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  1. “It tries to pose questions about the nature of the legal system, but any subtlety gets lost among the explosions, gunfire and falling bodies.”

    Why is it then that I got the message that the movie was making? The justice system is flawed and screwed up. Why is it that this reviewer did not get that message? I thought it was a good film. Even my father liked the film, and me and him do not always agree on movies.

  2. I don’t know about this sequel. I don’t like some of the rumors that I’ve been reading, especially those concerning the character of Raoul. I know I’m thinking differently than ALW, but the Phantom and Christine just do not mix. Raoul is more Christine’s speed. I’m sure the songs and the singer and everyone one will be just fine, but I’m sure about the story line yet, and story line is important to me. I think I unconsciously want this sequel to do bad because I want my novel to be the sequel, LOL. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? In all seriousness, though, I’m not genius (I’m only a genius in my dreams).

  3. Whoever said that Gerry needed to be below the radar for a while, I agree. Doesn’t he realize that negative attention is not a good thing in people’s eyes? Now, Gerry seems like a nice enough guy, and I would hate to think he meant harm by that plant incident, but I do wonder why he did it in the first place. What made Gerry decide to hold a plant out the window with a blanket wrapped around it?

    I wish Gerry would go back to the days before 300. At least when he did stupid things, everyone didn’t know about it. I’m starting to miss the actor. All I’m seeing at times is some immature celebrity. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a big child (my father is sometimes, and he also has a morbid sense of humor at times), but Gerry honestly needs to calm down with his weird, spontaneous actions. He needs to think before he leaps, or he’s really going to get into serious trouble one day. I want the deep-thinking Gerry back, if he ever existed. Or was that just an illusion? But to crack a joke in this moment of seriousness, I hope that Gerry at least watered the plant.

    I’m starting to think that Gerry is not all there, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. A little insanity always helps an artist perfect his work in my opinion. I’m just saying that Gerry needs to think more before he speaks and he acts. I don’t think that’s too much to ask out of a 40 year old man. Then again, my father is older than Gerry, and I quite despise some of the things that come outs his [my father’s] mouth.

    Now, I will acknowledge that I’m not obsessed with Gerry, I’m obsessed with his voice and an idea that I have of him, an idea that does not always hold up (which makes sense, a person is rarely the same as an idea you have of him/her). I honestly need to find myself a boyfriend because I haven’t been feeling well since I heard about the plant incident, and I’ve been debating with myself whether or not I should call Gerry an idiot.

    Don’t bash me for my opinions. I generally do support Gerry in his strange moments but perhaps he went too far this time. I don’t know. I just know that if it wasn’t Gerry, I wouldn’t be affected so much. I wouldn’t be getting so upset if it was someone besides Gerry. I just want to know, Gerry, why? Why?

  4. This is just a little question of curiosity. I have listened to the Original London and the Original Canadian soundtracks, and in the song “the Phantom of the Opera,” there are the lines:


    In all your fantasies you always knew,

    That man, that mystery,


    Were both in you.

    Phantom and Christine:

    And in this labyrinth where night is blind,

    The Phantom of the Opera is there

    Inside my/your mind.

    Why didn’t they sing those lines in the song “the Phantom of the Opera” in the movie?

  5. Hi. I am currently writing a Phantom of the Opera novel, and I know that several members of this forum have Phantom of the Opera novels published. If it’s not too much trouble, I would like to know what I need to do to get my novel published as soon as I have it finished, which should be done before I return to school. Do I need to put anything special in my novel? Thank you for your time and your help, and if I should be posting this somewhere else, please let me know. Thanks.

  6. I also wish that more had been said about Steve Barton, but sadly the character of Raoul is often neglected, even though there would be no love triangle without him. From what I’ve heard of Steve Barton, he sounded wonderful, and I personally liked his voice the best out of the three Original London Cast. I also enjoyed listening to Patrick Wilson. It was a good documentary, but too much attention on Sarah and Michael, even though it is understandable with Sarah because ALW composed the opera for her. Like Sarah or not, without her there would be no ALW Broadway musical known as the Phantom of the Opera. But I still wish more had been said about Steve Barton.

  7. I also got upset when ET mentioned that this movie was starring Jamie Foxx and said his name multiple times, while Gerry was only mentioned once. Nothing against Jamie Foxx, but Gerry’s role is just as important. Besides, Gerry is playing the “psycho,” and we all know how good he is at that type of role. I don’t know what it is about me and men who go insane in movies, lol, but I do love Gerry when he gets to act insane. I was going totally crazy when I heard Gerry speaking, even though I don’t remember a word that he said. I was giggling to myself and acting like a little school did. By the way, what did Gerry say?

  8. You're right, POTO should have gotten an award for the customs. I loved Emmy's white dress when the Phantom took her to his lair, her pink dress, and her Don Juan dress. I loved all of Gerry's customs. POTO should have won more awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor (Gerard Butler). While we're at it, I think Patrick Wilson should have gotten an award as Best Supporting Actor. POTO was robbed.

