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  1. Drag Racing on Front Street - Ha! I blew the rods out of my 69 Chevy Chevelle on Front Street! Course I also came home with 6 pinks...... So from what I understand he's filming in City Hall and Holmesburg Prison? I've already spoken with a friend of mine at City Hall and warned him if he doesn't let me know when it's being done - I will haunt him. When Denzel Washington was filming Philadelphia - we met him! Annie
  2. Well Seamus is a Scorpio - November 13th. This all rings true but then again I'm a Gemini - so there's about 15 of us living in this one body....which makes a very crowded relationship! Ha! Annie
  3. Sue - Thank you darlin' I'll do just that! Annie
  4. Good morning All! Haven't been here for quite awhile. Mr. Butler's been a busy fellow hasn't he! Coming to Philadelphia in December I understand. It's been in the paper here several times - guess I'm going to have to haunt Center City! LOL. Now I have a question. I'm a doll collector. Seamus (my husband) surprised me last week with a Marek doll - the only problem is I canna find shoes for the lad (big feet don'tcha know LOL!) Can anyone assist me? I'd appreciate that. You all have a good day now! Annie
  5. Hello Ladies, It's been awhile. Spent six weeks in Ireland with the Husband and then off to South Dakota to visit relatives there near Pine Ridge. So breathlessly am going through the mail and tightening up the loose ends while Himself goes back to work to see exactly what the employees have done while he was away! Best wishes to all who are ailing, will say one up for ya, especially the wee one. Nice to see that Mr. Butler's path is taking on a life of its own and he's being appreciated finally. He looks happier. Good for him. Best wishes to all who are well also! Don't wanta forget about you! Will be boppin in from time to time but right now am wishin' for some petrol and something to light it with in order to clear up my desk! Annie
  6. Been missing ya. Glad to see you back and in proper form too. Looking much happier and much healthier. Good for you. Annie
  7. Azemath

    Gerry fan ages

    I'm as old as my tongue and just a wee bit older than my teeth....and I'm stickin to that Annie
  8. Oh what a great and glorious thing! One of the best days in life is the day that a baby arrives! Annie
  9. The way my husband explains it to me is that most Americans speak in the back of their mouth while Irish, English and Scots speak in the front hence the hard gutteral "R" sound iof the American's. It's easier to pronounce his name if your tongue's against your teeth rolling the "R" - I guess the spouse should know -he was born and raised in Ireland. I dislike the moniker "Gerry" immensely. It reminds me of Jerry Lewis - who I abhor! Gerard is a fine name! The celtic pronounciation is GearĂ¡rd. Now try pronouncing my daughter's welsh name Angharad.
  10. O Soave Fanciulla from La Boheme....he'd have to work on his vibrato and perhaps I could be the one in the brass bra and horns....ooops sorry that The Ring by Wagner......don't ya just hate it when you confuse your operas?
  11. Well then we'll be havin' a wonderful affair with both kindsa brownies (with OF COURSE) - only we won't remember any of it! My kinda party. Annie
  12. There are Andre Marek Dolls? Really? I'm a Vintage Barbie collector myself - but I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya. Annie
  13. Brownies - I'll bring some too - only one question WITH or WITHOUT - that got me thrown outta the PTA...... Annie
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