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  1. Is it just me, or does he look perpetually pissed off? He looks mad. I don't like it that he's mad. Someone, please tell this man a joke!! :-)
  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love Monty Python! "I will not buy this record, it is scratched!"
  3. Greenie, when you figure out how to get a nookie badge from Gerry, do let me know! :-)

  4. Wow! Katja, we share a lot in common! My family is from Denmark and I'm also 27! Though, I'm a couple of weeks older! I was born 9 June 1981 - weird! :-)

  5. Well for a cheap show in Vegas, it's pretty much the status quo. Although, there's not just the light show over there, they don't call it an "experience" by accident. There are a lot of cool little venues up there after the renovation, and you get a flavor of "old" Vegas without emptying your pocketbook. Jillian's on the corner of Freemont is the best place in Vegas to see local bands, and just two blocks east, is the Beauty Bar, an old beauty salon that they turned into a really hip dance club. They've also got great shows out in the beer garden, and the cover is really cheap - only $5. Just thought she might also want something a little off the beaten path. Everyone who vacations in Vegas seems to buy their 190 Octane from Fat Tuesday's and hike up and down the strip, they catch a show, lose a lot of money - but not everyone gets to see the local side of Vegas, which is far more affordable. check out lasvegasweekly.com I believe the Bodies exhibit is still at the Tropicana, as well as the Titanic.
  6. Okay, so as a resident of Las Vegas, I'd like to do what I can here. I'd be happy to help with any questions you might have. The Cirque shows are by far my favorite. Zumanity (at the New York New York) is the more "adult" of the shows, and KA (at the MGM) is absolutely beautiful. LOVE, the Beatles Cirque show (at the Mirage) is amazing! And "O" (at the Bellagio) is incredible - possibly the best Cirque show. As far as price, true they are expensive, but they're worth it. Mystere (at Treasure Island) might be the least expensive of all of the Cirque Shows. The Criss Angel show "Believe" will be at the Luxor. La Reve is a show very much like Cirque du Soleil, but it's over at the Wynn. The Wynn Casino is definitely worth seeing, and if you can, you could catch Spamalot at the Wynn. It's closing next year, so see it while you can. By October, Bette Midler tickes will be available again at Caesars. She replaced Celine Dion as the headline show at the Colosseum. Cher is coming too, but not until May I think. I hear Bette's show is supposed to be really spectacular. But there are other shows like Carrottop, and Danny Gans, that are worth seeing. Penn & Teller are great too. I would recommend The Amazing Jonathan. He's a really funny comedian/magician. I believe Terry Fador has a show here too now - he's the ventriloquist who won America's Got Talent last year. I'm surprised no one mentioned the Freemont Experience. If you're going for an inexpensive, and characteristically "Las Vegas" type experience, head up to Freemont Street. The Stratosphere is also an option - and both are close to each other. Since you're staying at the MGM, the New York New York is right across the street. There's the huge roller coaster, and one of the most popular Irish Pubs in town. Nine Fine Irishmen is definitely worth going to. Though, if you want to visit an authentic Irish Pub, go to JC Woughlihan's at the JW Marriot. Definitely bring your walking shoes. By October, the weather will be perfect. No more of these monsoons!!! And it will have cooled off by then. And if you can help it, don't bother with the Monorail. It's kind of a rip off. If there's anything else I can help with, let me know! :-)
  7. I agree with many of you. I would really like to see him play Burns. As far as recasting, it'd be interesting to see him play Henry VIII in the Tudors. Ray Winstone did a great job, but I think Gerry could really bring that machismo that Henry VIII had. What about Prince Henry from 'Ever After?' And as much as I heart Jason Statham, he could totally have played Handsome Rob in the Italian Job. Oh, what about Charlie Croker?
  8. Thanks! I'm trying to spruce my personal page up a bit, so I'll look a little more interesting! :-) I've posted some more writing as well.

