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  1. If this is animated, I guess we can concentrate only on Gerry's beautiful and amazing acting that comes through his voice. I love seeing Gerry's facial expressions and his eyes, but he acts perfectly with just his voice alone.
  2. How do you compare Guy to other director's you've worked with? Butler:Well, he has a different name which was a big thing for me. No. What I loved about Guy, and I'm sure he knows it, but that name, it's kind of in your soul. He's an institution and suddenly you're there and you're working with him. What surprised me was how easy going he was. For me then it's like trusting that you have a director who knows exactly what he wants, but he's going to let you do what you want and there's a natural flow that we kind of all got into as we hung out and spent time together. The script has a rhythm. It's just got a rhythm and he really kind of understood that, but at the same time he just lets it happen. He interjects when it's necessary, but that's what's great about the movie, it has this flow to it, this rhythm. It's really the script. It's just learning to trust that. He's kind of like the master director that way. Ritchie: Thanks, Gerry. You will have another job after that. Butler: Did I get it right? Was that good? I didn't understand what you wrote here. I simply loved that part. You can clearly see that the director and the actor gets along very well, which is very important to the success of a movie. I thought that this exchange between Ritchie and Butler was very funny. On a side note, I hope this movie is better than Revolver, which I was very disappointed with. However, I have yet to see a Gerry movie which I couldn't stand watching, so I"m keeping my hopes up with this one for the time being.
  3. I'm confused, how was the Halle Berry comment offensive? I didn't see nothing wrong with it whatsoever. The only thing I had a problem with was Gerry talking about sex so openly, but I suppose some guys are like that (and Gerry is a very down to earth guy), so I can get over that. Gerry is not perfect, and I don't expect him to be. When it comes to the Halle Berry comment, well Halle Belly is a popular actress, and I guess Gerry would love to one day do a movie with her. Gerry was just being funny (in my opinion). It seems as if he was way too high spirited to be intentionally mean-spirited. I don't know what the big deal is with the Halle Berry comment, so I just wanted to give my opinion on it. I'm not angry with Gerry because of it; there's no reason for me to be so.
  4. 1. The Music of the Night (Because it's nothing but Gerry's voice I'm hearing, yum, and you can feel the Phantom's desire and longing but at the same time his despair and the sad belief that deep down in his heart the Phantom already knows that Christine won't be his. I also like how Gerry carries the notes "soar" ("Let your spritit start to soar") and "night" ("Help me make the Music of the Night"). 2. The Point of No Return (I love how Gerry says "fire" ("What raging fire shall flood the soul"), along with many other words. You can feel the sexual energy and the passion in this song. Then, you can feel the complete sadness of the Phantom when he is singing "All of I Ask of You" to Christine before she rips his mask off). 3. I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It (You could tell just by his voice alone that Gerry as the Phantom was angry. Then, you could clearly hear the Phantom's transition from anger to sadness in a way that was totally realistic and believeable.)
  5. I have read Leroux book, and did not have an impression that they really made love. For Erik, it was enough that Christine did not run away when seeing his face (I did not explain her "being kind to him" as being THAT kind). By the way, the Leroux book can be found on Internet, if you do not have access to a "paper" version of it, for example on http://www.readprint.com/work-716/Leroux-Gaston By the way, the idea of Erik having a closer relation with Mme Giry (in a musical version) seems quite possible, but if it was true, Erik would not tell Christine that: "That fate which condemns me to wallow in blood, has also denied me the joys of the flesh." (so it seems that Erik was totally unexperienced in that area). Yes, that line tells us for sure that Erik is a virgin, and I like it that way. If Erik was Meg's father, that would mean he and Madame Giry had sex with each other. If that was the case, it wouldn't make sense to me for Erik to want Christine so much, and it was clear to me that Erik wanted to have Christine as a sexual partner at some point in his life. However, that wouldn't make sense if Madame Giry was already his sexual partner. From what I got from the movie, Madame Giry is either a mother or a big sister figure to Erik. I also don't like the idea of Erik siring a child of Christine because of that particular line, and I would have lost a lot of respect for Erik if he had taken advantage of Christine while she was asleeep in his lair. Also, just because a lot of people don't like Raoul doesn't mean he can't prodcce children of his own, and there's no reason why his children can't be intelligent [i mean he is a noble; he has received an education]. Also, Gerry has alluded in interviews that romantic relationship with Christine is always just beyond his [the Phantom's] reach.
