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  1. I have the POTO soundtrack from the 2004 movie, the highlights from the Original Cast Recording (with Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, and Steve Barton), and the highlights from the Original Canadian Cast (with Colm Wilkinson, Rebecca Caine, and Byron Nease). I did not care much for Michael Crawford’s voice. He sounded too feminine to play the role of the Phantom. Steve Barton sounded much more masculine. Crawford also sounded annoying to my ears whenever he tried to sound haunting and mysterious. His “Music of the Night” wasn’t so hard on the ears, but Gerry put much more emotion into his “Music of the Night.” Crawford seemed to kind of rush through the song, while Gerry took the time to put extra feeling on the words he was singing. I liked Sarah’s voice better than Michael’s, but Emmy Rossum beat Sarah out in singing. I liked Steve Barton’s voice the most out of the three, but I still prefer Patrick Wilson over him. Maybe I’m just use to Raoul sounding more feminine than the Phantom, but Steve Barton (God rest his soul) was much better sounding on my ears than either Michael or Sarah, and I liked Steve Barton better than Byron Nease from the Canadian Cast (even though Byron Nease’s voice was nice in its own right, just not as captivating as either Patrick’s or Steve Barton’s). Even though Rebecca Caine was too old to play the role of Christine, her voice was a great improvement over Sarah’s voice. I liked how Rebecca carried the “of” in “Think of Me.” I also liked how Rebecca ended “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” with her last “goodbye,” even though overall I liked Emmy’s version of this song over Rebecca’s. I liked how Rebecca delivered some of her lines in the final lair number, even though I could barely hear her over Colm. Then again, Gerry was louder than Emmy in the final lair scenes as well. Rebecca voice’s was more trained than Emmy’s, but Emmy is still has a wonderful voice for her young age. Also, of the three versions I’ve heard of “All I Ask of You,” I like Patrick’s and Emmy’s the most. And Patrick’s voice was so angelic it would seem fitting to suddenly see a little halo appear around his head when he’s singing in POTO, lol.

    Colm was much better sounding than Michael. Like Michael, he can carry notes longer than Gerry (but that’s the only thing Michael has over Gerry, and Colm carried some of the notes longer than Michael did). When Michael was singing the opening part for “The Mirror” scene, I wanted to laugh. It just didn’t flow as well as Gerry’s delivery. Gerry’s delivery of the opening part in “The Mirror”: scene flowed better than Colm’s as well. The “triumph” part just didn’t come out as right for either Michael or Colm as it did for Gerry. Colm sounded much more masculine, and he had more emotion in his singing than Michael did. Colm sounded harsh in the right points. Listening to some of Colm’s versions of the song, I wish that Gerry had some more time to get his voice better so that he could have carried some of the notes longer. However, Gerry’s and Emmy’s “Point of No Return” outdid Colm’s and Rebecca’s “Point of No Return.” Gerry and Emmy just had what it took to make that song sound truly seductive and passionate. Gerry also brought more sadness to his Phantom than Colm did. Even though Colm had emotion for his Phantom much more than Michael did, I think Gerry brought even more emotion. Gerry’s Phantom was both sinister and sympathetic, while neither Michael nor Colm brought that sympathetic feeling to me (even though Colm brought a more sinister feeling than Michael did). I wonder if sometimes Gerry didn’t carry the notes as long because he was more concerned about the emotion behind the song; I don’t really know much about singing; I just enjoy listening to it. Also, both Michael and Colm got so whiny sounding at points that it was slightly annoying (especially Colm in the final lair scene when he told Christine and Raoul to leave him). Gerry, however, was able to sound sad and pitiable without sounding whiny (a very good thing in my book).