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  9. I had something vaguely similar to this at one point. Where you really analyze your physical appearance and discover very strange little details. Nice. Your line breaks are nicely placed. I assume you're aware of the rhyme scheme? It'd be cool to see how you played with it more. :-)
  10. Greetings and Salutations! I figured I would open a thread for comments regarding all that Hatfield stuff. Several of you have voiced your comments, and I totally appreciate them! Please, I would love to hear more about what you think! Any ideas, questions, concerns, anything. I'm really looking for an audience, so I'm grateful to anyone who takes the time to read my story. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy! PS - I'll be posting Part Five as soon as I have it written. It's still mulling around upstairs at the moment! :-) Eddie Hatfield Thread
  11. A few hours after this. He thought, there’s nothing subtle in the curve of her lips. That tantalizing plump bit of flesh that rides the gentle slope of her chin and turns up at the corner when she’s satisfied. Though it happened only once, he can still taste the yellowy sweetness of her laugh. The appeal of her lucid and enchanting tonality swept currents of sugary contentment over his tongue and coated his insides like rose honey syrup, glazing him from the inside out. He turned onto his stomach – a subconscious effort to trap and contain the sensation. And as he folded his arms above his head and rested it to the side, he could picture her black hair – straight and direct, so frankly, and freely falling down with gravity to Earth’s heart, and the supple texture of it – barely grazing his cheek as he leaned in to whisper threats in her ear. The scent of lavender caught in his nose, and even now, even in her absence, he can still smell her hair – and in his madness he longed to tangle himself in it.
  12. …It’s like a dying candle, this thing that’s happened. No longer does the flame glow bright with happy intensity. The air around it has grown stale. It sits, barely breathing in a space that does not expand or contract. And with the absence of breath, the light begins to fade, slowly shrinking and diminishing until it reaches that moment when the only thing left to see is a faint blue line clinging desperately to the charred wick. That last fraught attempt to hold on to the faith that kept the glow, until eventually, in a matter of seconds, its destiny catches up with it and it vanishes abruptly and finally in an evaporating line of smoke, reaching up toward nothingness. And you’re left with the lingering scent of your dreams crowding that unmovable space. With the realization that everything disappears and you’ll always be left to smell it in the dark.
  13. From the bed to the basin, and back. In the single hours of the morning Dawn’s dry mouth and sour breath escort Me to a pair of blue half-moons In the mirror. The kitchen-like light pours A lemony murk onto a tube of toothpaste Wasting away at the basin. A turquoise line Sticks to the pad on my finger. And I cough in surprise When a little bit is swallowed. I return to bed, lying Closer to your sheeted heap. Soon, my heel rides the mound Of your calf – Fingers drum a song into Your sleeping flesh. Careful, not to Press my body’s full weight Into you, I run my lips Against the clear hairs Bordering your ear – And I think to myself, how easy this all is.
  14. Part Gone But Waiting for Wings What I know I couldn’t tell how I climbed and how I fell how I wished the stars weren’t quite so far He needs a Venus to match his Mars. What they think I can only guess perhaps I lack that desperate zest perhaps my knowing is just too tacky Sometimes my wings feel a little waxy. I never understood them well sought very little they had to sell sought instead a place within I live in side, outside their sin. Yet sin and virtue someplace blend walk hand in hand like best of friends walk the corridors blindly in my head Today killed yesterday, the past is dead. “Are you from the future?” I ask myself. philosophic musings fill my shelf philosophic thoughts whisper sometimes “The Judases, have multiplied.” The way back home seems long and hard battles still will need my sword battles live in separateness Beyond this world that ends. Then bliss Too long been walking down the railroad tracks tied to a train that holds me back tied to pleasures I once enjoyed Now I see I was merely a toy. I hope I find the scissors soon cut the chords, untie the noose cut it out , ‘cause it ain’t me Or Lord, return me to your passenger seat. These days your handwriting is everywhere from trees, cats, dogs, and clouds it stares from my black light eye I see the show God’s graffiti covers all the globe. Hs messages clean as untapped springs be like a child and love everything be unattached to worldly things Be like this, you’ll be like me. Listen close, even take notes. And do dive deep, but don’t be afraid to float And bathe sometimes in pools of grace Realize that growing fills takes time; divine oceans wait Till then, walk in mortal disguise Share freely how to see the signs Share even with those who roll their eyes Most don’t believe beyond space and time So what if no one calls and no one writes So sit alone and smile and sigh So love, no matter what they do My handwriting is on them too.
  15. eddies23shoes


    Flux I don’t look like myself in the morning. I don’t think I look like anyone else, but It’s definitely not me. Like a cheap imposter copy – A stunt double on a low budget The image is Discomforting. It’s confusing to look in the mirror just after waking up And not really recognize the person staring back at you. It’s like you have to take A moment To convince your brain that that’s what you look like. A brief reminder of who you’re supposed to be And the face that matches. A face that for whatever reason, Appears rounder than normal this morning, And seems to have both the color and Texture of an old baseball. I stare at my face Looking over every curve Every wrinkle And crevice. And even imagine the lines that have yet to appear. This is the remembering part. If I take a good look in the morning It’ll all come back to me. And if I look long enough, Maybe I’ll see someone else.