  9. Okay, so I've been listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack for the 2004 movie again, and I have to play the songs over and over again because I just love how Gerry sings the score. Some of my favorite words of his are "fire" from "What raging fire shall flood the soul" from PONR, "welcome" from "I bid you welcome" from Down Once More, "me" and "strange" from "Sing once again with me our strange duet" from POTO (Gerry really turns "me" into a sexy word), and all the "before(s)" from "Music of the Night." What are some of your favorite words?

  10. Reading your posts brings a smile to my face, thanks. I might watch the movie this weekend, but I have noticed that I notice more things in the actual singing when I'm listening to the soundtrack and not watching the DVD. I guess the movie distracts me too much, lol. But it has been a few weeks since I last watched the movie, so I just might have to watch it again soon. Along with hearing Gerry sing, I also love to look at his emotional, piercing eyes and admire the deep emotions on his face. Oh, yeah, he has nice long slender legs to look at as well. And he looks so skinny in his Red Death outfit; I noticed that the last time I watched the movie. Okay, I'm obsessed over his singing, so now it's time to become obsessed over other things concerning him, lol. Is it possible to fall in love with a voice? The answer: a deep, resounding "Yes, Yes, Yes!" Those eyes of his are also to fall in love with.

  11. Okay, I now know that I've been listening to my POTO soundtrack too much. I'm now starting to notice when Gerry rolls the words he is singing, and it's not just the r's he's rolling. For example, in POTO, he rolls "behind" in "And though you turn from me to glance behind." Also, in PONR, he rolls "descend" in "Let the dream descend." He also does some rolling in Music of the Night, such as on some of his "nights" and on the "fight" in "In this darkness that you cannot fight." I hope I'm not imagining him rolling some of those words because my head starts to roll when I hear some of his rolling. I really have to give Gerry credit on how far he managed to come in his singing ability, really an amazing feat considering he wasn't trained for this type of singing until he found out JS was interested in having him as the Phantom. I really wish Gerry will do another singing role sometime in the future; I loved how he sang in POTO, and I would love to see his voice develop even more. I know Gerry's main passion is acting, but it would please me to have new singing material from Gerry to listen to. If I keep on listening to POTO, I don't know what else I'm going to start noticing besides him being extremely emotional in his singing and his rolling of some of the words he sings. Good work in POTO, Gerry, I hope you are proud of your performance in that movie because you should be, especially for not being stage trained. Gerry really brought the words to life with his passion and his intensity.

  12. I haven't liked some of the rumors that I have heard about this sequel, but I am willing to give it a chance. It would be cool if Gerry could do it on stage, but he doesn't have the strength of voice for it. Also, I wouldn't be able to see him on stage anyways, even though I agree with the person who said that it would be nice to see Gerry perform "Music of the Night" live. Now that would be nice beyond words, and I would be more than happy to volunteer as his Christine. If this sequel turns out to be any good, I would love to see Gerry in the film version of it, along with Emmy and Patrick also reprising their roles as Christine and Raoul.

    I agree that Gerry owes a lot of his success to his role in Phantom, which is no doubt the role which brought the most fan attention to him; I know that it was Phantom that got me interested in Gerry. I have seen several of his other movies, but none of them has touched me as much as Phantom has. I would also love to hear Gerry sing again. I have listened to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack so many times I honestly need new material to listen to, especially if I get to hear Gerry's voice in that new material.

  13. The piece of clothing I would want is not listed. I would love to have Gerry's black cape from the Phantom of the Opera. I love the material that went into making it; it looks so nice, and I wish I could see a close up picture of the whitish inner lining of it. Actually, I would love to have all of Gerry's black evening wear clothes from POTO. I would also be nice to get a closer look at his vest. And I wouldn't say no to his Don Juan outfit, especially the cape and his jacket. From other movies, I wouldn't mind having the leather jackets he wears in Dear Frankie and in PS I Love You.

  14. POTO is my favorite Gerry movie, too, and I have now seen several of his movies (Dracula 2000, Timeline, Tomb Raider, Butterfly on a Wheel or Shattered, Dear Frankie, 300). Gerry was truly an emotional Phantom. He voice was angry, sad, desperate, insane, and beautiful depending on what was going on at the time. I admire Gerry for not being afraid of making his voice imperfect at times in order to get across to the audience what his character was feeling. I admire Gerry for being a different Phantom than what a lot of people was use to hearing. His “Music of the Night” is my favorite song, too. I can listen to it over and over again, both the beauty and the saddening struggle in his voice and in his eyes. Also, his “Music of the Night” had me thinking he could tell me to do bodily harm to someone else, and he could make it sound beautiful. He truly had an emotional voice, and those eyes of his told the Phantom’s story as well.

  15. I have the full-screen version and the 2 disc Special Feature widescreen version just because I wanted to hear the song “No One Would Listen.” However, I have also enjoyed watching the other features on the second disc, and I like watching the widescreen version of the movie because you can see things on the side that wouldn’t be able to see in the full-screen version. I also have two copies of the soundtrack, the one disc soundtrack with just some of the songs, and a two disc set that has all of the songs because I just had to have all of the songs on a soundtrack.