    I wish Gerry had been given some more time to train his voice (there‘s just no getting over the fact that both Michael and Colm carried the “night“ in the final lair scene much much longer than Gerry did, but maybe Gerry was too busy thinking that he had to break some mirrors in this scene, lol), but Gerry’s Phantom is still my favorite of the three I have heard so far. His intense emotion in his singing did it for me. The only advantage that either Michael or Colm have over Gerry is their ability to carry notes longer. However, it must be taken into consideration that Gerry is not a staged trained singer (and he did exceptional well despite that limitation), and that Gerry was about 10 to 12 years younger than either Michael or Colm when he did the role of the Phantom (Michael was 46, Colm was 42, Gerry was 32, 33, or something like that). That same thing has to be taken into consideration when comparing Emmy to either Sarah or Rebecca. However, Emmy gave her Christine a more innocent sound than either Sarah or Rebecca, and Emmy sounded more youthful (which makes sense for the role of Christine). Gerry’s voice also fitted the Phantom. Michael and Colm were more operatic sounding, and even though Colm did make his Phantom sound harsh; there’s just something about Gerry’s voice that really fits the Phantom (there‘s really not enough words to explain it). Also, it makes sense for the Phantom not to have staged trained sounding voice. Yes, the Phantom spent most of his life under the opera house, but he was never professional trained; he taught himself. Gerry’s voice gives us that feeling, even though I am satisfied with a stage trained voice singing the role of the Phantom as long as that person gives his Phantom some emotion. Maybe I’m so use to Gerry’s voice that I like the way that it sounds over Michael’s or Colm’s (not counting the ability to carry notes long). Also, I liked Gerry’s delivery of the final lair scenes the most out of the three Phantoms. Gerry’s voice made his Phantom sound the most insane out of the three. Gerry truly sounded like he had lost all sense of reason.

    The order in which I liked the Phantoms:

    1. Gerry

    2. Colm

    3. Michael

    The order in which I liked the Christines:

    1. Emmy (her less mature voice just fitted the role better)

    2. Rebecca (I wouldn’t mind hearing her voice again in another musical, like Colm had more emotion than Michael, Rebecca had more emotion than Sarah)

    3. Sarah

    The order in which I liked the Raouls:

    1. Patrick

    2. Steve Barton

    3. Byron Nease

    More notes: I liked Jennifer Ellison’s voice over the woman who sang for Meg in the London casting, even though that woman did have a good scream in the “Down Once More” number. I also liked some of the background music better from the London and Canadian recordings than I did from the movie recordings. I liked the music that was used to begin Phantom’s and Christine’s “Phantom of the Opera” in the London and Canadian version better than what was used for the movie version. Also, the music was much more dynamic and thrilling in the London’s version of “The Mirror” than it was in the movie version. I also liked the drumbeats in the London and Canadian version of “Point of No Return,” those drumbeats added some extra intensity to that song, but Gerry and Emmy did the best job performing this song. However, the recording flowed better in the movie version in the songs “Prima Donna” and “Down Once More” than it did for these songs in the London version.

    I especially like the fact that in the movie version there is a big difference between the Phantom’s voice and Raoul’s voice. You can easily tell them apart.

  2. I think Gerry was at his best in this movie after Selma told him why should Grendel want to fight him since Beowulf has done nothing to wrong him. The look in Gerry’s look, that intoxicating sadness, I loved that.

  3. Sounds like the NYC production was wonderful. I can’t wait to see a stage performance; I really hope I get to do so one day. They probably didn’t have Emmy touching Gerry all over because it would make some audience members feel uncomfortable. After all, Emmy was only 16 when they were filming. For that reason, they also had to keep Gerry from getting too sexy with Emmy. I wish I could sing and do a stage performance with Gerry, though. I don’t know if I would be able to stop following him everywhere, lol. Plus, I’m above 18, so we can touch each other all we want; I can picture now the looks on my parents’ faces if they were to ever watch me and Gerry perform a sexual, passionate scene like PONR, lol. Well, a girl can dream.

    I also loved Gerry’s “Down Once More” and all of his final lair scenes. I listened to Michael Crawford’s version, and quite frankly Crawford didn’t sound like he was insane, which Gerry did even if Gerry did sound more beastly. But Gerry was acting the scene out, his character was insane, so Gerry sang beastly to get that across. I love the fact that Gerry didn’t copy the Phantoms of the past (this is based on things I’ve read since I’ve never seen another Phantom, even though I have the CD from the original cast). I’m glad that Gerry acted this role out and did not just sing it. If Gerry had just made pretty sounds, I wouldn’t have loved this movie as much as I do. Thank you Gerry for giving the Phantom so much passion and so much intense emotion.

