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  1. Gerry, When I sat down to write this, a million thoughts ran through my head, none of them coherent enough to put on virtual paper. If I may be so bold: I'm a little farther down the road you're walking right now so, I think I'll just step off to the side for a little bit and (as we say where I come from) set a spell. As soon as I see you, I'll give you a wave and a great big hug, and we'll walk the rest of the way together. Love you always, darlin', Catherine
  2. YEE-HAW!! :lighter: Doin' the happy dance...!! Coriolanus this weekend and Act of Valor next weekend...Doesn't get much better...
  3. Is there even a hint on when the DVD will be released?
  4. I am sooooo hanging a blow-up of the brown portrait above my bed!
  5. Leonidas, hands down, even knowing the end of the story. IMO, Gorgo was the luckiest woman who ever lived.
  6. Catwoman

    Mean Kitty!

    Been following this little guy for a couple of years. The videos are hilarious!
  7. I'm blown away! Outstanding article, absolutely outstanding. Loved the comments about GALS. Being part of the generation brought up on McQueen (Sand Pebbles, Bullitt - be still my heart), Brando (my first celeb crush - Mutiny on the Bounty), Connery (the ONLY Bond), Newman (OMG, Cool Hand Luke), Peppard (The Blue Max - pant, pant) I absolutely agree with the author's commentary/analysis regarding men "then" and "now". Those of us brought up on such incredible Alpha males, know one when we see one and no one in today's group comes close to "The Butler", not a single one. Thank you, Ms. Morrison!!!
  8. Debuting in Japan on Feb 25th and already getting publicity. That is excellent - for the very, very lucky Japanese. (Excellent trailer, BTW.) I'm going to go and gnash my teeth some more about how this movie is NOT being publicized here in the US (never mind not being SHOWN). Yes, I am very po'd ..... and that's all I have to say about that. (apologies to Forrest Gump)
  9. Sure looks like him to me. I'd almost bet the farm on it.
  10. Have to agree here. In fact, I think it is one of the most riveting films I have ever seen. Excellent article.
  11. Whoops. Gimme a minit here... Yep, forgot to breathe for a moment there...
  12. Looks like it's opening in NY, SF, LA or at least those are the only locations I can find.... MGP all over again. Damn!
  13. Could not agree more. Butler and Fassbender = Heaven on Earth!
  14. Progress on the Odyssey... :tantrum::tantrum: :tantrum::tantrum:And that doesn't even begin to illustrate the frustration...
  15. I went to the Weinstein website, tried to call the offices in NYC, and tried every which way I could think of to find out if it is playing anywhere near me. With the exception of the one theater in NYC, no luck. I can only hope that the rumors are true that it is going to open nationwide in February. I've already decided that I'll be seeing this one in the theater more than once.
  16. I haven't found any US theaters West of the Mississippi playing Coriolanus either. Nada, zero. Just an opening date of 1/20/12. NO theaters. There have been no trailers, no posters, no ads. I hope we hear something soon. I'm getting more than a little worried that Coriolanus is going to end up like MGP - that would be nothing less than a tragedy....
  17. Alllllll righty then... Been trying to find a list of US theaters showing Coriolanus east of the Mississippi and having zero luck. It's also interesting to note that there have not been any advertisements on TV or in the print media here in the DC metroplex. Soooooo... Would any of the PTB possibly, maybe, hopefully find a list of US theaters playing Coriolanus on or after 1/20??
  18. POSSIBLE SPOILER: The airline rr story was absolutely hilarious (better even than 3 a.m. and kilt at sister's wedding). Now, just imagine if the request was: "Help me make the music of the night..."
  19. January 20th can't get here fast enough. I cannot WAIT to see this movie...
  20. Dear Gerry, I wanted to take a minute to wish you and yours a most wonderful Christmas and a peaceful, blessed New Year. Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to thank you for the sixty more grey hairs I have since your incident at Mavericks. I'm glad beyond words that you are okay. Please take extra special care of yourself, darlin'. Love to you, Catherine/Catwoman
  21. Last night, after I had some time to think about this, I actually found myself getting just a teeeeeeeny bit peeved at HRH and then even moreso at the production company. There is simply no excuse - N.O.N.E. - for not using a stunt double. Mavericks reputation is known the world over and hold-downs are damn dangerous, even for experienced surfers. Frankly, if one is not an extremely experienced surfer, one should NOT be surfing this location. Vent over. I'm just thankful beyond words that he's okay...And I sincerely hope his mom gave him a serious talking-to....
  22. He looked incredible this morning! Jeeze, I wish I could look half as good as that at 0530! Now, where is that lip smakin' good icon...
  23. :tantrum::tantrum: And this is a succinct expression of my opinion regarding People Mags choice for SMA. HRH has it all over Mr. Cooper. 'Nuff said (before my head explodes...) (Actually there were five of the emoticons, but the message box only captured three...)
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