  6. I hope that the Phantom has more than just one solo, especially if Gerry ends up being in it one day. Don't get me wrong, Emmy sounded nice, but I simply love the Music of the Night because all I hear is Gerry's voice. The Point of No Return might be my favorite song, but I listen to Music of the Night more on my soundtrack because it's nothing but Gerry. I hope ALW doesn't mess this sequel up. I don't like the idea of the Phantom making love with anything that looks like Christine, kissing and hugging maybe but not making love. I mean the Phantom never forced himself upon Christine in the 2004 movie, and I would like for things to stay that way, even if the Phantom is not really making love with Christine. Besides, I think Raoul and Christine are a much better fit for each other, the Phantom needs someone who can understand him better and not just pity him like Christine did "Pitiful creature of darkness." All in all, though, if this remains R/C (but showing that there will always be some form of connection between the Phantom and Christine but without no scenes that suggest rape because I'm totally against that) and also if there is a lot of Phantom singing in solos when it's only him I'm hearing (especuially if it's Gerry), this sequel should be good. I would probably watch a film version of this sequel even if Gerry wasn't in it, but I don't think I would enjoy it as much, and I probably wouldn't watch it over and over and over and over again. I also wouldn't mind seeing Emmy and Patrick again.
  7. I just want Gerry to be seen as a serious actor and for more people to appreciate his acting talents. I know that the people here on GALS appreciate his acting talent, but in other places all you hear about is how good looking he is. Not to start anything, but I actually wouldn't say that Gerry was "sexy" in films such as POTO and PSILY. Even in 300 I wasn't going all crazy over his body, as I use to with another celebity before I got tired of his childish behavior. In reality, I was more in Gerry's cape than into his body. To me, Gerry is a good looking man, and I do admit I like him in an open shirt (but him being shirtless does not necessarily do anything special for me), I like looking at his butt in his pants, and I like the way his long legs look so small and skinny in capes (I do love how he wears a cape), but none of those things involve his face, and there's a lot of man out there who have nice chests and nice shaped butts out there, but that doesn't make them sexy to me (I know that may sound strange but that's just me and my family thinks I'm a bit strange at times anyways, lol). To me, Gerry is an extremely intense actor who doesn't get the credit he deserves and has too many people only seeing him for his good looks not for his ability to absoluty become the character we see on screen. Don't get me wrong, I have many pictures on Gerry on my walls, but they are mostly because I love the emotions he is showing in them and I even have one that shows how nice his body fits with a cape (I will admit Gerry's body looks nice in a cape). So, yes, Gerry is a good looking man, but if he wants to one day be taken as a serious good actor, he should keep his clothes on. And I'm glad that this modeling thing is only a rumor; I hope it remains that way.
  8. I totally agree with you, galpal2008, it would be hard for someone to perform a better Phantom than what Gerry gave us. For now, Gerry is the Phantom to be me, and it would be almost impossible for someone else to replace him. And I agree that Patrick Wilson was perfect for the role of Raoul, just as Gerry was perfect for the role of the Phantom and Emmy Rossum was perfect for the role of Christine. I couldn't see Patrick as the Phantom, and I couldn't see Gerry as Raoul; they were perfect for the characters they were, and I really wish that I could have heard more of Gerry and Patrick singing together. They only sang one line together, and even though you could hear the differences in their voices from just that one line alone, it would have been nice to hear them merge some more together as Gerry's is my favorite voice of the three and Patrick's is my second favorite voice. Don't get me wrong, I love Emmy's voice as well (especially for one so young), but as a girl, I want to hear some beautiful male voices, not just a beautiful female voice, and boy oh boy, did I get to hear some beautiful male voices from Gerry and Patrick. Of course, I probably wouldn't like this movie as much if Gerry wasn't in it (Gerry's voice and acting made this movie for me, but I love Patrick's voice as well, just not as much as Gerry's of course).
  9. My favorite scene was the one in which Gerry was signing "Mustang Sally" (or at least that's what I think the song was called). I liked the song "All you want to do is ride around, Sally." I loved how Gerry sung it, and you could tell that he was enjoying himself. Then I liked how he "talked" his wife onto stage to sing a song. I loved Gerry's face when he was reacting to his wife"s sexy doings on stage. Then, his face was simply priceless when his wife is in the hospital with a broken nose and a twisted ankle and he askes her "how long are you going to be mad at me for?" I simply loved his facial expression when he asked her that question, and I love the way he sings, especially "Mustang Sally."
