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  1. No problem Hol,I know you have had a lot on your plate recently that is why I knew they'd be eventually posted. :-))
  2. Does anyone know when the photos from 2013 Convention will be posted....
  3. ginnywhit

    Picture -

    Just wondering why more people have not put up pictures of 2013 convention.
  4. would love to see pictures of everyone's work. So many gals have so much talent it's great to see everyone's creation
  5. Oh no I'm wrong it's listed in the Boutique.....sorry about that.
  6. Does anyone have or have we ever had "the yellow towell? LOL
  7. On the Gals page where they list Dayna, Admins and Mods, there is a list of all Gal authors.....I feel a little bit slighted that I'm not included....but ...so it goes!!! They even have a man listed. LOL
  8. Just noticed, I'm an author and I'm not on the list and I am a GAL.....
  9. We have over 3000 members, surely is each sent $1.00 we'd have it!!!!
  10. Sent some will try and send some more...
  11. Oh, I can't wait!!!!! I already have a hugs picture sent to me from Gerry Hisself.....LOL. but would love a poster to add to my collection...oh credit card don't fail me now!!!!! I'm going to go insane waiting for the auction.....you know I'm OCD and it will be on my mind until it's listed and the bidding has started......LOL money going to a great cause either the THT of AOEA.....
  12. I'll send my $65.00 now, sorry missed this, hope it helps,
  13. I didn't send anything this year because of the new agenda at the MGM, I decided to go and buy a few things while I was there and I think the one who won the raffle loved it...
  14. Well to quote someone once famous, " What you talkin' about Willis?" I'm sorry a lot of people are not coming, but I've seen the convention grow in spirit and God put us on earth to help the ones we can....Friday night was great we had a Gerry night, Gerry sent a video and there was plenty of lust being felt......I feel the people from the outside who were there enjoyed themselves and maybe next year bring some more folks......I think we do the charity in Gerry's name and it makes him proud that we do....I really think it is just the economy or the new people need to come for one time and see the Love and boobie squishing we all do, It is scary the first time, I was all alone, but I'm so glad I did go, I have friends now all over the United States and Great Britain too, I would not have missed the opportunities Gals has allowed me to enjoy and TST is a wonderful place and gives so much to the women who need it. This is a path I'm glad I'm on, I'd hate to think it would be gone........lets have more auctions during the year to help with the cost. Lord knows the hard work all the Mods put into this weekend, yet they never complain......Try it you'll be surprised at the joy and love and friendship you will gain by going!
  15. Well, James Franco better have a good reason WHY! Can't wait for HTTYD2!
  16. So glad to see all my Sistars also. It seems each convention is always better than the first, of course each has it's own special memories, I think it is just I get to know all the "gals" a little more each time. I would not miss it for the world.......
  17. I am registered and ready to go.......Vegas, here I come......teehee...
  18. Yea Baby....I'll be there all week, can't wait....
  19. So wonderful to have two of Gerry's movies so close together.
  20. June, Wanted you to know Erik arrived safely and is awaiting framing....he is beautiful and will post when I'm able to get framed and ready to be put up. Thanks so much, I truely enjoy the great work you did. Thanks Again. Giny
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