  4. I’ve never considered myself a member of a cult. LOL. I may be a little obsessed over Gerry; I don’t know. I have almost 200 pictures of him all over my walls, I have him as my desktop picture, I have a POTO screensaver, and I write poems inspirited by him. Nope, I’m not in any way obsessed over him. LOL. Now this business about me being a member of a cult; I’ve never heard it described that way before.

  5. If they ever do a film sequel, Gerry just has to be the Phantom. I haven’t seen an actor throw himself in a role like Gerry did in a long time. Not to mention Gerry was a beautiful singer too. No one is going to convince me that Gerry can’t sing.

    I think Christine loves the Phantom as well but not in a romantic way. There might have been a sexual attraction through the Phantom’s music, but sex isn’t enough for a relationship to last. Also, I think the Phantom was way too unstable for Christine to handle. Raoul was the better choice for her, and let’s face it Patrick knows what a man wants just as much as Gerry does. On the roof top scene, when Emmy pulls away from Patrick after they kissed, Patrick looked at her as if asking “Why did you stop kissing me, woman?” Also, I got annoyed how Christine changed her mind with every sentence on who she wanted. One line she loved the Phantom, the next line she wasn’t so fond of him. I know she was young, but I really thought she should have stepped up to the plate more before the final scene in the lair. I guess we should be glad that Raoul didn’t go insane like the Phantom did. Christine didn’t mean to, but she no doubt confused them. One moment she loved one of the man, the next moment she was after the other man. I wish Christine had really talked about her feelings for both men because I believe she had feelings for both. However, at the end of the day, I believe that Raoul is the better choice for Christine. She was way too young and not mature enough to love and understand the Phantom like he needed to be.

  6. When Gerry sings “All I Ask of You” to Christine gets to me too. Don’t get me wrong, Patrick’s and Emmy’s version was nice to listen to, but Gerry gave us so much more emotion, which I why I loved him so much as the Phantom. Gerry doesn’t just care about singing the perfect song, which he has stated in an interview. He wanted us to hear what the Phantom was feeling when he sang, and Gerry did that tragically beautiful. The Phantom was feeling desperate to win Christine’s love, and that showed when Gerry sang and wasn’t afraid to let people hear his sobs. Truly emotional. I also loved how Gerry raised his voice before Emmy took his mask off, while at the same time you could hear the desperation in his voice and see the desperation and the sadness in his eyes. Powerful yet vulnerable at the same time. Sad but beautiful. Thank you, Gerry, for not caring about just singing the perfect song. Thank you for giving us the whole character, not just a musical performance.

  7. Gerry isn't trying to make us Americans feel like something less because we are Americans. He is Scottish, and he wants to stay Scottish at heart, no matter how much time he spends in America. I'm half German, half American, but I live in America, so I would never want to lose that part of myself. However, I also want to keep the German traditions my mom (who is my German parent) brought with her to America. Perhaps Gerry is worrying too much, but it's good that he doesn't want to forget where he came from. Way too many celebs forget their roots. But don't worry, Gerry, the Scots are idiots if they think any less of you because you got use to American culture. It's normal. Gerry does have that little boy quality to him, which makes him lovely in many of his fans' eyes.

  8. Thanks for your comments. I really wish I knew someone near me who could sing well, so I could have them sing it for me. I can't carry a tune. I think I need to hear someone who knows how to sing before I can really know what needs to be changed to make the flow better. I'm not gifted in music. And you're right, where is ALW when you need him? As for the melody, it might be a melody all its own. It don't have to fit the melody of the Music of the Night to make me happy. Actually, I would like this song to have its own unique melody. I need a composer and a singer bad time, lol. All I know how to do is write lyrics, and that won't cut it in the music world, as I really would like this song to become big one day (I can dream).

