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  1. sweetquebecer

    I'm back - help me pls

    Hello!!!! You mean the "southbox"???? If I'm not wrong, I have no clue if they will be another way to post message, hopefully!!!!! I'm confused too with all the changes!!!! Josée
  2. sweetquebecer

    Argh, Pirate Gerry Halloween 2016

    OMG!!! Nice pictures, handsome pirate!!!!!
  3. Hello everyone!!!! I just found out that Dustin Milligan is joining the cast of "Headhunter's Calling"!!! He will play an agressive Young recruiter!!!!! Remember, Gerard and him both played in : "Shattered"!!!!! Great news!!!! variety.com/2015/film/news.... Josée
  4. Hello!!!! Like it very much!!!! Josée
  5. sweetquebecer

    Happy birthday to you Gerard!!!!

    Happy birthday to you Gerard!!!!! Everything your heart desires, all the best to you, may all your dreams come true, you are such a great man, great talent, very good actor!!!!! I love you very much!!!! XXXXX Have a nice birthday!!! Kisses and hugs, Josée XXX
  6. Hello!!!! Great news, so excited, seems a very interesting role!!!!! He will be as perfect as usual!!!!! I'll send my résumé to his character!!!! Joking!!!! Josée
  7. Hello!!! I'm sorry and sad to hear that, it's never pleasant when a company has some Financial difficulties!!!! Too bad for all the movies and the stars attached to their projects!!!!! Josée
  8. sweetquebecer

    London Has Fallen - Official Trailer 2016

    Hello!!!! I love it, can't wait to see the movie!!!! Josée
  9. sweetquebecer

    Katheryn Winnick interview with bit of info on Geostorm

    Hello! I like it, she's a very talented actress, a fellow Canadian, very beautiful, I like her very much!!!!! Josée
  10. Happy Valentine's Day to you Gerard!!!!! Much love, from all your fans around the world!!!!! You are such a sweet, nice man, very very good and very very talented actor, always brilliant onscreen presence, very very handsome!!!!!! Big hugs and sweet kisses, Josée XXXXX
  11. Hello! Great news!!!!! Congratulations to Gerard and all the cast and crew who worked hard on that movie!!!!! Good job, high five!!!! Josée
  12. sweetquebecer

    Gerry out and about 1/25/2015

    Hello! Nice picture!!!! Looking good!!!! Very very handsome!!!! Josée
  13. sweetquebecer

    1/16 - Egyptian Star Amr Waked Joins ‘Geostorm’ Cast

    Hello! Always nice to discover others actors when I don't know then, great casting along with Gerard and all the other actors!!!! Josée
  14. sweetquebecer

    1/8 - New BTS pic, filming Boss Bottled

    Hello! Nice picture!!!! He's so handsome!!!! I love it!!!!! Beautiful Gerard!!! Josée
  15. Hello! Nice picture!!!!! I love it so much!!!!! Always looks so great, very very handsome!!!! Beautiful Gerard!!! Josée