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    Mr. Gerard Butler, of course! I am also getting into organic food and green living, I try and do my part so my children have a clean earth to live in. I am REALLY into acting, but I am really shy and I have absolutely no money or way to start. I love reading, listing to music (almost all kinds) and thinking. I would say writing, but sometimes my brain is going so fast its hard to write it all down. I also love looking up quotes. If there is one that really moves me, I write it down in my notebook and find someway to use it. This is one of my most favorites.....<br /><br />Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than that the unlived life of the parent. ~ Carl Jung

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  1. Thanks you guys for your help. In the end I had to make a new account because I really screwed up my photobucket. But it's fix now and my boys are back!!!!!
  2. But I can't see any of my pictures. Where my siggy should be it's just a line..... There isn't even a spot that I can see my gal pal or my new avatar I just added a while ago.
  3. O.K. so I had started a topic for help with the picture on my page that says it was removed by photobucket. I couldn't figure out how to get to it from my controls. One of the suggestions was to right click on it. One of the girls had done that and posted the link of the picture. Just looking at the words I remembered which picture it was. So I hit right click on the picture and pushed block, figuring that it would just take off the picture, but it removed EVERYTHING!!!!! When I go into edit signature it shows the link for my siggy but it won't so up. I don't know and understand how to make my pictures be unblocked on my page. Also the picture that had been removed was I think my second avatar, but I couldn't find where I go to add a new one, before I ended up erasing everything. I hope someone can help. I have only had my siggy for the past few days. Jacqueline
  4. Since I haven't been on here for so long, I can't remember what was on my page where there is now the 'photobucket has removed this picture'. I can't figure out how to get to it and I would like to put something else up, but need a little help, please???????? Jacqueline
  5. Babycakes333

    Yes and No

    Oh, YES!!! I started when I was about 7 years old and I loved it. But we moved away, so I haven't been since I was 10. Have you ever forgotten what you were saying, as it was coming out????
  6. Babycakes333

    Yes and No

    YUCKY, no way! Yes, I was born dead. Can you swim????? ( I can't, never learned)
  7. Babycakes333

    Yes and No

    Yes Do you drink out of the carton??
  8. Island Girl - CHARLOTTE annieday - ANDREA Lady Elissa-Elissa Good Sport- Bill (Elissa's better half) Poppy - Linda Susan~Sporran - SUSAN (well, duh) but I answer to Sporran as well when among Gerry fans. Swansong -Swannie (Bonnie Anne) Charliwantz - Charli NordicGirl - Eva Mari Midnight Diva - Diane or Di Framolamdu - Moira - aka Super Mo to her friends Gypsy - Loni Adelheid (well that's my name...) Phoenixgirl - Lisa lugerry - Barbara (aka also answer to Lu when among Gerry's fans) (Susan S. I know copied kat) Drooling Moron - Tony Eliza1013 - I prefer Elisabetha (The s is an sh sound and the th is a hard t with a very faint h), but Eliza is ok too. Seumus O'Seaghdha - real name is Kurt, but I much prefer to be called Seumus (pronounced like Shay' mus). Songbird - Katie CactusJack - Larry IListen - Liana Barb444 - Barb (my, how creative!) I'm Babs to good friends or Babszilla (when my evil twin appears....) tigs7495 - MICHELLE Bluejay - Karen Texas Gramma - Suzie (Not to be confused with Sue or Susan or Suzanne or Suz or Susie Darlin') Whew! Gerry Duty - Jeanette or J zanyzombie - Suzanne (Spot's note: She answers to Zany, too! Trust me!) Donnie - Dana (pronounced more like "Donna") JustCallMeTracy- Tracy in other words or actually the same words just call me Tracy GreenEyes - Danielle Lish ~ Alisha or Lish. Either really... Touchmetrustme - Libby almadenannie - Annemarie Hodari - DANIELLE chachababy- Peggy sbchild04 - Sarah solen - Şölen dlsmilad~ Dina kittypro - Pat (but everyone calls me kitty - too many Pats!) heISmyGspot - Spot/Spotty or Holly. (I instinctively answer to B*tch, too) TheBlonde - Kristine, K, KB laxmom - MaryLee ReggieNY11 - Regina or Reggie HighlandHeather - Faye Pilar - Leontine ("Leo") discoveringme - Jill, Jilly, even Jillybean on occassion! bamms - Leslie Wendy Muir- Wendy or WendyM GerrysJewel - Barbra Cassey1228 - Cassey or Cass SC*Indy*Girl - Racheal or Rae Anna ~ Anna wave.gif Celtiberic Queen - Mary John aka Maria João Jenny - Jenny Bermos - Sherrell (pronounced Cheryl) Luvi - Julia Isaboo - Gerry (oohhh, I mean Sandra) heheee Helena -(ok-ok...I'll behave...Jane Fonda) Cybrsal -Sally or Sal (Henri-etta to you, Jane) Knight Phantom - Deb Tap - Tapitha (pronounced like Tabitha but with a P) Catwoman = Catherine RezzRN = Naoma DLSPBS - PAT (FROM CHICAGO ) I FEEL LIKE I AM GIVING OUT MY SECRET CODE !!! Jo A. Quin= Jeana (pronounced Gina) (I could have sworn I'd already done this) Ballerina ~ Elizabeth~ Spencerjames7~~Pamela~~~most likely the only deaf gal Babycakes333....Jacqueline
  9. Just stopping by to say Hi and Welcome to GALS. Hope you enjoy finding your way around the site! Jill