  9. Thank you. I worked all last weekend on that song. I just could never seem to get it right, lol. I really don't know what tune should go with it; I really am musically challenged. I like listening to music, but I know nothing about composing. Thanks for taking the time to read my song. Can you sing? If you can, how did it flow?

  10. Gerry was the movie. His character was the most interesting, and I felt like he did a lot more than Paul Walker's character do. All Paul's character do was stop Oliver (I think) from killing Lady Claire's brother. Then, the brother had to save Paul's character, who couldn't even stab Oliver. Then, we have Gerry's character, who knows how to use a sword and how to protect his lady (protect me, too Gerry, lol). Plus, Gerry has to swim in the river and paddle the makeshift boat while saving Lady Claire. Gerry's character was more of a hero than Paul's character. And wasn't it so sweet that Andre was willing to stay behind in order to be with his love. How romantic. Gerry was very passionate in Timeline. He looked like he wanted to throw up when he killed for the first time. He looked like he wanted to kill someone when he saw Oliver slap the woman he later found out was Lady Claire (before Gerry and the other time travelers broke out of the makeshift jail cell). He looked so shocked, so disbelieving, and so like a little boy when he found out that the woman he had saved was Lady Claire. I really hope I'm spelling her character's name right. I actually saw Timeline before I saw Phantom, but after watching Phantom, I wanted to know about the actor who played him. When I found out that the Phantom had been in Timeline, I just had to see the movie again.

  11. It's not a bad movie, but I like the 2004 movie with Gerry in it much better. The 1989 movie exaggerates the blood (but that’s what horror is today, not that I like it). I actually didn’t find it too scary. The Phantom’s deformity is much more severe but nothing I couldn’t get use to. I actually felt more uncomfortable when I saw the Phantom sewing skin over the deformity. The Phantom in this movie isn’t one I sympathized with. He was truly a monster, and I was happy when Christine fought back against him. It appeared as if he slept with other women, and there was one scene that suggested he raped Christine. You won’t like the Phantom in this movie if you liked the dark but sympathetic Phantom that Gerry Butler gave us. However, I found this movie watch-able, even though I’ve only watched it once. So, if you already have the movie, go ahead and watch it. You can always take it out of the DVD player if you don’t like it.

    P.S. Please look at my song, "The Melody of Life," and comment on it. I really want to know what people think of it. It is posted under the POTO subforum like this subject is. Thank you.

  12. Hi, I wrote this song based on the way Gerry portrayed the Phantom. I just wanted to you what you gals think of it. For you gals who are lucky enough to be able to carry a tone, lol, could you possibly sing this song, and let me know how it flows? Thanks. I hope all of you gals, even the musically challenged ones like myself, lol, enjoy this song. It's set to the tone of "The Music of the Night," or at least that's my intention. Enjoy and thank you for taking to time to look at my song, which I have already revised several times, lol.

    For anyone who read this September 1, I've revised this song a bit from my orginal post.

    "The Melody of Life"

