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  1. Hello GALS, Thank you for providing this temporary thread to welcome the Angels. I have been working all weekend reformatting the forum at the request of many of my members. It is now complete for the Angels to visit. I will be sending out an announcement to all Angels in a few days (unfortunately I have to wait for my bulk email to be active again). In the meantime, please consider this an official announcement for all Angels to visit our new Angels Forum at this new link: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Angel_Haven/index.php? Just log on with your original username and password. Please p
  2. Hi Ballerina, Your Comic Con slideshow is great! It features the best photos taken of Gerry that day. Thanks for posting it.
  3. Hi Swansong, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to meet you in person too. I’ve always loved the way you write and if I had known you were there, I would have asked someone to point you out to me. heISmyGspot, thanks for having us. It feels so nice being part of the GB FANmily and I felt so welcomed. Songbird, your name suits you and I was so glad you introduced yourself. Susan~Sporran, please don’t feel bad you didn’t introduce us around. You were so busy that night and I hope you had a chance to relax and have some fun. You’ll be able to introduce us next year because we’d love to attend
  4. Hello GALS! I'd like to thank Dayna and everyone involved in making the convention such a wonderful experience. My hubby and I had a great time in Vegas and celebrating at the Gala night. We arrived on Thursday at 6:30 pm. Our room wasn’t ready yet so we went to the pool area and listened to their entertainment. I phoned one of my members and asked her to meet us there. We met her and her daughter and went up to the hospitality suite to meet others and get info on the scheduled events. Sporran was there along with a few other GALS. By the time we got to check into our room it was time
  5. Hi everybody, I was just talking about DJ requests with one of my members yesterday. It's great to see you have a thread started about this. I ditto many of the requests already made, especially Funk! May I also suggest some big band sounds, ie. Glenn Miller, since it is a Hollywood Vintage Ball. If any of you like to swing dance, please feel free to dance with my hubby (I don't know how to swing dance). I'm looking forward to 'getting down' with ya all at the Ball! :dance:
  6. Hi everybody, I had such a wonderful evening meeting some of you GALS and Jewels and partying with Dayna (Dr. Em)! It was so fun with 20 of us in a limo riding over to the Premiere! We checked in and walked on the Red Carpet and saw Zack Snyder being interviewed by the press. Some of the other ladies saw Ian Gruefold (sp?). Before the movie started I found out that I had 2 tickets to the After Party in my ticket envelope. I asked around but none of the other ladies had them. My hubby Mark suggested instead of him going, that I take Dayna. She has been so instrumental in helping me get in
  7. Hi Susan, Please add my name to the list. I saw the show in Vegas and loved it! I would be interested in the closest seats you can get. Thanks a bunch! ~Sweetheart Angel~
  8. Oh thank you!!!!!! You don't know how much I LOVE reading these Gerry encounters. I've yet to have one of my own so I get to live vicariously through all of you. Like you said, he is utterly gracious and charming. Beautiful on the inside and out. What a wonderful experience for you and what a FANTASTIC husband you have!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: edited to say: this post made me Erik's Angel GAL! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Hey Leslie D and Lady Elissa, I also have a video capturing my moment as well as a few other fans' moments including our very own Sporran. Just click on the "Sweetheart
  9. LOL! LeslieD To read all about it, here is my fan encounter story: http://fanencounters.gerardbutlerangels.com/sha.html Enjoy (I know I did ) ~Sweetheart Angel~
  10. Hey GALS, I got my costume for our 300 ball! I was out shopping for a 'Christine' wig to wear to the POTO screening November 11 when I saw this outfit. I figured I should get it now before the Halloween shop is sold out and closes for the season. I tell you I haven't played dress ups this much since I was a kid - :: I can't wait! ~Sweetheart Angel~
  11. GBA Talent Contest ~ Singing ~ Artistic Angel Award Congratulations to Amber (Charmed Angel) for winning our Singing Contest! Her rendition of 'Maybe' from the hit musical "Annie" showcased her beautiful and angelic voice. Her winning audio clip is displayed on our Artistic Angel page for your enjoyment. http://gerardbutlerangels.com/award.html On behalf of the GBA Sponsors I would like to thank all our contestants. This was such a very entertaining & difficult contest to score. All the voices were beautiful and the selection was so diverse. Their audio clips will be showcased in
  12. Hey GALS, I just returned from Vegas and found they also have "Thunder from Down Under", showcasing Australian male strippers! Talk about having something extra down under there ... HUBBA HUBBA!!! :: :tasty: ~Sweetheart Angel~
  13. Hey GALS, I just returned from Vegas and The Phantom of the Opera was spectacular!!! We absolutely loved it!!! My hubby even got teary-eyed at the end. A lady next to me who has seen the touring POTO said this was the best! The theater was gorgeous, the singing superb and the orchestra outstanding. I highly recommend it!!! :erikrose: :: Hey Swansong it will be so nice to finally meet you too. ~Sweetheart Angel~
  14. Hi Gals! I'm sorry I haven't replied to this thread sooner (I didn't realize there was one). Please feel free to choose ANY song from ANY musical. We had a POTO singing contest last time so I thought I'd open it up to all musicals to encompass a wider range of vocals. Songs from POTO are still welcome. Just a reminder the contest deadline is September 7th. Since it is a GBA talent contest you will need to email me first for membership and then I will send you the instructions and assign you an entry number (for impartial judging). Email: piemoo@hotmail.com From what I've heard so far
  15. Hey Sporran, Please count Mark and me for now (although it may end up just being me). We're going to LV this weekend and have tickets for Monday's show. I can't wait! :erikrose: :reddeathsword: :mopboyerik: :erikicon: September 15th can't come soon enough for me to register for the convention. Thanks alot for "spearheading" this ... (hmmmm... thoughts of Gerry just popped into my mind ) ~Sweetheart Angel~
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