  10. Oh, yes, I did read somewhere that Gerry was the "big secret" if you will until "Point of No Return," and boy wasn't it an amazing revealing of the secret. I can guess that people didn't see much of Gerry on set unless they had a scene with him as Gerry was always busy with singing somewhere else (there's no doubt in my mind that Gerry was among the hardest workers in this movie). I can understand Patrick reacting the way that he did, and it did indeed work out well as it showed that Raoul truly cared about Christine. There is a lot of continuity errors in POTO that many of us probably wouldn't make, no doubt about it, but it's still my favorite movie at this time.
  11. I read in an interview that Patrick Wilson felt the connection and the chemistry between Gerry and Emmy when he was watching them sing PONR, and when Patrick saw them together he felt like he was stumbling upon a well-established relationship. So, I think that Patrick as Raoul felt the connection between the characters of Phantom and Christine, and his face and his eyes showed that. I don't think the character of Raoul understood the connection betwee Christine and her mysterious teacher until PONR, and then Raoul didn't know quite how to handle it (because I truly believe that Raoul was also deeply in love with Christine, he just loved her differently than the Phantom did). And yes, you can see Gerry's deformity at the top of his face and his blondish brown wig under his black wig when he is singing to Christine "All I Ask of You" just before Christine unmasks him (which is probably the reason these things were seen at this point because the unmasking was about to happen in a matter of seconds, the unmasking wasn't about to happen before Phantom stared to sing "All I Ask of You"). I also loved the fact that Gerry's Phantom had a human touch to him, even though I did wish that Phantom had won the sword fight. However, I can understand why they had Raoul won (it made the Phantom appear more as just a man, it made Raoul look like more a threat and a worthy opponent for Phantom, and it showed that Christine has feelings for Phantom when she keeps Raoul from killing him). Please feel free to ask more POTO questions, and I will answer them to the best of my abilitiy along with everyone else. I simply love tallking about POTO, especially Gerry's breathtaking, powerful, and emotionally charged performance.
  12. I'm with most of you here; I don't want Gerry to do this (no matter how much money he is offered). For one thing, Gerry has said in numerous interviews that he doesn't consider himself sexy (he appreciates being called sexy over ugly of course but he is surprised when he is called sexy). For another thing, Gerry no longer has the body he had for 300. Since 300, he has been eating "the good tasting stuff that's bad for you" (or something among those lines). Also, I don't think it's a good idea to fall in love with someone just because of their body, even though I may not be one to talk. I first fell in love with Gerry because of his intoxicating, passionate, emotional voice in Phantom and his sad, emotion filled, memerizing eyes. Since I've found out more about Gerry, I also fell in love with his down-to-earth often humerous but serious and mature when necessary and appropriate personality. I appreciate Gerry for his voice (both when he is speaking with his natural beautiful Scottish accent that simply makes me melt and when he is singing Phantom style which also draws me in like a magnet), his intoxicating eyes that show you what's truly in his soul, and I especially appreciate Gerry for his extremely intense almost out of this world acting abilities. True, Gerry is far from ugly, but when I look at Gerry I don't him as some sex object. I think of Gerry as an attractive man that is a bonus to his nice personality, and I will admit I did like looking at his chest hairs when he was wearing those open shirts in Phantom and I did look at his butt when he stood up in the No One Would Listen extra song in Phantom, but when I think of Gerry I don't think of the words "hunk" or "sexy" (and I really mean it when I say those things, I really do). When I think of Gerry, I more often think of "intense" or words that are similar to that, such as "extremely passionate." So, I don't want Gerry to get into modeling. I want him to stay with acting, which he does beyond the words excellent, brillant, and amazing. However, I wouldn't object if Gerry, along with acting (I really want him to keep on acting), also wanted to have a bit of a singing career (it truly is possible to fall in love with someone just because of their voice; it doesn't have to do anything with their bodies). So, Gerry do the wise thing and don't accept this modeling thing. It's not you, and I know money isn't everything to do anyways.
