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  1. Hey, What lies beneath is an AWESOME film! I dont care how old Harrison Ford is, i'd so jump on that.
  2. Please explain the comment about wishing his type was only female. If im not mistaken, she means she wished his type was just "I like women", not short, tall, dark, light, blond, red head ect. ya dig?
  3. "I think you still end up looking good *laugh*" he has such a goober laugh. lol, love it. totally awesome thanx.
  4. He's in the gutter........with my thoughts.....
  5. Take for instance Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna. They constantly get made fun of for "sounding British". Also, I think it is more about culture identity then being ashamed of America. I remember when I lived in PA for two years everyone teased me about saying "yall" and sounding "southern" (although Maryland is technically mid atlantic) and then when I came back down to Maryland some of the terminology that I picked up in PA would come out of my mouth and it felt weird and my friends would make fun of me. It's not that I thought one section of the country was better, smarter, or more cultured. I
  6. well the US is the only place in the world to refer to it as soccer. so it could very well be seen by everyone else that he is trying to be american, i mean, if for some reason a famous american actor started using british terminology how much you wanna bet people'd be going "WTF? Is he trying to be smart or something?" especially if its something that youve used all your life, then *boop* you change it. i can see where he's coming from, ive kinda got the same complex. i mentally compose my walk cuz i dont wanna walk stupid so i make mental notes, same with breathing.
  7. aww, he's still that awkward little boy buying shoes.
  8. Yea i just saw it last night. its was so fantastic! Ivent seen a guy ritchy film b4 but going off this one im gunna check the rest of them out! 2 best bits: His butt & .........his....um...."finished" face....if you catch my drift....
  9. yea ive seen it and really liked it, i thought the end was fantastic! so didnt see it coming.
  10. "i learned some trix...i still know them." lol that would totally be the up side of being a lawyer.
  11. here, you might want to consider making it a bit bigger, since as we age the skin will shrink, thereby making the tattoo shrink also and lose it's definition. My deBrabant tattoo was originally supposed to be around 4 inches also, but my artist told me about the shrinkage thing and I heeded his advice. Same thing with Gerry's, it was only going to be about 1/2 inch wide, but that would have been too thin. I hope you post piccys when it's done. hmmm, i'll take that into consideration. you always hear about sagging and stuff but not much about shrinkage (lol). i'll have to ask the tattoo artis
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