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  1. My favorite actor, very good and so talented, his brilliant talent always shine!!! He's so handsome, so sexy!!!!! I'm in love !!!!! Josée

  2. Hello!

    You're welcome!!!!


  3. single, Pisces, a huge Quebecer fan of Gerard!!!!!

  4. Thank you Tiny Anya!

    You're so nice!!!


  5. Hello!

    Any Gerard Butler fans is welcome no matter where you are from!!!! I speak French but I can manage in English!!!!


  6. Gerard is the most beautiful man and the sexiest man alive!!! He's such a great and talented actor, intelligent, charming, very funny and nice!!!! I adore him!!!!!

  7. Hello! I speak French but I can manage very well in English!!! I've been a huge Quebecer fan of Gerard Butler since 2002!!! He's such an excellent and gifter actor, most handsome man in the world!!!!

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