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  1. Thanks Lisa! The one thing you could help with is being there!! Hope all is well with you.
  2. Gimme shelter would not be my first song choice for Gerry to sing... but I would gladly listen anyway! Hearing him sing..."it's just a kiss away, it's just a kiss away...would do me in...LOL!
  3. Whispering in his ear that you'd like to be his "3 a.m. girl" might not immediately bring back a particular memory to him, but I'm sure he'd get the gist of it anyway and appreciate the sentiment! Telling him your most recent fantasy of him, might just give him a little rush, telling him your little deep dark secrets that you harbor about him, just between the two of you, (I think I got a poem somewhere about that) but that's all it's intended for! I love knowing what Gerry likes and dislikes. I love that he's not one of these guys who expects a woman to be all virtuous and proper while he can be whatever he wants! I get his meaning. No need to get all in a tither. Like I've said, you can still be classy and naughty at the same time. Those of us who choose to remain chaste, that's OK. For me, life's too short and being chaste isn't what it's cracked up to be. I'm going for it! 'LOOK OUT GERRY! COME TO MAMA!" D Loved what you wrote above.....after further consideration I'm changing my stance on this...being a "good girl" surely isn't what it's cracked up to be....it's time to be a little naughty....like Gerry. And life IS too short. Go with the moment...
  4. I knew when I read those comments from Gerry in my Butler alerts that we were all going to have a field day here on the GALS site! (lol!) I can't believe all the responses so far. (oh well, maybe I CAN!) My first reaction when I read that was ok, if you want us to be upfront with you so be it...but then I calmed down and realized I couldn't do that especially as a fan meeting Gerry for the first time. I would like to have a good feeling about the encounter, not feel like I had "crossed the line" in some way. It's just not me..and I would have to be true to myself. I do love that naughty boy in him though...it's a definite turn-on.
  5. I hadn't read that Gerry is producing - it says James Cosmo (his co-star from OMK) is producing. It would be great if Evil Twins could co-produce but there may be stipulation about Scottish companies being involved since it is the Scottish government drumming up support for it now.[/color] I read today that Evil Twins IS co-producing! Great news...I'm so excited for Gerry! I was thinking the other day that we always want the best for our friends and are happy when something wonderful happens to them. I don't even know Gerry of course, but the feeling I would have for a friend is how I feel about him getting to play Burns and Evil Twins being involved. That affection and admiration I feel for him that makes me want to see him happy and successful in his life. Also when you hear how wonderful he is with his fans, you can't help but want the best for him! I can honestly say I haven't felt like this about any other actor.
  6. Barbara, Congratulations on your Gerry "moment". I'm so happy for you! You deserve it. I knew I should have driven down to Philly on Friday..even on such short notice. When you get these chances you have to "go for it". You never know what might happen...and in your case it paid off big time! Enjoy your time on Cloud 9! Ronnie
  7. Crew members from “Law Abiding Citizen” this afternoon are tricking out a City Hall conference room near Mayor Nutter’s office on the 2nd floor to prepare for a shoot scheduled there tomorrow. We're told Jamie Foxx, in Washington today for the inauguration of President Obama, will be part of tomorrow's City Hall filming. He plays an assistant district attorney in the thriller directed by F. Gary Gray. His co-star Gerard Butler, who, judging by how many e-mails we've received asking about his whereabouts, must be quite the hunk, is not in tomorrow's shoot. All this talk about LAC filming in Philly is making me antsy....I want to pack a bag, jump in the car and drive the two hours to Philly. I may not be able to hold back for too much longer!! (LOL)
  8. Susan, I know exactly what you mean about the makeup! I remember seeing Kevin Bacon in the audience and thinking..man, he's sweating profusely! (ha). I do like Gerry clean-shaven. I think he was the best looking man there, and probably taller than most. I'm going to watch ET and Extra tonight to see if they mention him. Ronnie
  9. Congratulations Moira on having your picture taken again with Gerry. You are on a roll! I was hoping to see him on the red carpet before the show, but "knowing" Gerry (ha) I figured he would be one of the last people to show up...and he was according to you! I laughed when I read what you posted (see above) about him wishing you had told more people where he had stayed... How did that come up in conversation? Thanks for sharing your experience. Ronnie
  10. Frannie, you are not alone...this was the Gerry look I love too! My friend always tells me how he talks out of the side of his mouth..and today I really noticed it. (maybe because as soon as he came on..I jumped off the couch and sat right in front of my flat screen tv) Gerry looks great anyday, but especially in high def!
  11. I definitely agree with some of you here that said that there are alot of "boys" ahead of Gerry. I saw that 81% said that he should have been higher. On a whim, I put my own vote in on the 23 ahead of gerry where they asked if you would rate the person higher, lower, or if you agreed with their number. I agreed with most people. It will be interesting to see where Gerry rates come the end of 2009!! Ronnie
  12. I LOVE the 4th one down..right after the pics of him holding the umbrella. He's just strolling on the beach with the ocean behind him holding his sneakers. He's got a great smile on his face. Oh to be the person he was smiling at! That's my fantasy...a walk on the beach with Gerry. Happy New Year everyone! Ronnie
  13. A friend of mine saw this in her company newsletter which listed New Year's Eve customs. ”First Footing” is a Scottish tradition where the first person to enter your home after midnight is the “first footer,” a symbol for the New Year. Having a tall, dark-haired visitor to your home is considered good luck." Wouldn't most of us love to have a tall, dark-haired visitor to our doors!! A "certain" tall, dark haired, Scottish visitor?? A dear friend of mine was Scottish, and each year on New Year's Eve her family would have a New Year's Eve party at their house. We all had to arrive before 7pm so that we could celebrate the Scottish New Year in Scotland first. Her relatives would call from Scotland right after 7pm and the phone would get passed to everyone at the party. Sometimes I couldn't understand her relatives over there very well as their accents were more pronounced, but they were always full of fun and laughter and I enjoyed those connections. Then the bagpipes would come out. Now I remember why her family was so interested in who was going to be the first person through their door after midnight! Sadly, my friend passed away ten years ago, and alot of her family members are gone, but I treasure those New Year's memories. Maybe other Gals here would like to respond and share their customs for the holidays.
  14. The bigger sites have enough info & have stated Gerry was never dating these women. On the other hand, maybe it does them a bit of good to be linked with Gerry, now that he's becoming the big star! Thanks for posting this, becozy! Did you hear the latest? They are saying that Paris Hilton and Gerry connected but were doing their best to stay out of pictures together at one of the clubs the other night. And that she calls him "Braveheart". Just being at the same bar makes you an "item" I guess.
  15. Thanks! I just read that in Parade a half an hour ago and was going to share it..but you beat me to it! I think the Cameron Diaz reference is a bit old. Didn't know who the girl in the picture was. Haven't heard of her.
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