    Open up your eyes

    See the cruelties and the evils

    Bearing down and crushing you

    It's reality

    Now close your eyes

    And listen to the Melody of Life

    In music there is true beauty

    Turn away from day

    Where false beauty lies

    Let nighttime reveal its secrets

    Embrace suffering and agony

    Let my music consume your spirit

    Hear it, wear it

    Powerful and wonderful

    Alluring and serenading

    Dark but beautiful

    Rough yet real

    Tragic and painful

    But music is true

    Nothing false about it

    Raw and intense

    Filled with emotion and passion

    Do not be afraid

    Of the Melody of Life

    Run from reality

    Step into illusion

    Let my music surround your heart

    Let my music overcome your soul

    Living, feeling

    Music is deep

    Not shallow or bland

    More than just a pretty sound

    Perfection is not all that matters

    For reality is not perfect

    Let my voice caress you

    Hold you, enthrall you

    It's pointless to resist me

    Feel me, breathe me

    Majestic and seductive

    Intoxicating and mesmerizing

    Everything else is lost

    Music is a true friend

    My pure companion

    A light brighter than any candlelight

    Shines forth within my darkness

    It dwells among my shadows

    Music can always be counted on

    Music is freedom, music is salvation

    With music I'm never truly alone

    In the night that I roam

    Escape to your desires

    Walk in your dreams

    Forget all that's happened before

    Turn your thoughts to music and be free

    Give your mind to me

    Loving, calming

    Reach for my music

    Gently touch it, softly grasp it

    Never let it go

    Journey to a land of imagination

    Search for sensation

    Unite with my melody

    For the mysteries of my fantasies

    Are revealed in the notes I compose

    Sing with me the Melody of Life

    Say you’ll be one with my song

    Let us belong together

    In the splendor of the Melody of Life

  13. I think Erik should always have a bit of darkness to him, in my opinion that's part of what makes him such a great character to read about and watch in a movie or on the stage (even though I have yet to see a stage show, darn). So, I don't have a problem with Erik being mean at times and a lot off his rocker (that's who he is). I want to justify Erik's actions because I just love Gerry's portrayal of him so much, but at the end of the day; it's just a movie, a deep heartfelt movie that really makes us think of those we don't treat with respect just because they are a little different from us; but Erik isn't real (at least I don't think he is, lol). However, Erik letting Christine go at the end encourages us to forgive him for his past crimes. I think Erik should always be portrayed as both dark, sinister, and evil; and sympathetic, passionate, and with a good side. That's who Erik is, at least that's who he is to me.

    In my opinion, ALW and JS made Erik too sexy in the movie. Erik is not a sexy character. That's probably the only real big complaint I have with the movie: it's too sexed up. Thank goodness Gerry realized that this story was supposed to be sad. This movie (which is my favorite movie despite some flaws because all movies have flaws) wouldn't mean to same to me if Gerry hadn't gotten so deep in character. Don't get me wrong, I loved what he was wearing when he singing PONR, and I loved it when he sang that song; but Gerry did the right thing by turning from sexy to sad when he sang to Christine on the bridge before she took his mask off. POTO is a story of tragedy; it gives us yet another reminder of what can happen when we mistreat someone because they are different. On a side note, though, I don't think Gerry was too sexy to play the Phantom in a believable manner. I'm sure there have been plenty of men who sang the Phantom on stage who weren't ugly on the undisfigured side of their face.

  14. I’m so glad Gerry stopped drinking, even though I couldn’t help but laugh when I was reading about the crazy things he did when he drank too much. He must have been an embarrassing sight to see. Thank you Gerry that you don’t live like that anymore. You would have destroyed yourself, even though telling stories about your crazy, wild past are rather entertaining and funny. And I’m just like you, katja, I also live a dull life compared to Gerry. I’ve never smoke or drank, and I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. Besides, I’m afraid of heights, and I don’t know if even being drunk will be enough to make me start climbing things.

    And it’s always nice to know that people can multitask. Singing and skipping rocks at the same time, simply amazing, especially since I can’t do either, lol. It seems like Gerry was singing Phantom songs on quite a few of his movie sets, at least on Dear Frankie and Tomb Raider. I wonder if anyone on set looked at him strangely and what dedication to a film. I read in another interview that Gerry was taking vocal lessons even before he knew how much Joel wanted him for POTO. What amazing dedication and what a hard worker. I hope Gerry always stays that way and doesn’t go back to the drinking and the smoking, thank goodness he doesn’t do those things anymore, especially drinking; he’s lucky he never hurt himself seriously or killed himself.

    I can identify with Gerry degrading himself by having to feel miserable about something concerning himself; I feel the way myself on many occasions. I sometimes find myself struggling to have a high self-esteem and not degrade myself. Gerry is so human because of his imperfections, and that’s one of the things I like about him; and his humanity is one of the reasons why he such a great actor who can get so deep into his roles.

