisself.....LOL. but would love a poster to add to my collection...oh credit card don't fail me now!!!!! I'm going to go insane waiting for the auction.....you know I'm OCD and it will be on my mind until it's listed and the bidding has started......LOL money going to a great cause either the THT of AOEA.....
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