  13. This article is so right in many ways. Gerry can be either sweet and charming or he can be a tough guy, and he can make both types of role believeable. I am amazed at how much Gerry can stretch himself, and I like the fact that he doesn't stick to just one kind of movie (even though I really really really would love to see him do another musical). I also like the fact that money isn't everything to Gerry. Just because you have lots of money doesn't mean you're going to be happy, and I'm glad that Gerry is doing stuff that he's interested in. If he did things only for the money and had no interest in them, he probably wouldn't do as good as an acting job (and I believe like many of you do as well that he is one of the best actors of this time). I hope RocknRolla and Game both do well, and you have to admire Gerry putting his body on the line for many of his scenes in Game. I appreciate and respect an actor who does as many of his own stunts as possible. Just be as careful as possible though, Gerry, none of us want to see you get seriously hurt. Don't be a reckless man, lol. As for Phantom, it's my favorite Gerry movie that I have seen so far, and it will be hard for Gerry to do a better acting job in another movie as he did in Phantom. (I haven't seen some of his movies yet, such as Dear Frankie which I really want to see, but I believe Phantom will be my favorite Gerry movie for a long time, and it will always have a place in my heart because he is so intense and so passionate in it, and it is the movie that made me get drawn to Gerry in the first place). So yes, Gerry, Phantom gives me a "very, very strong and passionate reaction." P.S. Stay down to earth, Gerry. Don't ever let Hollywood change you for the worse. P.S. I love you (I couldn't resist writing that, lol).
  14. When I was reading this, I was thinking this is typical Gerry humor. He doesn't care if he makes an idiot out of himself by talking about "taking a crap." Typical and funny Gerry, which I love so much. However, if I was his wife, we really would need to work on him dropping the F bomb. LOL. It's not really a big deal honestly because I'm so use to it, but I like a bit of a challenge. On a side note, I hope RocknRolla is much better than Revolver was. If you haven't seen that movie, don't bother with it. It was stupid beyond imigination, and I was glad when it was over. I only watched it because one of my sister's favorite actors, Jason Strathan (sp?) was in it, and as much as I like watching him, Revolver was not one of his best films. Of course I still like watching Gerry more. I hope RocknRolla is good because I have yet to see a Gerry movie which I hated.
  15. gerran

    Phantom Deux

    I don't think Gerry has the strength of voice to do a stage performance, but I would love to see him in another POTO film. I would also love to see Emmy and Patrick come back as Christine and Raoul as I thought all three had the right voices for the parts they played (of course Gerry's voice is still my favorite). I like the idea of a film sequel as long as it is not too E/C as I believe Raoul and Christine are much better for each other. I also would like for the Phantom to be both dark and sympathetic, as he was in the 2004 movie as portrayed by Gerry. And I would love to see some resolution between the Phantom love triangle. If all this happens and this stage idea becomes a film, I would love to go see it over and over again, especially if it has Gerry in it. I don't know if anyone else could capture the emotion, the depth, and the passion in the same way that Gerry did.
  16. A role I would like to see Gerry do is something I don't think has been made into a movie yet, but I can imagine him a certain part. It's a book called the Guardian by Nicholas Sparks. The physical description of one of the characters brings Gerry to my mind, though he would probably have to drop his Scottish accent (oh the sacrifices our leading man must make sometimes). The particular role that I would love to see Gerry do is that of the can be described as insane but at the same time intelligent man in the classic love triangle. I guess I have POTO on my mind, but I love it when Gerry plays the insane guy. He could defintely make that role interesting and thrilling, hence the whole movie would be interesting and thrilling.
  17. I like the fact that Gerry is a diverse actor, and I hope he remains that way. However, if he wants to stick with a certain kind of genre of movies, I would like it if he did more deep, intense in raw emotional, psycholgical, insane movies (where he is the insane one of course, lol, sorry I'm not all there either, but I really would love to see Gerry do more POTO type movies).
  18. The number 6 song on the Hinder: Extreme Behavior CD (Better Than Me) because I could totally relate it to the Phantom being sorry for all of the pain and misery he caused Christine. Some of the lyrics are this time period, but I could mostly relate this song to the Phantom. I know, I know, I'm totally obsessed over POTO, and I'm proud of it.
  19. I have read E/C stories, R/C stories, E/M stories, Erik and other women stories, and even a few Erik/Madame Giry stories, so I am pretty flexible. I have read stories that I have enjoyed with all of these shippings, though not really Erik and Madame Giry as much because I haven't come across as many and they tended to have Erik as being totally evil. I have read after the movie stories, modern take on the story, and stories based off the orginal novel by Leroux, and I have enjoyed several of them. I can tolerate pretty much any POTO story as long as it doesn't totally get the characters wrong (such as making Raoul suddenly a mean son of a...where you know how the rest of it goes). I also don't like stories based on Gerry's Phantom that turns him into a sex object. Okay, so the man is cute, but he is a dark character. I bascially really enjoy dark stories with angst that has a lot of Erik in it. However, I don't like stories where Erik is totally evil. I'm all for the sympathetic villian who finds redemption by the end of the story and shows himself as havng a bit of a heart at points. I just wanted to know what the rest of you thought. Quick question, is Erik a whimp in Sadie's books because I read reviews saying that Erik kind of submitted to Meg and her mother. I don't know if those are true because I haven't read the books, though I would love to. I don't like when Erik is a whimp either. I think he belongs with a strong woman, but at the same time he doesn't become weak. Thank you for all of your replies.