  16. It’s impossible to ignore him, and at the same time I cannot swallow his words into my mind the way I used to. Regarding the male physique, noses are my secret weakness. They’re so distinct, and direct, And lead you to the most interesting spot on a face. I first noticed his on a Tuesday. Its beauty pulled me up out of my seat Over to a world next to his, Eyes stealing glances at every occasion, Continuously riding the slope from his brow To his perfectly articulated mouth, A mouth that spoke melodically – With a calculated intensity that surfaced Every so often between the lines Of a charmingly elusive and Apprehensive search for The right phrase. His vernacular has a texture, A touch of some immaculate grandeur that Borders between fantastic fiction And bitter reality. I crave the embrace And presume the electric effect of his hand Running along the outline of the arch of my left foot; Following the curve up, then down Purposeful, confident As if his stroke somehow cultivated the know-how For the proper way to move a pair of languid fingers Along the camber in a lover’s foot. His words are like syrup: Full-bodied. And unless you put them in your mouth, You can’t tell from their brown, air-bubbled complexion That they’re chock full of sugar’s sweetness. When he says them this way, While I’m lying half-dressed in bed In this cigarette lighting moment They fill my head Swim down past my liver, Executing the equivalent of a swish through the circle of my pelvis, All the while sticking onto everything: Humerus, funny-bone, small intestines, kidneys Creating a stir so strong my body bends at the hip Sandwiching the Egyptian cotton sheets between my legs. My mind goes blank Thoughts won’t come I cannot even will it so. My words His words And the reactions have Torn open something in this room In this air. It’s black and disorderly Wild and demanding. A vacuum in time Temporarily displacing the linear minute-to-minute progression As if we’ve been transported someplace new, Some city, Big, bustling With new streets, faces, and A language that has never reached Or been perceived by my senses.
  17. I'm not sure how this thread got started. As far as I can understand, something of a sour nature was said regarding GB's fans. Whereas I can completely admire everything that's been said, I would venture to add something more. Indeed, we're all different, from different backgrounds, and passions. And the important aspect to consider and value is how varied this community is. It's a testimony as to the scope of the man's talent, and who he can touch with his gift. I myself, greatly admire his passion for his craft and his willingness to practice for arts sake, and follow his creative intuition. I do what I can to adhere to that same principle. I choose to express myself and my creative tendencies through writing - be it non-fiction exposition, historical fiction, contemporary fiction (and even some pitiful poetry). To count myself amongst those who have confessed a portion of their identity, I'll admit, I'm no housewife, or mother. I've no gray hair on my head, or "extra pounds." I'm a 27 year old project engineer for a commercial general contractor. I'm a former drummer, and self proclaimed bookworm girl working construction! That's different in and of itself! I socialize with a good many people, take my dog to the park on a regular basis, play tennis, golf, swing dance, can be seen with my friends at the Bingo Hall every Tuesday afternoon. (Yeah, it's great to live in Vegas). And much like I believe the others were saying, we none of us are hermits, who only feel contented by "cyber-socialization" and therefore cannot function or interact with real people. Just because one has an affection and an appreciation for the efforts of someone highly watched by the media eye, doesn't merit the assumption that one should automatically be considered creepy. (I happen to think I'm the opposite of creepy. I'm the awesomest friend you'll ever have! :-) ) I wholeheartedly agree with everything that's been said here. And I truly wish that if anyone should believe what's been written in this thread, it's Gerard Butler. Because really, it's HIS opinion that carries far more weight.
  18. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, everybody poops, but Gerry poops flowers! Nice. It's refreshing to know that he's so down to earth. Oh, and am I looking forward to RocknRolla? Um, is the Pope a Catholic? OF COURSE I'm looking forward to it! I just hope Guy Richie keeps his wife out of the film. Every time he puts her in one of his films, it sinks like a lead balloon. Hey did you hear about how GB was sick and apparently Madge nursed him back to health? I don't know if they're the right words to say, but they're the only words that comes to mind: .......yeah, cooties.
  19. Oh, and another thing.... Ya'll are too cute with all of your photoshopped pictures of yourselves and Gerry. Oh to be tecno savvy.
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