  10. This is driving my crazy!!!!!! For the past few days when I go to "log out" it keeps saying there was an error and something about not being able to use this feature. It keeps happening, so when I come back I am still logged in. Why is this happening????? It will happen when I log off from any topics from Gerard Butler GALS> to my profile. Please help!!!!!
  11. Babycakes333


    Hello newbie here! So a few questions about the convention next year... One post says its about $225 pp... What exactly does that cover? When do you have to pay? Does it matter how you get there? Is there a way I can find out if someone in my area is going, so I don't have to travel alone? I would love to go. I haven't had a break from my kids for two years, so by next June it will be almost three years. I never travel, I have only been to Washington and Florida. It sounds really exciting!!!!
  12. I have never like anything that had to do with "rating" someone. But I totally understand what Tracy is saying. If I had friends on here I would rate them as well, just a little something more to show I care. But at the same time, why rate someone to begin with? Unfortunately we live in an age where the one with the most "friends" or the "highest rating" makes or breaks you. I have a myspace page and I only have 5 people on there that I do know, just meeting through the site. But the rest I do know and have spent time with them. I have under 30 friends, and I am completely fine with that. Its hard enough to deal with the fact that since I had my son almost two years ago, I have lost all of my friends. It can be really intimidating to join a sight and find out that once you have a high rating then more people talk to you or add you (I am not talking about here). There was a site I went on to, a place where you could ask questions. I had written two different questions on two different days. One of the questions was never read, and the other I had mentioned my children. Instead of getting advice, I was told "to stop having kids for the sake of humanity", " you sound easy because of your history and having kids so young". After those comments that people had left, they where sending responses back and forth in my response box. It was like since I was new to the site they needed to "bully the new comer". Its been fun since I signed up and everyone that has given me a response have been wonderful. I think that there should never be a rating system on any site. But like I said it is fun and nice to rate your friends, showing them you care!!
  13. Oh, thank you so much greyeyegoddess. Its finally on here!!!!!!
  14. I followed all the instructions on how to get my trading card on to my page, but it isn't showing up. I can't see it when I post but I can see the link when I go to "my controls". If someone can help that would be totally groovy!!!!!!
  15. I have read the other 18+ question but when I go to the bottom of the form page it doesn't say anything. Does that mean I am already here???
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