  20. Hi. I'm new to this site. The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite Gerry movie to this point. Of course, I havent's seen all of Gerry's movies yet, but I truly believe that no movie anytime soon will have a bigger place in my heart than POTO. Gerry was so emotional, so passoniate, and so raw in his performance. His voice, his eyes, his facial expressions told the whole story. Now I know most of us would stay with Erik if we had been Christine, but I think Christine made the right choice choosing Raoul. That's right, I'm a R/C shipper. Please don't bite my head off. Let me explain. Yes, Gerry and Emmy had excellent chemistry, and their voices blended well together, but I think the character of Christine is better off with the character of Raoul. I personally think that Raoul is unfairly disrespected. Out of the trio, Christine is actually my least favorite character. Now I don't hate her (she was young after all), but Raoul is not the bad guy in disguise of an angel (that was Erik). By the way, Erik is my favorite character, especially as portrayed by Gerry, but Raoul is okay in my book as well. Perhaps Raoul and Christine have a childish relationship, but they were like children in the orginal book. I truly believe their feelings for each other will become more mature as they grow older. Also, you have to admit it's a miracle Raoul didn't totally lose it like Erik did. I mean, Christine changed her mind about which man she wanted from just one sentence to another. I know she is young and all, but I really felt like she was playing with two men's heart (I'm sure she didn't mean to of course but that's what happened). Christine sings in the movie that she doesn't want the darkness, which Erik is. Raoul is the light, which Christine wants. Christine is drawn to Erik, but it's more of a lustful drawn. Now I truly believe that Erik loved Christine beside just the sexual desires (he did afterall let Christine and Raoul go at the end), but I don't think that Christine loved Erik as deeply as Erik loved Christine. She was too young for that, and her personality just went better with Raoul's. Christine may had been drawn to Erik, but I don't think she saw him as being truly human. In the lair, she calls him "pitiful creature of darkness." She calls him a creature in the end, not a man. Also, I truly believe that lustful, sexual feelings fade after a while without there being deeper love. So, Christine may had been enchanted by Erik for a while, but after a while she would want to escape from the darkness that Erik lives in. In other words, Christine is better off with Raoul, and I think that Raoul and Christine would mature in more ways than one as they grew older. I don't think that quite understood Erik's pain, but I believe they could after some more time with him. So, I'm a R/C shipper. I would like to hear what everyone else has to say on this matter. By the way, I have read some good E/C stories, but I like R/C stories which don't bash Erik. Likewise, if I read E/C stories, I don't want them bashing Raoul either. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
  21. I don't think Gerry will do anymore 300 movies. I believe I read somewhere (can't remember where) that he does not intend to do anything more with 300. He put down the idea of doing a sequel. I hope he enjoys spending time with his mom. If a man doesn't treat his own mother right, that's almost a sure indication that he won't treat a future wife right. However, from things I've read, Gerry is good to his mom, and I hope he remains that way.
  22. Most of the things I have read about Gerry are good things, which makes me glad. I'm sure he can lose his temper at times, but there's probably not many people which the same is not true for. I know having reporters coming up to me and asking stupid questions (which they do way too much) and having other people coming up to you who only see you as a movie star who doesn't deserve a private life would make me a little upset at times. Yes, Gerry probably has a dark side, but that is what allowed him to become some of the dark characters he has played (the Phantom being my favorite at this point). However, I have also read of Gerry's lighter side, his carefree, happy side. What I like about Gerry (besides his amazing, memerizing, beautiful eyes which I'm still having problems trying to find out the color of) is his deepness (which he really showed in the POTO). Gerry is probably one of the deepest thinking actors out there today, and I hope he remains a nice guy who doesn't let his fame get to his head.
  23. This is so funny. I really can't wait until we get to Point of No Return. I love that song, and I can't wait to what you do with it. I'm also looking forward to what you do with All I Ask of You and Masquerade.
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