  15. Isn’t it always nice to hear someone praising Gerry, lol? I’m glad to read people being pleased with Gerry’s acting work because Gerry simply does not get the credit he deserves from the critics. And wonderful down-to-earth Gerry saying that it was the director that allowed him to understand what was needed out of him. Come on, Gerry, we all know you’re a man, it’s expected out of you for you to be a little cocky at times, lol. Actually, it’s nice to know that Gerry doesn’t have a big head because of his recent success, especially in 300 (even though I like many others believe that Gerry should have found his big success in Phantom). Gerry is a wonderful actor and a generally nice guy (even though he sometimes says stupid things simply because of the fact that he is human, and I like the fact that he isn’t perfect; he simply wouldn’t be as interesting). I’m still considering watching this movie in theaters (I have yet to see a Gerry movie in theaters!).

  16. I sing “Phantom of the Opera” and “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” a lot, especially since I know all of the lyrics for both songs. I sometimes sing bits and pieces of “Think of Me” because I don’t know all of the lyrics to it. I also love singing “Point of No Return,” but for some reason I only seem to know Gerry’s part. I’ll also sing bits and pieces of “Music of the Night,” but I don’t know all of its lyrics even though I listen to it all of the time. It’s like “Think of Me,” both beautiful songs but not the easiest to memorize (at least in my case). In my opinion, “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” are easier to memorize the lyrics to and sing (even though I, of course, can’t carry a tune, lol) than “Music of the Night” and “Think of Me.” Could some of the singers we have on this site mention which songs they find the hardest to memorize or sing?

  17. I loved “No One Would Listen.” I wish it had been on one of the soundtracks (I have both, the one CD with the key songs the Deluxe 2 CD’s with all the songs from the movie). This song was so soft (which was perfect for Gerry’s singing range even though I think he does hit the high notes well as well) and sad. And with this solo, there’s no Christine, only the Phantom (no offense to Christine but since the Phantom is such a solitary soul it only makes sense to see him all by himself for at least one song, I mean Christine gets a song where she is all by herself and she‘s hardly as solitary as the Phantom; after all she has two men after her heart, not all girls have that, I don‘t even have one men after me, sigh). Beautiful but sad song, and it’s because of hearing about this song that I talked my sister into buying the 2 DVD set for me for Christmas last year. I’m glad I did; I wish this song had made it into the movie, but I can understand why it didn’t. I love having a chance to listen to it, though, and I really wish it had been on at least one of those two soundtracks I have.

  18. It’s been a while since I’ve watched PSILY but I felt like talking about it today. All of my negative remarks are only against the characters, not the actors and actresses playing them. I couldn’t help but be upset with many of the characters in this movie. The women seemed to be selfish and uncaring. I really wanted to give Holly’s blond haired friend a piece of my mind when she complained to Holly for not being there for her when she was preparing for her wedding. Hello, Miss Blond Hair (no offense to blonds as a whole especially since I’m a natural blond and proud of it), Holly is still getting over the loss of her husband, of course it’s all about her. She’s about to get married and about to be happy and she’s upset that Holly isn’t there telling her how pretty her dress is. How about taking a moment to think what Holly must be feeling? The only time I really liked Holly’s blond haired friend was when she was going around asking guys if there were single, if there were gay, and if they had a job (really funny moment there). I was much more satisfied with Holly’s darker haired friend. I also wasn’t exactly fond of the actions of Holly’s mother. Even if she didn’t care for Gerry she still should have been more supportive of Holly, she is after all Holly’s mother. I did like the look on her face, though, when she heard the music that Gerry wanted played during the beginning of the movie. And I just found something unsettling with the comment made by Holly’s sister when she told Holly what a lovely widow she made. I wouldn’t want to be told I look like a lovely widow. I would be telling her “I don’t care, I would prefer not to be a widow at all” or something along those lines. I really wish that Holly would have given her family and friends a piece of her mind; she had no problem with doing that with her husband.