  16. Only Gerard Butler knows who Gerard Butler is. I don’t take much stock in these tabloids and gossip columns; they like to twist the truth a lot. It’s like negative political ads; gossip doesn’t tell us anything about the real person. Gerard Butler knows the real Gerard Butler; we don’t. It’s so sad that so many people judge him so unfairly because he’s a human that happens to have quite a bit fame. The more famous you are, the more scandals you’re supposedly, and I emphasize supposedly, involved in. There is no tangible proof of these accusations. I think this blogger is just jealous of Gerry’s fame and success. No, Gerry is not the same guy he was before he made it big in Hollywood (fame will change you in some ways no matter how good of a person you are), but I believe that Gerry is still a nice guy, not perfect but who is. Gerry is perfectly human, which means he has quite a few imperfections, but that’s one of the reasons I love him so much. Gerry is human, and he displays that in Hollywood, while there are other actors out there who are false.

  17. I'm not saying that Michael can't sing, but I just didn't prefer his style of singing, just like many people didn't prefer Sarah's form of singing. I'm not trying to offend anyone. People have what they like and don't like. And no, Gerry wasn't perfect, but professional singers aren't either. I'm sure the stage singers sound better in person, but I wouldn't know, haven't had the chance yet to see a stage production. On the topic of the Orginal London Cast, there is so much talk about Michael and Sarah but not enough due is given to Steve Barton (I loved his voice).

  18. Yes! Don’t get me wrong, Gerry is a cute good guy, but I love it when he plays the tortured person with a dark side to him who has a lot of pent up frustration and anger inside his heart and his soul. Even though it would be interesting to see Gerry play a lawyer (which would probably make him remember how he got fired before he became a lawyer in real life, lol), I might prefer Gerry in this other role. The dark, torn-up soul, give us that intensity that we love so much, Gerry.

    P.S. Now I know what it is about Phantom of the Opera that I love so much, lol.

  19. Here is a revision of "The Melody of Life." It's based on "Music of the Night" (but not the same melody), Gerry's performance in POTO, and the character of the Phantom himself (or at least the Phantom in the 2004 movie)

    “The Melody of Life”

    Open up your eyes, slowly look around

    Behold the vile cruelties and evils

    Bearing down and crushing you so brutally

    It’s harsh, rough reality

    Now calmly close your eyes, never leave me

    Gladly bask in silence under the night stars

    Become bewitched and illuminated

    Discover the secrets only present after sunset

    And fiercely dance in regal candlelight

    Before the splendor of the Melody of Life

    In my music there is true and pure beauty

    Turn away from the glaring, bright sunlight

    Where deceiving, false beauty lies

    Seek and pursue the delights of moonlight

    Joyfully embrace misery and agony

    Let my music consume your spirit

    Hear it and savor it inside your heart

    Serenading, alluring and bewildering

    Burning, powerful and wonderful

    Dark yet beautiful, bleak and painful

    But my music is true, nothing false about it

    Raw and intense, rapturous and ominous

    Filled with fiery emotion and passion

    Boldly face the elevated exaltation

    Of the Melody of Life

    Run from reality, step into illusion

    Believe in imagination, live in sensation

    Clothe yourself with shadows hidden within

    Emit insanity, shut out the rest of the world

    Let my music overcome your soul

    Only then will you live what is true and real

    Living, feeling, erotic and eccentric

    My music is deep, not shallow or bland

    Profound and more than just a pretty sound

    Perfection is not all that matters

    For reality is not perfect

    It’s turbulent and violent

    Sorrowful yet penetrating and insightful

    My music is freedom, my music is salvation

    In my music I’m never truly alone

    In the night that I roam

    Let my voice caress you and enthrall you

    Feel me, breathe me, I make you complete

    Majestic, hypnotic, subtle and seductive

    Mesmerizing, empowering and imposing

    Intoxicating, I am a true enigma and mystery

    It’s pointless to resist me

    Journey to a land of strange fantasy

    Search for a new and better truth

    Stay by my side, escape to your dark desires

    Walk in your dreams, grant to me your urges

    Forget all that’s happened before, live in me

    Turn your thoughts to me alone and be free

    Say that in my music we shall forever be one

    Loving, soothing, healing and eternal

    Reach for my music without wavering

    Gently touch it, softly grasp it

    Never let it go, give your mind to me

    Dwell and hide in the darkness of night

    Find enchantment and enlightenment

    Choose to unite with my melody

    Which I dexterously compose with reality

    Tremble before the harmony and the divinity

    Of the Melody of Life

    I need your voice to release my song

    Surrender and let us belong together

    In the true glory of the Melody of Life

  20. There are way too many people out there who care about how they look on the outside. I sometimes get caught up in it a bit. I know that I'm not that beautiful, and I sometimes wish I was more beautiful. However, who wants to take the time to put on make up and lipstick? NOT ME! I'm natural, and I'm proud of that. Yes, I'm not Miss Beautiful, but who cares? I rather have a man love me for my intelligence and my creativity than how I look on the outside. After all, physical beauty is fading, but inner beauty can last a lifetime.

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