    The men in this movie fared much better, except for maybe Harry Connick Jr's character. I thought he was funny when he was explaining to Holly his rudeness problem, but I really wanted to slap him when he told Holly he would be happy to help her get rid of Gerry (when Holly asked him if he wanted any of Gerry’s clothes) and during the scene when they are eating and he insults Holly by asking if she needs a letter from her husband. He was much too pushy and much too jealous and spiteful towards a woman who had just lost her husband. Except for having sex with a woman he just met and the comment “Me and Gerry share everything,” William fared pretty well. He had the similar charm about him that Gerry’s character had. And who couldn’t love Gerry? Sure, he had his faults as well, he shouldn’t have made that deal with his friend (which was talked about during the beginning of the woman) without consulting his wife first and he should have left his wife alone when she didn’t want to sing, but overall he was a very charming, witty, and caring husband; and I could totally understand how a woman could fall in love with him and be saddened by his death. Gerry didn’t focus on every little worry of life, like Holly did and like so many of us do as well (including me). Instead, Gerry lived each day to its fullest, and he showed his love for his wife by making sure that he would be there to support him after he died. My dad thought that his letters to his wife was a sweet idea. Gerry Kennedy is the kind of husband I would like to have one day, but also with a touch of Andre Marek (he would do anything to protect his woman and he’s not stupid, plus he knows how to use a sword), and the seductive air that Phantom (along with all his emotions, I like a man who’s not afraid to cry) and Dracula brought to keep things interesting (I could do without their insane, violent behaviors, lol).

    It was the scenes with Gerry in them that made this movie for me, even though Harry Connick Jr's character had his funny moments as well.

  19. Maybe Christine wasn’t trying to be spiteful in the end, but there’s just something about her rubbing Raoul’s back so tenderly while she is glancing behind at the Phantom that got to me. Maybe she was trying to say, “You have a place in my heart, but I love Raoul.” I can’t help but think she was rubbing it in his face a bit that she was leaving with Raoul when she began singing “All I Ask of You” again while she and Raoul was on the boat. She started the singing, not Raoul. That’s just something I don’t understand, Christine gives the ring back to Erik and look like she pities him, then as soon as she’s out of his sight she begins singing her and Raoul’s song. Maybe Christine does pity the Phantom, but I don’t think she loves him. No doubt she’s very thankful that the Phantom is letting both her and Raoul leave alive (maybe that’s why she returned the ring to the Phantom and looked sadly at him). I don’t always like doing interpretations either because sometimes it seems as if others’ interpretations are more right than mine. But because POTO is filled with so much emotion and meaning, people are bound to get different things from it and therefore have different interpretations. When watching the movie, I personally got the feeling that Christine may had been drawn to the Phantom while she still thought of him as her Angel of Music and he did awaken some sexual feelings in her, but at the end of the day she would rather be with Raoul because he is the saner, safer choice. I don’t think Christine would have been the kind of woman that could understand and love the Phantom in the way that he needs to be understood and loved. She wanted to light, not the night (as she sang to Raoul in “All I Ask of You”). I think she was much too young to handle living with the Phantom on a day to day basis as his wife. Let’s face it, the Phantom is an emotionally mess; it would take a really special and strong but compassionate and understanding woman to even begin to help him emotionally and mentally.

  20. Thanks for editing my post, heISmyGspot, as I really don’t know how to black something out like that. I’m seriously technology challenge. I guess I should be glad I know how to turn a computer on and off. And I don’t care what bashers have to say, people can bash Gerry’s performances in his movies (especially in POTO, you knew that movie would come up somewhere in this post, I‘m totally obsessed over that movie regardless of what some critics say about it) all they want, and what they say won’t stop me from enjoying Gerry’s performances. I think Gerry is a talented, exceptional actor (no matter what some critics say). I was just stating a sad fact, some people have nothing better to do than to bash people they don’t even know personally. Hence is the reason why some people only like to point out the negative things about Gerry. They take things he says that can be implied as negative, especially when the rest of the story is not given. Anyways, I’m glad that this spoiler is just implied and doesn’t actually happen, makes me fell a little more comfortable about this movie. I have yet to see a Gerry movie in theaters, and I would like for RocknRolla to be the first one I see. If not RocknRolla, I really would like to see Game in theaters.

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